17 Ways on How to Start a Frozen Food Business

How to Start a Frozen Food Business: Frozen food business is plainly becoming more lucrative by the day.

The rising interest for it is additionally supported by progressively bustling way of life of most families, particularly the working class.

This is Dissimilar to the rural areas where raw food is promptly accessible.

The story is not the same in urban regions and hence frozen food is favored for comfort and simplicity of living.

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How to Start a Frozen Food Business : BusinessHAB.com
How to Start a Frozen Food Business

For example, a kilogram of frozen chicken goes for at least N650.00.

It can even cost over a thousand-naira relying upon the size and area.

That is the reason the business is exceptionally beneficial.

Be that as it may, one can’t simply begin the business without putting a few things in place.

Frozen food business has some level of hazard and additionally cost effective.

The issue of power supply experienced in the nation likewise signify the cost of maintaining the business.

So, in setting up the business, one ought to consider these elements precisely.

How to Start a Frozen Food Business 

Be that as it may, in the eventuality that you can complete everything appropriately.

You are certain of good support and reliable benefits.

Normal standard frozen food store makes N200,000 benefit monthly.

Some make a great deal more than that while some make less. In any case, it is a decent business.

For you to start frozen food business in Nigeria, there are things you have to consider.

The following are a portion of the prerequisites.

1. Have a Business Plan

Normally every business must have a plan regardless of how little it looks.

While planning your business is a great deal of thing to do.

Making it become possible is the most important factor.

This is the period you do an intensive feasibility study and survey with respect to the business.

Try not to be oblivious of the fact that there is rivalry.

There are individuals in the business as of now and more are prone to come in after you begin

How to Start a Frozen Food Business 

.In this way, your methodology ought to be two-folds; one to survive and the other, to flourish.

In the event that, the business idea is not clear to you, look for an expert in the field to help out.

Or, on the other hand even better, search for a current dynamic individual in a similar business and make request.

By and large, business plan includes all that will be required for the proposed business from take-off time until it develops steadily to a major, standard business.

2. Raise Your Business Capital

This is extremely fundamental, particularly in the event that you need a small-scale business. Before considering beginning anything like business startup, there must be cash put aside for it. The scale you begin from is controlled by the measure of capital accessible to you. You can fund for your business capital through numerous methods

Additionally, recall that there are sure expenses to be brought about as the business advances. As such, you require cash for upkeep and running expense.

You need to put all these into plan while raising your startup capital. Make enough spending plan to cover your costs after setup. It will take at least three months for you to secure your client base before you begin seeing considerable profit.

How to Start a Frozen Food Business 

3. Choose Your Product Line

There are a ton of food products that can be sold frozen, along these lines, you pick the ones to begin with. Seafood and poultry items have all the earmarks of being in more noble demand than natural products. It is ideal to begin with the ones that are more sought after before extending to different sorts. The point is to know which items and what sort of clients in that specific region incline toward it most.

For example, in the circumstance that you need to begin with fish and chicken, what species of fish do individuals around there consume more? That will give you an insight of which one to begin with. Likewise recall that in a situation that you will begin with possibly fish and poultry food, that implies there will be two iceboxes.

Reason being that fish gives a terrible odor and not everyone eats it. Putting it together with chicken will give you awful business. It implies that the individuals who detests fish in view of the scent or for different reasons will be unable to purchase your chicken also.

4. Select Suitable Location

Some business flourish more in specific areas due to the level of utilization of the item included. Concentrate in the area where you need to setup the business and have the capacity to have an overview of what the turnover of the business will look like in a year or two.

In the instance that the benefit is appalling, then reexamine utilizing another location that might be more appropriate for your frozen food business. As a rule, businesses don’t make colossal benefit in the initial two years of initiation in view of the underlying expenses brought about. In any case, in a situation that it is one that will succeed, the look at survival will be seen inside months.

In this manner, don’t rush to expel the location of your business in light of the fact that the business isn’t performing as you expected amid the initial couple of months of its beginning.

How to Start a Frozen Food Business 

5. Enlist with The Relevant Association

Some of the bodies in charge of Food regulation in Nigeria and which you need to consider as you aspire to start your Frozen food business include National Agency for Foods, Drugs and Control, NAFDAC; Standards Organizations of Nigeria, SON; Corporate Affairs Commission, CAC, Federal, State Ministries of Health etc.

Market unions exist. Each business line typically has an affiliation that administers it issues. As a new entrant into the business, make attempt to enlist with the proper body for security reasons, and even prompt. It additionally fills in as an assurance for your business, since it keeps you side by side with what is going on inside your business world.

A few Associations can even give credit facilities to their members. In the eventuality that yours is in tandem with theirs, then you are in an ideal situation to succeed in the business. You likewise need to understand that some partner will turn into a draining pot for your business, charging one fee after the other, you discover this before joining any relationship except that it is mandatory.

How to Start a Frozen Food Business 

6. Create Your Customer Base

As another business, figure out who your clients are. This will likewise decide the sort of items to offer. In a situation where there are all the more developing children, red meat and poultry food can offer exceptionally well. Be that as it may, where you have a greater number of elderly individuals, seafood and poultry foods will offer more.

Whichever is the situation, figure out who your clients are and attempt how much as could reasonably be expected to pull in, win and keep them in the event that you should flourish in the business. Keep in mind that clients are the motor that keeps your business running.

