15 Successful Ways of Goat Breeding Business

Goat Breeding Business :With the increasing amount of population in the world, the demand for food has reached sky high and that’s why commercial farming is prospering huge since last few decades.

The demand for meat and other animal products is continuously increasing and making Goat Breeding Business a profitable business opportunity to venture into.

So if you have the required skill, knowledge and infrastructure and a strong will to start your own business then commercial goat farming is the best idea to put your money into.

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Goat Breeding Business

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1. Goat Breeding Business :Know the sales

After chicken, goat meat is the most highly consumed meat product in everywhere.

The meat of goat is consumed by almost all communities and culture.

Thus with a population over 1 billion, the supply of goat meat is way lesser than the demand thus making the goat farming business idea a profitable one.

2. Goat Breeding Business: Know the food value

Meat is not the only product that goat produces.

The goat milks also has a high demand in the market and goat skin is also used for various purpose.

Even the goat excretes have demand as they are high-quality manure which helps in agriculture.

So just imagine that for how many reason the goat is in demand.

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Goat Breeding Business


Goat meat is not restricted by any of the religions and for that, it has the highest demand worldwide.


Goat milk is said to be most nutritious than any other farm animal and is used it many Ayurvedic treatments too. Goat’s milk is also used for making any kind of dairy products.


The fiber of the goat has also high demand in the market.

Goat Breeding Business


Good quality goat skin has a high a high demand in the international market, especially of the black Bengal goat breed.

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You can even earn money by selling the goat excretes as they have a high demand for the quality organic fertilizer.

To commence a goat farming business, you need to make a proper goat farming business plan and take your steps accordingly.

Below are the steps that you need to follow:

3. Goat Breeding Business :Get trained

If you are already aware of goat farming, then its good or else you can enhance your skill or knowledge about the same by taking proper training about the same.

It is a business which includes managing of livestock, so you should have proper knowledge about the same.

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4. Goat Breeding Business :Get a good location

If you want you can start your goat farming business but you need to ensure about the below-mentioned things: –

 Availability fresh grass and that is also in good amount
Availability of fresh water.
Proper drainage system.
Availability of veterinary services.

It is better to consult with the local administrator or agricultural department about the location you are going to begin your goat farming business to avoid any kind of issue in the future.

5. Goat Breeding Business :Know the legal entity

You need to register your business with the Government.

So contact the nearest agricultural department or administrator to know about the policies of the same.

The laws regarding livestock business are much liberal in everywhere to encourage small scale business units.

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6. Goat Farming Business:Get the capital

You need sufficient capital to buy the goats, arranging of housing for them.

Buying food and medicines and others including buying or renting of place and salaries to hired staffs.

You can apply for a loan from different financial institutions.

7. Goat Breeding Business :Get the best breed

After you have set up the housing (goat pens) for keeping your goat.

The next step is to purchase your breed.

You should purchase high-quality breed.

Examples of Nigeria breeds are;

  • Nigerian dwarf.
  • Maradi.
  • Pygmy.
  • Boer.
  • Saanen.
  • Nubians.
  • LaMancha.
  • Alpine.
  • Oberhasli
  • Boer etc.

Goat Breeding Business

It is recommended that you should buy at least two bucks (male goat) and many does (female goats).

This is highly essential. The does give birth to more goats, and these helps in the increase of the numbers of your goat.

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Goat Breeding Business

You can also purchase hybrids goats if you want, that is, a combination of different species of goat.

Make sure that the goats you are purchasing are in good health and have no sign of diseases.

If you are purchasing a baby goat, make sure that they are properly vaccinated.

You skill and knowledge will play a vital role in this.

Goats are the main asset of the business so choosing the best breed is a significant part of the goat farming business.

So choose the best breed which suits the business needs the most.

Goat Breeding Business

8. Goat Breeding Business :Feeding in your goat farm

You can feed your goat any types of crops, corns, and leaves since goats are ruminant’s animals (though like human, they have their different taste, i.e, certain goat may not eat something other goats eat).

However, it is advisable that you should have a grazing place so that the cost of feed can be lowered.

There are also specially formulated feeds you can buy in the market.

Goat Breeding Business

These feeds can make your goat grow faster and big.

The little disadvantage of it is that, these feeds can be costly compares to pastures.

Sometimes, most farmers do produce their own feed.

You can make yours if you can just make sure the feed has about 11%-18% of protein.

Goat Breeding Business

9. Goat Breeding Business :Get the Services of a Veterinary doctor

A lot of you might frown on this; you might be asking if rearing goat is easy, why then do I need the service of a veterinary?

Here is the point, I previously wrote that when you are starting up your goat farming business that you should bear in mind that you are setting up a commercial goat farming business.

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Goat Breeding Business

The reason is you will be rearing lots of goats in larger quantity for business.

