Top 10 Internet Marketing Blogs You Should Be Reading

Internet marketers: When it comes to internet marketing, there are a lot of different blogs and websites with information about different aspects of the field.

The challenge is finding the top ones that have useful content that you can trust.

With so many different places to look for information, how do you choose the best ones?
To help you sift through the noise and find trustworthy sources of information, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best blogs about internet marketing out there right now.

Each blog on this list has been analyzed for their usefulness to marketers and their audience, as well as their content and regularity of updates.

If you want to stay on top of your game in this competitive field, these are some great places to start:

Top 10 Internet Marketing Blogs You Should Be Reading

Internet marketers:

The digital marketing landscape is dynamic, ever-changing and packed with new ideas and strategies. Internet marketing blogs are an excellent resource for marketers to stay up to date on the latest trends, read about case studies and expert insight, and learn new strategies for creating content, advertising online and measuring results. Any experienced marketer will tell you that reading is a key step in developing your skills. The more you read about marketing, the more you understand about what works and what doesn’t. An excellent place to start is with these top internet marketing blogs.

What is Internet Marketing?

Internet marketing is the process of generating sales through online channels, such as social media or blogs, paid advertising, and e-commerce websites. Often, the goal is to drive traffic from your website to your physical location, such as a retail store. The definition above is slightly different to that of digital marketing, which is the use of digital channels to promote your brand, drive sales and increase awareness of your products or services. This can include email marketing, paid advertising, and search engine optimization. Marketers who specialize in internet marketing often have a broader set of skills, covering a wider range of topics, than digital marketers. For example, many people who specialize in internet marketing also create and manage web content, create email marketing campaigns, and manage paid advertising, such as on Facebook or Google.

Hubspot Blog

Hubspot is one of the largest and most successful inbound marketing software companies in the world. Inbound marketing is a strategy where you attract customers with valuable content and then direct them to your sales and conversion pages. Hubspot’s blog is written by their in-house marketing team and not guest authors. Their blog is one of the best examples of inbound marketing in practice. Hubspot’s blog posts are packed with useful and actionable information, such as tips for growing your email list, designing beautiful blog posts, and creating high-converting sales funnels. Hubspot’s blog posts are designed to help you generate more leads, drive more sales, and gain a deeper understanding of what works and what doesn’t in your business. Hubspot’s blog is one of the best examples of an inbound marketing blog, and a must-read for any marketer.


Marketeryan describes itself as a “blog about digital marketing for small businesses.” The blog is written by a guy named Mark Desmarais, who has years of experience in the digital marketing space and runs his own consulting business. Marketeryan covers in-depth topics such as SEO, paid search, paid social, email marketing, content marketing, and conversion optimization. Marketryan also includes a “weekly quick win” section, where they share a single tip or trick related to the main topic of that week. The blog also includes “bi-weekly roundups” of interesting articles from around the web related to digital marketing. Marketeryan’s blog is a great example of a blog for small businesses looking to get started with digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Forum Blog

The Digital Marketing Forum blog is written by a variety of industry experts, including social media marketing expert Marcus Pedret, conversion optimization expert Phil Roberts and content marketing expert Matt Clark. The topics covered on the blog include all aspects of digital marketing and online marketing strategy, including SEO, PPC, email marketing and content marketing. The blog includes guides and tutorials, as well as case studies and expert insight and advice from the Digital Marketing Forum’s contributors and readers. The blog is a must-read for any marketer looking to expand their skillset and knowledge in digital marketing.

Internet marketers: is a blog that provides a “weekly dose of digital marketing news, insights, and analysis.” The blog is run by the team at, who describe themselves as “a real-time social media monitoring and analytics tool.” The blog is a go-to resource for digital marketers looking for timely insights and analysis, as well as the latest happenings in the digital marketing space. The blog publishes every week, and is split into three main categories: insights, tips and analysis. The insights section provides a roundup of interesting articles and studies published that week. The tips section is where the team shares their expert advice and insight. The analysis section breaks down current events and news stories affecting the digital marketing world.


OMarketingBlog is run by Jay Bakker, who has been an online marketer since the early 2000s. The blog focuses on “online marketing strategy and tactics, focusing on content creation, conversion optimization, and search engine optimization.” OMarketingBlog includes a section called “reading recommendations” at the end of each blog post, where the author recommends other online marketing blogs to read. This is a great way to discover new blogs and add to your reading list. The blog is a must-read for any marketer looking to expand their skills in content marketing, SEO, and conversion optimization.

Kissmetrics Blog

Internet marketers: Kissmetrics is a data analytics and marketing automation company that has been around since 2011. The Kissmetrics blog is run by CEO and founder Hiten Shah and his team. The topics covered on the blog include analytics, data science, marketing funnels, content marketing, and customer experience. The blog is a must-read for any marketer looking to expand their skills in data-driven marketing and customer experience.

Online Marketing Blog by Adepto

Adepto is a digital marketing agency based in Sydney, Australia. Their blog, titled “Online Marketing Blog,” covers a wide variety of topics related to marketing online, including SEO, PPC, email marketing and conversion optimization. The blog is a must-read for any marketer looking to expand their skills in SEO, PPC and conversion optimization.

Summing up

In short, internet marketing is the process of driving traffic to your website and converting them into customers or leads using a variety of marketing channels, such as email marketing, social media or blogging. Digital marketing is the use of digital channels, such as social media or blogs, to promote your brand, drive sales and increase awareness of your products or services. As you can see from this article, there are many benefits to reading marketing blogs, including expanding your skills, discovering new strategies and staying up-to-date in your field. We hope that you found the article useful and that you’ll consider reading these blogs!

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