20 Ways on How to Get Pay Rise in any Establishment.

How to Get Pay Rise in any Establishment.

How to get Pay Rise in any Establishment:  Those who believe they are only worth what an employer pays them are almost always selling themselves short.

Big companies depend on people not questioning their worth. Dont let them get away with it.

How to Get Pay Rise in any Establishment.

There are several point here.

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1. Try changing your work

Firstly, its a fact that if you work for an employer, those who change their jobs fairly frequently tend to get pay rises each time.

And therefore end up earning more than those who stay with the same company.

If you are staying, you have to learn how to ask for more and demonstrate how you are adding value to an organization to justify being paid more.

How to Get Pay Rise in any Establishment

2. Be proactive and ask for more

Secondly, no company is ever going to pay more for anything than they really have to.

You need to be proactive and ask for more, and show you are worth more.

It requires you to take action, however. Dont wait to be recognized.

If you are freelance the same applies.

Nobody will suddenly offer to pay you more for your work.

You need to be proactive and show you are worth more.

3. Don’t accept you are only worth what they are paying you.

Thirdly, if you think you are always worth more, it makes you restless, ambitious, and keen to get on.

If you accept what is offered and never question it, then it makes you complacent and youll get taken for granted.

Here are some of the tips to get pay rise in any establishment.

. Don’t accept you are only worth what they are paying you.

That’s always the starting point. Pick your moment and ask.

How to Get Pay Rise in any Establishment: BusinessHAB.com
How to Get Pay Rise in any Establishment

How to Get Pay Rise in any Establishment

4. Be very clear about what you think you are worth, and why.

If you have worked harder, achieved more, produced more, got better results, then you are entitle to say and ask for recompense.

5.  Don’t bargain just for money.

Always take into account cars, pensions, holidays entitlements, responsibility, working environment and space, staffing, whatever it is you want.

. If you do get returned down, always find out why and what it is you could do to get what you ask for.

. Return after putting right whatever was wrong in the previous point.

How to Get Pay Rise in any Establishment

6.  Remain Calm at all times.

. Never compare yourself with anyone else. You are unique and there is no comparison.

. Never threaten to leave. Leave if you dont get what you want, but no histrionics or threats or bullying.

They might just call your bluff and if they do give into your tantrums, you’ll never respect them afterwards.

If they say you can’t have what you want, find out what it is you have to do, do it and return.

Then they can’t say no, can they?

Getting more money or anything else is a matter of negotiating.

Those who are good negotiators get more.

Brush up on your negotiating skills. And don’t moan if you don’t get what you want.

Work harder and go back again.

How to Get Pay Rise in any Establishment

7. Make a Plan: 

If you can’t get the pay rise you deserve now.

Set up a plan with your manager with a specific time-table.

And specific goals for you to reach your desired salary.

8. Ask for More Perks:

 If there is no way that your salary can be increased now.

You can still get better compensation for your work by asking for more workplace perks, like:

  • Additional holiday time
  • Title change
  • Half-day Fridays
  • Flextime
  • Telecommuting

How to Get Pay Rise in any Establishment

9. Negotiate for more:

These 5 steps will guide you through this negotiation:

  1. Set your expectations. You may not be able to get the salary you want immediately.
  2. Do your homework so your manager doesn’t have to. Establish your target salary and the accomplishments and accolades that justify this salary.
  3. Start the conversation. Start a conversation with your manager to begin working out how to reach your target salary.
  4. Set a goal and establish a timeline. Establish specific goals on a timeline with your manager for reaching your desired salary.
  5. Work with your manager to reach your goal. Make sure to meet your goals and that your manager is paying close attention to your progress.

10. Research is key

It’s important to know the going rate for your role; otherwise youll be in the dark about how much you can feasibly ask for.

If you discover the industry average wage for your role is higher than your current wage.

Then you have every right to bring this information into the pay rise meeting with you.

11. Demonstrate your loyalty

If you have been headhunted for such a role that promises an increased salary.

Then I would advise mentioning this to your boss.

