How to Hang King Size Canopy Bed

King Size Canopy Bed:  Curtains around your bed can give you a luxurious canopy look for a low price. However, if you live in a rental or don’t want to use power tools, then you won’t be able to drill holes in the ceiling. Luckily, you can still complete this project. With just a few adhesive hooks and some string, you can successfully decorate your bed with curtains.

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King Size Canopy Bed

Calculate the length.

Ideally, your rod should be several inches (or centimeters) wider than your window to give your curtain panels enough space. Before you’ve purchased a curtain rod, use a measuring tape and write down your window’s length.

  • Longer curtain rods make the window look larger than it is.
  • As a rule of thumb: choose a curtain rod 8–12 inches (20–30 cm) wider than your window.

Wipe down the ceiling surfaces above the bed corner with alcohol.

Dust or dirt on the ceiling could prevent adhesive hooks from sticking properly.

Pour some rubbing alcohol into a paper towel and wipe down the ceiling above each corner of the bed.

  • Don’t use a wood or glass cleaner. These products leave behind residue that makes the adhesive strip weaker.
  • Adhesive hooks need an even surface to stick properly.
  • If you have a popcorn ceiling, then this method won’t work and you’ll probably have to drill into the ceiling.

Make a pencil mark on the ceiling above each corner of the bed.

Place a tape measure on the floor touching a bed corner.
Then extend it straight up to the ceiling.
Make a pencil mark in the spot that the tape measure touches.
Repeat these steps for each corner of the bed.

Attach an adhesive strip onto the ceiling over each pencil mark.

Adhesive hooks come with sticky strips. Peel the non-stick paper off one side of the strip and press it down onto the pencil mark you made.

Hold it down for 30 seconds so it sticks completely. Do the same for all 4 marks.

  • Get a product with a solid hook that doesn’t move. Some adhesive hooks have a hinge for more flexibility, but those won’t work for this job.
  • Always read and follow the directions that come with the product you use. Different products might have specific directions.

Press an adhesive hook onto each strip facing away from the bed.

When all the strips are attached, peel the non-stick paper off the other side.

Take a hook and press it down onto the strip.

Make sure the hook points away from the bed so it holds the string properly.

Hold it for 30 seconds. Repeat this process for the other strips.

Making sure all the hooks face away from the bed.

  • If you’re using heavy curtains, make sure to get adhesive hooks that can handle a lot of weight. The product packaging should state how much weight the hook type is designed for, so use this to guide what kind you buy.

Wait 1 hour before hanging anything on the hooks.

This gives the hooks enough time to adhere to the ceiling.

If you start hanging the curtains too early, the hooks might fall.

  • If you recently painted, wait 7 days after the paint dries to hang adhesive hooks on the ceiling.

King Size Canopy Bed

Add up the distance between the hooks.

Use a tape measure and take the distance between each hook.

Add up those distances to get the total length you’ll need for your curtain string.

Cut a piece of string or twine to fit around all the hooks.

Unroll the string or twine until it’s as long as the distance between the hooks.

Add a few extra inches so you have room to tie the string. Then cut the string off the roll.

  • It’s okay to have extra string. You can cut off any excess when you’re finished.
  • If you’re hanging a heavy curtain that’s more than about 5 lb (2.3 kg), then you might need something more heavy-duty like wire.

Loop the string through the curtain if it has a tunnel along the top.

Some curtains have a tunnel for a rod to go through, but you can also run a string through it.

Insert the string into the opening on one side and work it through the tunnel to the other side.

Then bunch up the curtain in one spot so it doesn’t get in the way while you’re hanging the string.

  • Make sure you do this before hanging the string because you won’t be able to mount the curtains if the string is already tied off.
  • If you want a curtain on more than one side, then you’ll need multiple curtain sections. Get a curtain section for each area between 2 hooks.

King Size Canopy Bed

Tie the string tightly around the hooks.

Lift the string up to the first hook. If you’ve already attached the curtain, then slide it along the string so it’s between the correct 2 hooks.

Tuck the string into the hook and pull it tight.

Maintain the tension as you pull it to the next hooks.

When you reach the first hook again, tie to 2 string ends together.

  • You might need to use clear tape to lock the string in place if the hooks aren’t tight enough to grasp the string.
  • Working with a partner will make this job easier. One person can hold the string in place while the other loops it through the hooks.
  • If you’re going for more of a canopy look, then you can leave the string loose instead of pulling it tight. This gives your curtains a rounded, crescent shape.

Insert hooks into all the spaces on top of the curtains if they don’t have a tunnel.

If the curtains didn’t have a tunnel for the string, you can still hang them with hooks.

The curtains should have holes for hooks along their top edges.

Insert a hook into each hole. Make sure you don’t miss any holes or the curtains will sag.

  • If the curtains don’t come with hooks, you can buy a set of hooks online.
  • You can also get clips instead, which means you don’t need holes in the curtains.
  • Using hooks makes sliding the curtains easy, and also makes replacing them very simple.

King Size Canopy Bed

Hang a curtain set on each string section using the hooks.

Lift the curtains up and hang each hook onto the string.

Slide them back and forth a few times to make sure the hooks hold.

If you want to cover your whole bed, put a curtain set on all 4 sides.

  • You can also only put the curtains in one or two sections if you don’t want to cover your whole bed. This will still give you a nice effect.

King Size Canopy Bed

Things You’ll Need

Rubbing alcohol

Paper towels

Adhesive hooks



Tape measure



  • While there are adhesive hooks designed to hold curtain hooks.
  • Don’t use these for curtain rods above your bed.
  • If they fall, you could get hurt while you’re in bed.

  • You’ll probably have to stand on a step stool or ladder for most of this project.
  • So be careful and maintain your balance.

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