How to Start Beer Parlour Business

How to Start Beer Parlour Business in NigeriaHow to Start Beer Parlour Business in Nigeria: Beer parlour business is quite a lucrative business in Nigeria.

Even though, this might not be business for everyone.

As a result of some peoples’ religion.

But I bet you, there is money in beer parlour business.

That is why you can start your own beer parlour business if you so desire.

You can start your beer parlour business with not quite huge sum of money.

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But with small scale startup capital.

You are on the way to begin your business.

What then is a beer parlour business all about?.

It is important to know what the business is.

Before we delve into taking a look at the steps involved in starting up the business.

Before then, you should be able to note that in most beer parlours.

There is always a bar, sometimes the middle class.

Once they are in the beer palour will love to patronize the bar stand.

However, not every beer palour has a bar within it.

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The bar:

Bar is a relaxation center.

Where various drinks, snacks, and sometimes pepper soup are served, drinks.

At the bar comprises of both alcohol and non alcohol beverages.

In a bar, fruit juice, spirit, wine, sometimes cocktail drinks are also served in a bar.

And it is commonly found in clubs, and most cases within a neigbourhood.

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Beer parlour:

Beer parlour is specifically where lager beer are served.

And can be found anywhere.

Beer parlour does not only serve beer.

It also serve other types of drinks.

Ranging from beer, soft drinks like, coke, fanta, malt drink and fruit juice among other drinks.

Hot pepper soup and roasted chicken are also served in the beer palour.

Some of the beer palours allow for cigarette smoking.

People patronized beer parlour because they prefer beer to whisky, brandy, or even other spirits.

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Market and opportunity for beer parlour:

Business outfit, owing to the location at which it is located.

Can for the most part, determined the extent at which it could succeed in business.

However, there is market readily available for beer parlour operators.

Because people generally loved to patronize beer parlours.

That can satisfied their want.

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In terms of convenience and comfort.

Most of the beer parlours are within the residential areas.

Individuals often times, will love to make out time to have a nice time.

Sometimes with their friends.

And they will sit out to drink, enjoy hot pepper soup with colleagues and few bottles of lager beer.

The people love sitting out in view of the fact that it relieves stress.

And cause you to forget some sort of sorrows and unfavourable ordeal.

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Step to start beer parlour business:   

Rent a shop:

If you have already made up your mind to start beer palour business.

First things among other things will be to rent a place you are using as your beer parlour.

Having successfully securing the place for the business.

You have to furnish the place.

Give it a touch of class with beautiful plastic chairs and tables.

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Purchase you products:

Everything that has ever crosses your mind.

That your customers will ask for in your beer parlour, should be readily available.

Ranging from all types of assorted drinks.

Don’t forget you will also be selling hot pepper soup.

Assorted meat should be ready too. Get most of your selling items on bulk.

Equip the kitchen:

Since you are serving your customers with pepper soup, chicken soya.

You have to put your kitchen in place with the relevant kitchen utensils.

Including freezers, and plates and cutleries to be used in serving your customers.

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Install Music system/ flat screen TV:

Home theater, cable TV, sound system should be those gadgets to add colour and life to your beer parlour business.

They will attract customers, informing them that, it is happening here.

As they pass along the road your beer palour is situated.

And they will not pass without turning eyes to take note of what is happening there.

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Make sure there is proper ventilation:

If your beer parlour is not fully air-conditioned.

What you will have to do will be to allow for proper ventilation in your beer parlour.

Your customers should be convenience at you business place.

So that when he leaves he can always come back.

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However, remember that your business should be where there is traffic of persons.

You should endeavour to have your business closer to where people are infact.

Within the residential area in order to be able to access customers to your beer parlour.

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At the evening, as the case may be.

Some persons having returned from work may fell like sitting out.

They will not need to hire a taxi to find a place to have a good time possibly that evening.

So they come to your place to have some bottles beer and while away time.

And for your customer to feel good at your business place.

The place should be clean and hygienic and safety.

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Challenges likely to face:

There is no business without some sort of challenges.

So beer parlour is not exempted from business challenges.

The reason I have to mention this is to inform you that, should you have any interest to venture into beer parlour business.

This, of course, is very important.

In a beer parlour context, some good customers are likely to patronize your beer parlour business frequently.

Soon they will consider them as loyal customers.

And before you know it, they will be coming for credit.

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And just before you know it their debt will be accumulating.

And just before you know it your business is starting deteriorating.

So to avoid this kind of challenge in your business.

You have to be strict at some point.

Introduce ‘no credit’ policy, and by so doing.

You are likely to scare away few of them who may help destroy you business.

Lastly, beer parlour business is one of the commonly run business in this part of the world.

And it is one of the fast growing business and a profitable.

At that, believe it or not, people do indeed patronize beer parlour business.

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Particularly, in the evening, and it is a money spinning business.

What you need to know is that without these customers your business will fall.

Because it is the customers that make your business thrive.

So customers must be first in everything.

You do have responsibility to serve them better.

Respect them and above all, attain to the issues they may have in your business place with compassion

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