They will appreciate your honesty and the fact that, despite being offered an increased wage in a new role.

You have demonstrated loyalty by offering your employer a chance to retain your services.

How to Get Pay Rise in any Establishment

12. Get familiar

Familiarizing yourself with whether your employer has a common procedure for salary increases will also help ensure you aren’t caught off guard.

If not found on your company’s internal systems, then make a general inquiry to the HR department.

The HR department could also help you to establish when your manager’s budget is finalized.

Scheduling your meeting just after budgets have been confirmed puts you and your boss in a very tricky position!

13. Delivering your case

Detail a robust agenda for the meeting and take control.

Not only will preparing an actual sheet of paper with the agenda on it.

Help you to keep your boss from altering the trajectory.

But it will also be useful in helping your boss go away and consider the matter.

Hard facts and figures visible on a piece of paper cannot be disputed.

Whilst they’ll also help your boss articulate your case to HR, who will likely also have to approve it.

14. Agree upon a time slot with your boss

How well you present your case is just as important as the content you include.

You should have agreed upon a time slot with your boss at least a week in advance of your meeting.

Catching them unawares with demands for a salary increase is unlikely to garner you any success.

Book a quiet and private room during a free afternoon.

Where you and your boss can discuss the issue thoroughly without distraction.

How to Get Pay Rise in any Establishment

15. Show your worth

In order to achieve a raise you cant just want one, you need to deserve one.

Throughout your presentation your boss will be assessing your presentation the same as they would an investment.

Your fundamental objective is to prove you’re an asset to the business.

So structure your case around this idea.

16. Write down all the things that you’ve achieved individually

Write down all the things that you’ve achieved individually.

Or contributed to significantly as part of a team.

Build your whole case around two or three of these projects.

Back up your claims with real and irrefutable evidence e.g. money earned as a result of your success, relationships with clients improved, processes improved and savings made.

17. Get used to few basic questions when building your case

You need to have answered a few basic questions when building your case for a pay rise:

  • Are you going above and beyond the stated responsibilities in your contract?
  • Do you offer greater value than your colleagues who are being paid the same or more handsomely than you are?
  • Have you taken on extra responsibilities recently?
  • Have you improved since the last performance review with your manager?
  • Have you added tangible, demonstrable value to the business?
  • Usually a pay rise will mean a promotion, so make sure you’re ready for this eventuality

If you answered yes to most or all of the above then you have a strong case, it’s just now just a matter of structuring and presenting it in an effective and comprehensive manner.

How to Get Pay Rise in any Establishment

18. Prepare for some tricky questions

Asking for a pay rise can be an awkward situation for your manager.

And as a result they might ask some trying questions.

Make sure you’re prepared for them in advance by preparing an answer for each of the following:

  • How much of a raise do you require?
  • Will you leave if your boss can’t meet your expectations?
  • Do you think, considering the economy, it’s an appropriate time to be asking?
  • Are you truly deserving of such a raise?

Being fully prepared for tough questions.

Such as these will help you retain control of the meeting whilst making your clear and cohesive case.

19. Get a Personal views about reward

Separately, before the meeting you must get an objective view and measure of your market worth.

Look at other similar jobs outside as well as inside the company.

And compare them to your own responsibilities and rewards.

Personal views about reward and job-load can become very subjective.

And need to be validated or it’s difficult for you (or anyone else) to decide how deserved the claim is.

If you are so nervous about asking verbally for a meeting and therefore need to write, keep it very simple, particularly do not include any details of your position or justification or financial claim.

How to Get Pay Rise in any Establishment

20. End on a positive note

Don’t put your boss under too much pressure at any time in the meeting – you want to avoid a confrontation.

If your case is logical and well-reasoned then allow them the time to digest it fully rather than asking them to make a snap-judgement.

Agree a date and time to meeting again and come to a final verdict.

You need to be prepared for all eventualities, as there’s no guarantee that your proposal will go well. If you’re not successful you need to decide on whether you plan to stay on or not.


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