Top 5 on 5 Fast Home Base Growing Businesses

Fast Home Base Growing Businesses in Nigeria: Would it be worth 20 minutes of your time, to research a business that will change your life, and your bank account forever?

I have been involved in a business that has combined the industries of Personal Development and Direct Sales.

These two industries together, wrapped into a home based business.

Allow you to absolutely leverage your time to maximize your profits.

ou can literally change your annual salary into a monthly income.

Now, if you just thought that this is too good to be true, then it is for you.

But not for myself and countless others who understand the power of the internet and have grasped this age of opportunity.

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If you work longer than 15-20 hours a week.

Then you have no idea what it is like to have complete and utter freedom, both personally and financially.

Some people, I know personally, work those hours in a day.

What kind of a life are you leading and who are you living it for.

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In starting a home based business, I have created more time than I know what to do with.

I am able to spend almost all day with my family.

I can work on the road as this business is completely mobile, and make a ton of money.

You won’t find the luxuries and freedom a home based business offers in a traditional type business.

So, the trick is to find a business that will provide two things, profit and time to enjoy it.

For those who have had a traditional business.

Have basically purchased themselves or created for themselves a job, of 60+ hours a week.

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You are married to your business. Plus, there is very little support.

Which is a huge key in success. For all out massive success, find a mentor.

Someone who has been where you want to go.

In this business, you will learn directly from those who have succeeded.

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For those who have even done any research on finding a home based business that is profitable.

You know that there are just a ton of opportunities to choose from.

I mean, in a Google search, for the keyword “Home Based Business,” you will find over 500 million listings, not including the sponsored listings.

The Network Marketing industry is huge!

More and more individuals are starting a home based business because they understand the power of it all.

Now, you will find a few types of home based businesses – MLM and Direct Sales.

I will tell you right now, unless you get involved in an MLM right when it starts, then it is very difficult to make any money.

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You will work your tail off and make nothing. Now, Direct Sales has created more self-made millionaires.

I believe, than any other single industry out there.

That is because it is so lucrative.

There will be around one million self-made millionaires created in the next decade with a home based business and I am aiding in that process.

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So, to recap some of the benefits of becoming involved in a Direct Sales Home Based Business:

  • Very profitable! Turn your annual salary into a monthly income.
  • Work your business around your schedule. Work from home or on the beach in Cancun. With a computer, a phone and the internet, you are making money. It is always in this order, live your life, then work. You work so you can live your life, not live your life so you can work. People just have that a little mixed up. Enjoy your life and your family.

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  • Be personally mentored to success. People have already done it, just listen and learn.
  • Always seek wisdom from those who are offering it.
  • I mean, have you ever dreamed of the moment when a millionaire would hand you his business card and offer to teach you how he made his millions?
  • This would be that moment. Take advantage of it.
  • This home based business has a system.
  • That means, there is very little guesswork involved.
  • Plug into the system, follow the steps, and watch the money roll in and you will find yourself wondering how it all happened.

There is really no other business that compares to this one. Take the time to research it!

There is a lot of argument concerning what the best home based businesses really are.

The fact is there are people making tons of money from home.

Doing thousands of different things and following countless opportunities.

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The reason that over 97% of people fail at working from home is because most folks jump into the first reasonable thing that’s put in front of them without careful thought.

Just because a system worked for someone else does not mean it is right for you.

There are many skills, and environmental factors that must be considered.

In part 2 of this article series we are going to look at some of the main home-based business structures and the pros and cons of each one.

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This will give you some more guidance and get you closer to making the right decision to bring you home based success!

In part one of my three article series titled Best Rated Home Base Businesses.

I discussed the four main personal considerations when analyzing a home base business opportunity.

If you have not reviewed that article I would encourage you to do so.

The next step is going to be to consider the different structures of home based businesses and likely pros and cons of each.

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The 5 Main Categories of Home-based Businesses

1) MLM (network Marketer)

Pros: Low cost to join most MLMs, very flexible hours, pre-existing plan to follow

Cons: Most MLM opportunities involve selling to folks you know, there is usually some ongoing financial commitment involved, to make money in MLM marketing you must build a team which can take months of hard work in most cases.

Fast Home Base Growing Businesses

2) Home-Based Franchise

Pros: Franchises have a previously developed product or service.

Many allow an individual to input their own creativity and personal touch when running the business.

Most opportunities provide some kind of training and plan to follow

Cons: Start-up cost for most safe franchises are high, many take a set of specialized skills to run

3) Affiliate Marketing

Pros: Many have good income potential, there is a previously branded product or service

Cons: Many affiliate marketing opportunities come with little training or mentorship, “marketing” is the key skill necessary to succeed

Fast Home Base Growing Businesses

4) Online Business

Pros: There can be major income opportunities online, very flexible hours, this is a type of business that most people can do around their current employment until they can afford to quite their job

Cons: There are specific skills needed to be successful online, 97% of all online endeavors fail do to a lack of knowledge on the part of the entrepreneur

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5) Following Your Own Idea

Pros: This can be the most rewarding personal experience.

If one can brand their own product or service they can create substantial wealth

Cons: Most folks underestimate how much time, money.

And work it is to get a “good idea” off the ground.

There are many skills necessary to run a successful, unique home-based business

I would encourage anyone looking into working from home.

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Fast Home Base Growing Businesses in Nigeria

To thoroughly look at the different structures of home-based businesses and the pros and cons of each.

To fail at working from home can be costly.

Many invest countless dollars and time to eventually find themselves facing foreclosure and bankruptcy.

I would encourage anyone who has a serious desire to work from home to take the time to consider all the possible options, talk to folks who are actually doing it.

And consider the day-to-day work involved before making any decisions.

In part 3 of this article series I will discuss some of the specific home-based businesses that you might want to consider.

Fast Home Base Growing Businesses

I personally have had successful MLM, affiliate, and online business experiences.

I have also successfully branded my own services through a membership website.

If you are looking at the possibility of doing anything on line.

I would encourage you to check out what I believe is the best online marketing training available.

Just click here BusinessHAB now.

You may want to check out my newest endeavor, which is an online affiliate opportunity, click on my site at.

Fast Home Base Growing Businesses

1. Online Auction Seller

Do you make a product? Are you interested in sales, but not in the market for a typical “sales” job?

Then you may want to consider becoming a professional seller on eBay, Amazon, or Yahoo.

These companies allow you to market and sell your product online.

You can purchase wholesale products like jewelry, DVDs, CDs, and more to resell.

You can even make your own items and sell them on the sites.

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2. Tutor

If you have a degree or expertise in a specific area you could consider becoming a tutor.

Many students have problems putting together ideas for their papers or have trouble understanding long division.

If you have patience and an aptitude for explaining concepts, then tutoring can be a rewarding experience.

Fast Home Base Growing Businesses

3. Life Coach

Why is this on the list as a best-rated home-based business?

A life coach helps people put parts of their life together.

Some life coaches help people date while others help people learn to organize their lives.

It is an easy business to run out of your home while you help people get their lives together.

4. Personal Concierge

In today’s busy world, having a personal concierge can be a benefit to a number of people.

You would spend your day running errands, shopping, even picking up children or pets.

Some personal concierges have specific roles like doing grocery shopping.

While others perform a variety of tasks.

Fast Home Base Growing Businesses

5. Money Manager

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If you have a way with numbers and finances, then this could be a great option for you.

You would help people manage their budgets and make sure they are able to stay on top of their finances.

Sometimes people do not have time to balance the checkbook or pay the bills, and you would do that for them.

Other times, older individuals have problems completing these tasks.

And you would be doing them a great service by allowing them to still live independently.

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