Exploring Alternative Methods in Hotel Booking

Flamingo las vegas: Las Vegas is home to high rollers, high stakes, and high hotel rates. In Vegas, the land of risk and reward, it is possible to lodge in style at a discounted rate. With a little finesse and a willing hotel clerk, you can upgrade your generic room to a swanky suite for free.

Visit Vegas at the right time. The dates of your visit to Vegas may increase your chances of receiving a free room upgrade. Travel experts, however, have conflicting opinions on the “right time” to visit Vegas.

  • Visit during a period of low occupancy. According to some travel experts, if you want a free upgrade, reserve a room during a period of low-occupancy. For example, if the hotel is known to host businessmen and women during the week, book a stay on a weekend when there will be more suites available.
  • Visit during a conference or event. Other travel experts insist that you are more likely to receive a free upgrade when all of the basic rooms are booked. This typically occurs during a conference or an event. Hotels may offer you a free upgrade to prevent you from switching hotels and to open up a less expensive room for a conference or event goer.

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Choose the right hotel. Some Vegas hotels and casinos are more likely to offer free upgrades than others. Before booking a hotel, conduct a quick search to determine which Vegas hotels and casinos are most likely to upgrade your room. You may wish to quickly survey friends, family, and contacts on social media.

  • New hotels may be more likely to upgrade your room because they want a positive review.

Book directly with the hotel. Hotel clerks are aware when you have reserved a room through a third-party website. While booking through these sites may guarantee a better rate, it may also result in you being placed in a sub-par room with little chance of receiving a complimentary upgrade. Clerks are more willing to reward customers that book directly with the hotel.

  • If you see a lower rate on a third party site, call the hotel and ask if they will match it.

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Book a more expensive room. In order to receive a free room upgrade, consider spending a little more money on the initial reservation. When a guest books a mid-range room over a basic room, the hotel makes more money. The customer staying in the more expensive room automatically becomes more valuable than a customer staying in a basic room. As a result, hotel clerks are more receptive to the needs and requests of a customer that has booked a more expensive room.

Pay with the right credit card. When you book with certain credit cards, such as American Express, you may be automatically eligible to receive a free upgrade. This perk is typically only available to centurion or platinum cardholders. If you belong to a lower card holding class, however, it never hurts to ask if you qualify for a free room upgrade.

  • If you are unsure of the perks offered by your credit card company, call a representative for clarification, conduct a quick internet search, or read through your welcome packet information.

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Check-in at a later time. Throughout the day, hotels gain a better understanding of their occupancy levels and available rooms for that evening and the days immediately following. You are more likely to benefit from this information, if you check-in at a later time. Arrive at the hotel in the late afternoon to evening.

Prepare your tip. Prior to approaching the front desk, discretely prepare your tip. Fold your bill in half neatly. Insert the bill between your credit card and ID.

  • The amount you tip is entirely your choice. Most people will slip clerks at least a twenty-dollar bill

Observe the front desk attendants. Once you arrive (preferably late), take a moment to observe the hotel clerks. Identify a clerk that looks confident, competent, and not in charge. Once you have selected the clerk you want to assist you, approach him or her at the desk.

  • If the clerk you have selected is not immediately available, allow a guest to go in front of you.
  • Do not ask while other guests are around.

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Ask for what you want. When requesting a free upgrade, specificity and the word “complimentary” are key. If you do not ask for what you want, you may just end up with a room on a higher floor; if you leave out the word “complimentary,” the clerk may assume that you are willing to pay for the upgrade.

  • After providing the clerk with your name, smile and slide your cards and tip across the desk.
  • Tell the clerk that you are really interested in checking out a specific suite.
  • Ask “if there are any available complimentary upgrades?”

Thank the clerk. No matter the outcome, always treat the clerk politely. If the clerk upgrades your room, smile and thank them profusely. If the clerk does not upgrade your room, don’t berate them. Instead, smile and thank them for their time and effort.

  • If the clerk can upgrade your room, they will do so.
  • If the clerk cannot upgrade your room, they should return your tip. You may choose to take back the bill or leave it with the clerk.
  • Hotels are more inclined to help and reward guests that are nice, generous, and polite. From the moment you make your reservation, treat every member of the staff with respect. Any staff member, from the bellboy to the manager, could make your complimentary room upgrade possible.

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Ask for a complimentary upgrade. When you simply ask for an upgrade, instead of discretely slipping the clerk a tip, you are taking a minimal risk that could result in major rewards. While checking in, nicely ask the clerk if there are any complimentary upgrades available. If there are, the clerk may be inclined to grant your request. If they can’t offer you an official upgrade, they may transfer you to a room of a same rate that has a better view or is in a better location.

  • If there are no free upgrades, ask how much it would cost to improve your room. The clerk may provide you with a discounted rate if they know you are willing to pay.
  • Do not ask while other guests are around.

Take advantage of a special occasion. When hotels learn that a guest has chosen to celebrate a special event at their establishment, they are honored. Special occasions provide them with a chance to show off. They will strive to make your stay special and memorable.

  • When booking the room, mention that while you are there you will celebrate a special occasion, such as an anniversary, birthday, or honeymoon.
  • While checking in, subtly mention that you are there for a special occasion.
  • The clerk may then choose to upgrade your room or at the very least provide you with a surprise, such as champagne and chocolates.

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Be loyal to the hotel chain. Loyal hotel guests receive special treatment. Joining the hotel’s loyalty program may help you distinguish yourself as a loyal guest. You will also rack up reward points that could lead to a free upgrade or even a free stay.

More tips

  • If traveling as a couple, it might help to tell the hotel that you are on your honeymoon.

  • Be nice. Be nice. Be nice.

  • Be a repeat customer. If you come to Vegas often, pick one hotel and make it your baby. Be polite to the staff every time you come and tip big. They will return the favour

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If you plan to gamble your way into a room upgrade, please weigh your finances carefully. The upgrade may be “free”, but if you just blew $300 at the craps table, you may wish you just paid for the suite and hung out at the pool.

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