How to Start Food Processing Business in Nigeria at a Small Scale

How to Start Food Processing Business in Nigeria at a Small Scale: Please wait a minute!

You get to understand that foods are consumable.

And are essential to human health, and so in food processing business.

Care has to be taken as to how these food items are processed.

There should be a kind of assessment of these foods produced, professionally.

This is important because whatever edible products that you produced must be under a hygienic condition otherwise, human health is in jeopardy.

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Having said that, there is a good number of ways.

One can engage in food processing business at small scale in Nigeria.

Be that as it may, in this article, I am going to discuss with you step by step approach to starting food processing business in Nigeria at a small scale.

But before then let us consider what food processing is all about.

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The meaning food processing

Food processing is the conversion of natural ingredients.

Or raw materials either through chemical.

Or physical method into other type of food.

Or other type of products from the original food item.

It is the procedure employed in value chain process.

Where food is processed to a different form.

Either for food consumption, like in the case

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Where cassava is processed into garri or for industrial use.

Like in the case, where the same cassava is processed into alcohol.

If you want to star up food processing business in Nigeria.

You have to ensure that you have a permit to start food processing business.

You have to also choose the name of your company.

Your packaging, get your own warehouse.

Or what I may describe as commercial kitchen.

More so, create your own website.

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Most importantly  too, you have to decide among the broad spectrum of food products.

On which type of foods products you are intended to serve your customers.

It can include powder mixes, food drinks, candies, even already made foods among other foods items.

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Steps in starting small scale food processing business:

  • Ensure you have permit to start:

Having decided on the type of foods you want to serve, make sure that you have your permit to start food processing business from relevant authority, get the name of your business registered and collect the certificate of registration. In doing this there is a document you should fill, this will give your business name a registered status as a corporation. Possibly get those set of persons you want to help you grow your business.

  • Decide on the location:

Another step will be to locate a place suitable for your food processing business. You either rent a place or you lease it for a period of time, and before you commence business, an authorized agency has to visit your business place to inspect as to whether your business place meet the set standard of starting and running food processing business in Nigeria, and to ascertain that whether the location is safe enough for food processing. Moreso, the infrastructure and food processing facilities in your business place will have to be tested to make sure that they are in order for food processing.

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Please note, once you commence your business, over time this authorized agency will come again to inspect your business premises, in other words, the likelihood is that they will be inspecting your food processing business in regular intervals to ensure that you are consistent in maintaining the hygienic condition in your business place, to make sure that customers safety is protected from any harmful effect that could be caused by your products due to unhygienic condition. That is why you are duty bound to keep your business environment clean and safe.

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  • Your food packaging should meet NAFDAC standard:

Food processing business is a kind of business that deals with consumable items, and there is standard set by food and drug administration, so from the packaging of your food, you should make sure that though, your packaging should be attractive, it should not contradict the set standard by food and drug administration, also you processed food should meet the specification of production.

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  • Create a website 

This is very important in this digital age, where modern technology has become the order of the day. If you desire large volume traffic to your business, one of the easy ways is to have a website. It is your website that will feature the kind of products you are serving the public, as a result so many business organizations will love to set of connections of their account to your own. The merit of owning a website is that, while sleeping your business will be selling, as people will be making offers. Distribution business organization will be interested in buying your products in bulk to sell to different retail outlets.

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  • Your startup capital:

This will entirely depend on the scale you want to operate from, and since you are to take it from small scale angle, it is expected that you arrange for the cheapest processing machines possibly the locally fabricated ones. you really not need so much to start processing food business at small scale, but with five hundred thousand naira to six hundred thousand naira, you can start your small scale food processing business.

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  • Go for relevant knowledge:

You also need to go for relevant knowledge about food processing business in Nigeria, moreso, in setting up your small scale food processing, you should not do it all alone seek for professional consultant in the field to assist you particularly, in setting up your food processing factory. You go for research findings, go for workshops, seminars, symposiums. Get training and become expertise in food processing business in Nigeria.

To this end you should by now know that, there are enough opportunities in small scale food processing business in Nigeria. By your company name you can process your food items, package them market your food processing company, source for customers and sell your products at attractive prices. Following all the steps explained above, you will be on your way to making it big in the food processing industry, I bet you.

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