19 Tips to Make Money in Maintenance Company

Maintenance company: A maintenance professional is an independent contractor who helps clients complete manual tasks like installations, yard work, simple plumbing and home repairs. Some people pursue maintenance work as a full-time job, but it can also be a good way to make extra money on the side. If you’re currently working as a maintenance professional or if you want to start working as one, it may be helpful to learn how to find maintenance work.

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Maintenance company

1. What is a Maintenance Company?

Maintenance and repair are often lumped together. This may be due to the fact that many companies provide both services. The difference, however, is that maintenance is a service meant to keep something in working order so it does not reach the point where it needs repair. A maintenance company is one that offers such services. There are many types of maintenance companies, including those that work on cars, office equipment, and industrial machines.

If things reach the point that they need repair, it can often become an inconvenience. This can be true whether it involves the property of an individual or of a company. Repair means that someone must deal with an item that malfunctioned unexpectedly. Employing a maintenance company can prevent this situation from happening. It can also prevent repair costs, which in many cases are higher than maintenance costs.

Some people hire automobile maintenance companies because maintenance is required. For example, in the United States, most states require that vehicles be maintained to a certain degree in order for them to be considered roadworthy. This type of maintenance is often verified and certified by a sticker that shows an inspection has been done. Others hire automobile maintenance companies because they recognize that their vehicle is an essential part of their lives.

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2. What does a maintenance professional do?

A maintenance worker, historically known as a handyman, is usually a self-employed professional who completes household tasks for their clients. Instead of having one specialty, like other contractors, they often complete a wide variety of tasks. These are some of the jobs that a maintenance professional might have:

  • Small painting, weatherproofing or finishing projects

  • Minor plumbing repairs, like fixing leaky pipes or repairing toilets

  • Door and window installation and repair

  • Paint and graffiti removal

  • Landscaping and yard work

  • Gutter cleaning and repair

  • Limited carpentry, like deck construction or repair

  • Laying or repairing tile

  • Kitchen remodeling, including cabinet or countertop installation

  • Drywall installation

  • Sprinkler repair or maintenance

  • Minor electrical work, like installing outlets, lighting, fans or switches

    Maintenance company

3. Where can you find work as a maintenance professional?

Maintenance work is common in many places, and there are multiple ways that professionals can find jobs. Here are some places where you can look for maintenance worker jobs:

  • Social media

  • Internet forums

  • Job boards

  • Government contracting websites

  • Specialized handyman job sites

Maintenance company

Here are some steps that you can consider when looking for maintenance jobs:

4. Build your skills

Before looking for maintenance work, it’s often important to ensure that you have a broad skill set that you can use to find a variety of jobs. Consider making a list of the skills that you have and then comparing it against job advertisements in your area. This can help you understand the services that people are looking for in your area and show you what skills you might want to develop. You can build extra maintenance skills by completing tasks around your house or by helping friends and neighbors with maintenance and installation tasks on their properties.

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5. Make a business profile

Creating a business profile can help customers explore your services and can make your business more professional. Consider making a profile that includes your services, multiple ways to contact you, your hours and the locations that you serve. You can also include references or testimonials, prices and photos of your work. It may also be beneficial to give your business a name and to build a website or social media business page that you can link to your profile.

6. Advertise your services

Once you finish your business profile, you can begin advertising your services. It’s often helpful to begin by posting ads on as many online platforms as possible, including social media, job boards and specialized maintenance sites. When writing advertisements, ensure that you write an interesting title that demonstrates your unique skills, prices or other benefits. It may also be helpful to include your full business profile in your ads so that potential clients can further explore your business. You can also hang flyers in the area you serve.

Maintenance company

7. Work with people you know

When starting out as a maintenance worker, it may be helpful to advertise your services to people you know. This could include friends, neighbors, coworkers or family members. Doing work for these people can help you gain experience while you build a larger client base. They may also be able to help you grow your business by referring their friends and acquaintances.

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8. Find the right customers

When doing work as a maintenance worker, it’s important to find customers who fit your business model. You can do this by explaining your services in detail online and by taking the time to answer phone calls and emails from your customers. Also, consider finding a target customer base like senior citizens. You can then begin advertising near senior homes or other communities that may need extra help or maintenance.