You don’t want to use your goats for experimenting like those who are rearing two or few goats. With the help of a veterinary, you will know the right nutrient, mineral or medicine that will be administered to your livestock that will maximum your profit and also you can learn new tips from them.

If you want to do it yourself be cautioned that you might lose quite a number of goats in the process.

Goat Breeding Business

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10. Goat Breeding Business :Goats Maturation

This is the process of goats becoming mature.

In goat, puberty age is between six and 12 months (though it can most times vary in breeds.

Some breeds maybe more other mat be less.

Goat Breeding Business

Sometimes, nutrients can also contribute to this.

You should note that female goats (doe) go into estrus every 21 days for three to 50 hours.

At this stage, some enough natural mating can begin.

But since the advance of technology, some modern farmers practices artificial insemination.

It is said that it allocates straight forward entrance to a wide variety of bloodlines.

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11. Goat Breeding Business :Know Some common disease

Tapeworm; you will notice symptoms like; Diarrhea, constipation, some part of tapeworm may be seen in the faeces.

Tuberculosis; you will notice difficulty in respiration, coughing, Irregular low-grade fever of long period, loss of body weight and anemia.

Goat Breeding Business

Salmonella infection; noticeable symptoms are like loss of weight and low milk production. This disease is mostly caused by using or giving the dirty or contaminated drinking water.

Rinderpest; the symptoms are Ulcerative lesions will appear inside the lower lip and on the gums. There will also be a mild thermal reaction and diarrhea.

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Goat Breeding Business

Nitrate/nitrite Poisoning; noticeable symptoms include; urine tested positive for nitrate/nitrite, respiratory difficulty staggering gait, the goat blood becomes chocolate brown in color. Most times death might occur.

This diseases listed above are just a few to mention, there are still many of them. These are the more reason why appointing a veterinary is highly recommend.

If your goat farming business is well managed by a good veterinary, your goats will grow healthy and you will gain more than lose.

12.Goat Breeding Business :Know the signs of sickness

  • They won’t drink nor eat.
  • Kicking or biting their stomach; bloated.
  • The will have a green or cloudy nasal discharge.
  • Fever (note; a Body temperature above 103.5 indicate fever and a body temperature above 101.5 indicates subnormal temperature)

    Goat Breeding Business

  • Showing symptoms of pain like grinding their teeth
  • They have loose feces which indicates diarrhea or problems in their bowel movement
  • Having a rapid or slow breathing
  • They have a hard time urinating or they suffer pain when urinating
  • Pressing their head against fences or walls
  • Their eyelids turn gray or pale in color

13. Goat Breeding Business :Know the  signs of heat cycle

The heat period is when a female goat is ready to mate.

  • The doe wags her tail.
  • The does act bucky or charged; the doe mounts other does in the herd or allows them to mount her back and will stand for mating.
  • The doe gets talkative
  • The doe urinates often.

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    Goat Breeding Business

  • The buck acts goofy or silly; the buck will wag his tongue, slap a front hoof against the ground, urinate on his own face,
  • Milk volume changes; she may resist getting on the milk stand and you may get little or no milk from the doe.
  • Her tail gets sticky; the tail may become red, swollen, and wet with a gel-like vaginal discharge.
  • Some Signs that shows your goat (doe) is pregnant;
  • The doe appetite goes up and milk production goes down.

    Goat Breeding Business

  • The doe’s belly tightens.
  • The doe’s personality changes; this is caused by a change of hormone and progesterone.
  • The buck’s personality changes; the buck may become aggressive toward the bred doe.
  • The doe’s udder swells.
  • The doe snores; all goats snore but a pregnant doe snore more loudly. With the all we have discussed, you can see that starting a goat farming business in Nigeria is quite easy compares to the rearing of other livestock. We wish you a successful goat business

14. Goat Breeding Business :Know how to Market your goats.

Before you fully start your own goat farming.

You should make a market research to know how much others are selling in the market.

So you’ll have a better understanding of goat business in your area.

And so that you won’t sell your goat below the market price.

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15. Goat Breeding Business :Know the benefit

The best part of investing in goat farming business is that there is a long list of benefits of the same which nullifies all the disadvantages.

Below are the basic advantages of starting the business: –

  • Involvement of less capital investment.
  • Need of less investment for infrastructure, feeding and others.
  • Goats are very silent kind of animals, thus it is very easy to maintain them.
  • The goat meat is not restricted by any of the religions, thus it has high demand among the people.
  • Goat farming can easily collaborate with other farming business.
  • All the products of goat have demand in the market for the meat, milk, skin, excretes, fiber.
  • High market potentiality.
  • Goat meat is costlier than chicken and other farm meats.

Another big advantage of starting goat farming business is that goats are less prone to diseases which result in least mortality rate and fewer expenses on treatment.

So if you have the farmer inside you and want to make it big in the farming business, then goat farming business is the best suitable option for you.

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