7. Legitimately Plan You Storage System

One can’t discuss opening a frozen food business without thinking about the storerooms and storage system; fridges and other cooling frameworks. The scale the individual needs to begin on will likewise decide what number of these storage systems to buy. In any case, it is prudent to begin little so that the underlying costs wouldn’t be excessive to you.

In frozen food business, stockpiling is the key. Regardless of whether your business will flourish or disintegrate relies upon how conservative or wasteful your storage system is. Make sure put your frozen foods into durable fridges; if conceivable, you can purchase the fresh out of the box new ones.

At the point when your seafood and chicken is frozen like the ones above, they remain crisp and solid until you sale to buyers.

8. Get Adequate Power Supply Generator

Power issue is one of the significant difficulties businesses confront in Nigeria today. Recollect that you are managing perishable goods, thus as you need to begin your business, consider getting a generator set for power supply, else you will keep running at a loss, as a portion of the foods may spoil when there is no ice to protect and keep them frozen.

Obviously, no one will need to spend his/her cash on spoiled food. In purchasing a power generator, go for one that can convey high voltage yet at the same time versatile. It more affordable to get generating sets that make use of petrol than diesel, so go for the previous than the later.

Make a rundown of all the essential Equipment you will requirement for a startup. Furthermore, begin getting them in bits. You can get some of those equipments as genuinely utilized or less expensive ones yet at the same time new.

How to Start a Frozen Food Business 

9. Form You Logistics – Home Delivery

This can really be a method for drawing in more clients to you. A few people like home delivery services, and if your business can offer that, it is an edge over your rivals. Home delivery services could be home delivery of frozen foods purchased by your client. It is deserving of note here that you will most likely be unable to do this for every one of your clients as a result of the additional cost you may bring about in this procedure. You may prefer to do this for clients that do mass purchases.

Offering frozen foods regularly includes a delivery logistics. You may choose to advertise your items on the web and convey them in cooler trucks, convey your foods to businesses and homes, or to stores and eateries where they are required. Make accessible practical phone numbers so that your clients can without much of a stretch contact you through it for any request.

How to Start a Frozen Food Business 

10. Get the Equipment For Frozen Food Business 

  • Cooler
  • Capital
  • Table
  • Seats
  • Blades (Big and little)
  • Etch
  • Generator
  • Work space
  • Fan/aeration and cooling system
  • Sales representative perhaps one for a begin
  • Water holder
  • Containers of food to be sold
  • Wooden sheets
  • Overskirts
  • Bureau
  • Bowls or containers
  •  Squander receptacle, and so on

11. Get the Points of interest of Frozen Food 

Frozen deliver keeps up the flavor and supplements of the food

  1. It is practical, on the grounds that frozen foods keep longer than new refrigerated foods in light of the fact that the solidifying procedure suspends catalyst action that makes the food spoil.
  2. It gives wellbeing to capacity, since solidifying suspends microbial and contagious action in the food. For whatever length of time that the food stays frozen, it is sheltered.
  3. It gives accommodation. Frozen foods give occupied individuals an approach to bolster themselves and their families with solid suppers in minutes.
  4. At times, frozen foods are a superior decision than new, for example, in instances of food supplements and when there is a deficiency of new food.

How to Start a Frozen Food Business 

12. Hindrances of Frozen Food Business

Frozen foods generally contain excessive salt

Frozen, packaged foods, as most other packaged foods, contain unsuitable amounts of sodium that can increase danger of growing hypertension and coronary illness in individuals

Frozen foods seem to deactivate the chances of foods being being soft and delicate, particularly vegetables and most organic products lose their fresh surface once frozen, regardless of the possibility that you cook them just quickly.

13. Offer the best products and services :

  • Gizzard, snails, prawns, turkey, quail meat, frozen rabbit meat, pork, beef, chicken and different varieties of fishes, frozen soups, frozen fruits and vegetables, frozen ready-to-eat meals, frozen potatoes and pastries products.
  • Meat
  • Poultry
  • Vegetables
  • Sea-foods
  • Pastries
  • Sliced Root and tubers

14. Provide High Quality

Frozen food are focusing on high quality locally made food and frozen delicacies that draw customers from the competition, as well as create a local with reasonable prices and good food. You will have growth through repeat business.

How to Start a Frozen Food Business 

15. Know the TARGET MARKET

  • Hotels chains
  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Fast-food joints
  • Chicken wholesalers and retailers
  • Fried fish and chicken seller’s
  • Households
  • Vegetables and tubers wholesalers
  • Caterers
  • Food service industries
  • Individuals

16. Grape the opportunities

  • Growing frozen food market
  • Growing Foodservice Industry: With changing lifestyles and rapid urbanization, the food service industry is growing throughout the globe. Frozen food is set to tap the demand created.
  • Growth in restaurants and bars demand for frozen food.

17. Note the threats

  • Increasing Health awareness: Health awareness, in general, is increasing throughout the globe especially in the developing nations and hence fast food and frozen food consumption may go down
  • Intense competition: Faces competition from the frozen as well as food service industry, considering its product portfolio. The company has to maintain quality and service in order to retain its market and improve sales.
  • Increasing Raw Material Prices: Prices of raw materials such as flour, vegetable oil, raw vegetables have shown increase in prices nationwide, Such increases in prices of raw materials increases price pressure on the company.


Let’s keep you updated on latest business tools and opportunities.

Frozen food many on occasion has a waterlogged taste .

If you need a complete business plan, please let us know.

Or,you want us to help you set up any business,kindly contact us.

Otherwise, please check out these other business ideas.


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