19 Tips to Build Good Kiddie Nail Salon

Kiddie nail salon: Many people want their nails to look beautiful and better than they can make them look at home. A nail salon provides manicures, pedicures and other nail treatments to make customers’ nails look great. Customers may come to have their nails done on a regular basis or for a special occasion.

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Kiddie nail salon

Kiddie nail salon: BusinessHAB.com


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You have to be burning with an idea, or a problem, or a wrong that you want to right. If you’re not passionate enough from the start, you can request publication of your article for publication by sending it to us via our Email below. wikitk126@gmail.com or SMS/WhatsApp) or call +2347034920650.  Click here to start business now with businesshab.com


1. Know the costs involved in opening Kiddie nail salon

Most nail salons are at least 1,000 square feet, and building out a salon typically costs between $75 and $125 per square foot. This comes to a total build-out cost of $75,000 to $125,000 for a 1,000-square-foot salon.

Business owners who are looking to reduce the startup costs for a nail salon may be able to purchase used equipment from a previous salon owner, or even lease space that has previously housed a salon. Finding a location where a salon closed will greatly reduce buildout costs.

Alternatively, business owners might be able to find a location where a property owner will build to suit. In build-to-suit agreements, property owners usually build a facility to the tenant’s specifications, and the tenants agree to a lease.

Kiddie nail salon

2. Get to Know the expenses for Kiddie nail salon

The ongoing expenses for a nail salon business include supply costs, employee’s wages (whether salaries or commissions), taxes, rent, maintenance on equipment and insurance. Supply costs are usually between 2 and 8 percent of sales.

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3. Know the targeted market

A nail salon business’ ideal customer is someone who cares about their appearance, appreciates fashion and has some discretionary income. Such a person is likely able and willing to spend money to make their nails look good. Most salons’ customers are primarily women, but salons also serve men.

4. Know how Kiddie nail salon make money

A nail salon makes money by charging customers for manicures, pedicures and similar treatments. Some also sell premium nail care products.

Kiddie nail salon

5. Know how you can charge customers

Nail salon businesses offer a number of different nail services. Manicures typically range between $15 and $25, and pedicures are usually between $25 and $45. Other major treatments include:

  • Full gel sets ($45 to $75)
  • Full acrylic sets ($30 to $60)
  • Silk nails ($10 to $15)

Fillers, polishes and repairs are needed between full sets. These kinds of services range from $3 (for some repairs) to $30 (for gel polishes).

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6. Know how to make profit

A single nail salon business might bring the owner between $40,000 and $75,000 each year. The business model is easily scalable, though. Some nail salon owners have lots of locations and are millionaires.

7. Know how you can make your business more profitable

A nail salon business can increase its revenue by upselling customers with additional services and selling premium nail care products. Since salons already use high-end products, it’s easy to sell these to customers who want to take better care of their nails at home.

Kiddie nail salon

8. Know how to promote & market a nail salon

Because nail salons primarily serve a local area, marketing efforts should focus on reaching residents and workers in the nearby community. Discounted services are one way to get customers in the door initially, but this strategy may only attract one-time customers who are looking for a bargain.

Another way to get customers in is by partnering with another local business, such as a DJ or new caterer, to host a little party. Customers may be willing to pay for a treatment during a special event that includes music and light refreshments.

One of the best ways to consistently grow a nail salon’s business is through word-of-mouth advertising. For this reason, it’s important to provide excellent service so that people will mention your salon to friends and family. Encouraging customers to leave online reviews can also help draw people to the salon.

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Kiddie nail salon

9. Know how to keep customers coming back

Nail salons can develop loyal customers by consistently providing excellent service and following proper hygiene protocols. Offering loyalty cards that give customers a free treatment after a certain number of services is a way to keep customers coming back more frequently.