9. Set fair prices

When you develop prices for your services, it’s often important to compare them against your competition. You can look at advertisements in your area and ensure that your rates are competitive. As you build a customer base, you may be able to charge more than less experienced professionals. Improving the professionalism of your profile and your customer interactions may also allow you to set higher prices than your competitors. Many customers value the ability to work with individuals who are punctual, responsive and polite.

Maintenance company

10. Look into certifications

Although most states don’t require certifications for maintenance workers, they may be necessary in some cases. A few states have regulations that require maintenance worker certifications for projects that exceed a certain cost. Some state certifications apply to projects over $10,000, while others may apply to projects that cost as little as $500. Consider researching the state requirements in your area to see if your work requires a license. If your state does require certification, you can prepare by collecting proof of your experience and by ensuring that your business has insurance.

11. Get the right tools

Gathering an extensive set of tools can allow you to complete a wider variety of tasks and can improve the quality of work. Consider the tasks that you currently provide or plan to provide, and make a list of all the equipment you might require to complete them professionally and quickly. It may also be helpful to ensure that you have a reliable vehicle that allows you to carry your tools. Although some equipment can be expensive, it can be a good investment if you plan to work as a handyman long term.

12. Make yourself available

One of the most effective ways to gain the trust of your clients is to be responsive and available at short notice. Consider giving your customers multiple ways to contact you and ensure that you are regularly checking your phone calls, texts, emails and social media messages. It may also be helpful to offer to meet clients in person to discuss the details and pricing of certain projects before you begin them. If you’re working as a maintenance worker full time, consider having a flexible schedule so that you can better meet the needs of your clients.

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13. Consider expanding your business

Once you build a client base and gain experience with different types of projects, you may want to consider expanding your business. You can consider hiring assistants so that you can complete larger or more complex tasks. You can also consider diversifying your list of services and investing in new tools. In some cases, you might be able to extend your services over a wider area. These steps can help you build your business into a sustainable, long-term enterprise.

Maintenance company

Here are a few tips you can consider when bidding against competitors for maintenance jobs:

14. Cover your expenses

When competing for contracts, it can sometimes be tempting to offer lower prices than competitors or a flat hourly rate. This can sometimes be effective, but it may add to your costs and lower your profits. In order to avoid this, ensure that you understand the project and the expenses it requires. These might include materials, tools, labor, insurance, accounting and advertising. Once you understand how much the job costs, you can set a definite price for your customer.

15. Understand the job

Whenever you bid on a job, it’s often helpful to have a good understanding of its requirements. To do this, you can consider speaking to potential clients in person or visiting the job site in advance. When speaking to clients, ensure that you ask about the timeframe of the projects, the materials required, and the expected results. This can help you avoid schedule conflicts, allow you to finish the job on time and ensure that you have the necessary equipment.

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16. Demonstrate professionalism

Demonstrating professionalism is often a good way to attract clients and retain them over time. When interacting with clients, ensure that address them respectfully, answer their questions honestly and show expertise. It’s also important to respond quickly to inquiries, arrive to work on time and make yourself available on short notice. These steps can help you stand out from your competitors, which may allow you to charge more and increase your customer base.

Maintenance company

17. Oil changing is a standard service offered by many automobile maintenance companies.

In office and industrial settings, maintenance companies are often hired to ensure that business is not hindered. The types of equipment that need to be maintained can vary greatly depending on the type of business involved. In many cases, one maintenance company is not enough to cover all equipment. In an office, for example, it is likely that one maintenance company may work on copying equipment but be incapable of working on Internet servers.

18. Some maintenance companies specialize in maintaining office equipment, such as copy machines.

An automobile maintenance company often conducts a standard service that involves things such as changing oil and spark plugs and the rotating tires. The points that will be covered are usually disclosed before the service is provided. These may vary, however, from one company to another. This service may include an assessment that suggests other services to the car owner that are not included in the package but that could prevent future repairs.

Maintenance company

19. Maintenance companies might perform repairs on industrial machinery.

Industrial businesses often employ maintenance planners and schedulers because the issue of shutting down a machine or the entire factory can be so complex. In some cases, however, such crew members are not employed. Instead this service is provided by a maintenance company, which will help to determine when and how maintenance should be conducted and what is needed if it is to be executed properly.

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