10. Maintain open two-way communication.

A good manager will communicate regularly with staff. You need to know what they are observing in the business, how they feel about their jobs, and whether any problems are brewing. It also helps for the staff to hear from you and know, in advance, if any changes are coming or anything else that will affect their work. Regular communication can resolve many problems before they even start. Depending on the size of the business and your position as a manager, you may communicate through any or all of the following:

Kiddie nail salon

11. Establish an accounting system.

If you are not trained in accounting, you may need to hire a bookkeeper or at least consult with a trained accountant. You need to choose an accounting system for operating your business. Different systems exist, with a variety of strengths and weaknesses, depending on your kind of business:

  • Cash method. This is generally better for small businesses. You will count your cash as an asset when you actually receive it. Similarly, you measure your expenses when you actually pay them.
  • Accrual method. Larger business tend to prefer this method, which works more on an invoicing system. You count the asset when a sale is made, whether or not you actually receive payment at that time. You will measure expenses when you receive the item, not at the time of actual payment.

12. Generate some growth ideas.

Any business manager may want to do more business, but you need some ideas. Work with your staff to develop areas for growth. Try to identify what you can do to expand the business. Some specific considerations might include:

Kiddie nail salon

13. Handle emergencies.

You should plan for any possible emergencies that could occur. This includes anything from a staff illness or injury to a fire in your store or some natural disaster. Develop a written emergency plan to account for any kind of occurrence. Your plan should address every staff member’s role, how to guide customers who may be in your facility, and how to work with emergency care staff when they arrive. Make sure that your facility is adequately stocked with the following emergency equipment, and that all staff know how to use it:

  • Fire extinguishers.
  • Smoke alarms and detectors.
  • First aid kits.
  • Automated external defibrillators (AEDs).

14. Specialize in a handful of services.

Generally, it’s better to offer two or three services that you’re exceptionally skilled at than a dozen that are mediocre. That way, your clientele will know exactly what to expect coming in, and you can focus on providing the best service possible. Trying to wear too many hats can cause you to lose your identity—and business in the process.

  • A salon that advertises nail art, facials, chemical exfoliation, and hot stone massage all under the same roof is enough to make a potential customer’s head spin.
  • Limiting the number of services you provide will also keep you and your staff from getting overwhelmed. You can always expand your offerings over time if demand is high enough.

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Kiddie nail salon

15. Create a presence on social media.

Don’t underestimate the promotional power of social media. Facebook and Instagram make a perfect platform for showing off your work and sharing testimonials from satisfied customers. Each of your accounts should be neatly laid out and simply titled so they’ll be easy to find. Don’t forget to update them regularly with new content, like info on the services you provide and special introductory deals.

  • If you’ve never moderated a business social media account before, follow other popular salons and take note of how they’ve structured their profiles.
  • Get your followers involved by encourage them to send in photos of their nails after they visit.

16. Market your salon to attract business.

Design some eye-catching flyers for your business and post them up in your area. Distribute these ads in places that your target demographic is likely to visit, like beauty shops, spas and cafés. Make sure you include all the important details in your ads, including the name, address, and phone number of your salon, the types of services you offer, and your hours of operation.

  • If you’re coming from another salon, you could also ask your former boss to put in a good word for you to help stir up interest while you’re first getting on your feet.
  • When it comes to a business like a salon, the best advertisement is word of mouth—as long as you do great work, your clients will tell their friends and continue to come back again and again.
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17. Sell products to supplement your income.

Few nail salons make 100% of their profit by giving manicures. There’s also a big market for specialty beauty goods, meaning you can pull double duty to maximize your revenue. By making things like nail polishes, lotions, and exfoliating tools available, you’ll give your clients the chance to take home the same products they enjoy in the salon.

  • Get in touch with prominent health and beauty companies to find out how to arrange a wholesale distribution opportunity or a possible partnership.
  • Set aside a boutique area separate from your main service stations where customers can browse your selection and make purchases.

Kiddie nail salon

18. Stock up on essential supplies.

Put together an itemized list of everything you’ll need to conduct business on a given day. This will include things like nail clippers, scissors, buffers, files, moisturizers, towels, and finger and toe separators. Be prepared to place repeat orders for these materials every couple of weeks, as they’ll be your bread and butter once you’re operational.

  • Don’t forget about other related supplies, such as paper towels, hand soap, acetone, and reading material for the lobby.
  • Contract with one or more wholesale suppliers to buy your supplies in bulk for a discounted rate.

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19. Set up your business phone system

Getting a phone set up for your business is one of the best ways to help keep your personal life and business life separate and private. That’s not the only benefit; it also helps you make your business more automated, gives your business legitimacy, and makes it easier for potential customers to find and contact you.

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