How to Start Maize farming in Nigeria: Everything You Need to Know

How to Start Maize farming in Nigeria: Everything You Need to Know

How to Start Maize farming in Nigeria: Everything You Need to Know | In this post, I will show you how to start maize farming in Nigeria. Maize farming is a lucrative farming business in Nigeria, since maize crop is one of the most sought for  in the country, it is as well generally eaten by Nigerians and those outside the country.

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Maize farming is, for the most part, an attractive farming business, and does not require huge investment to start How to Start Maize farming in Nigeria: Everything You Need to Knowmaize production in Nigeria, though you will have to put in your best input, such as your time, energy, as well as your resources into your maize farming business in order to have a bountiful harvest, which also mean plenty of money, or you can say return on investment (ROI).

Agriculture business in this era requires that one acquire some relevant knowledge in one’s area of interest in order to break-even in that area of agricultural business.

Nevertheless, in maze farming business, though some relevant knowledge is required to stay on top of the game, you actually do not need an intensive training or get college Degree to start maize farming business in Nigeria, all that you need is to hold fast to some basic fundamentals in maize production, and you are in to it.

However, maize as we all know is one of the most utilized crops in Nigeria, and even in overseas. It is multi-functional in used.

Benefits of Maize farming Business 

Research has revealed that maize, which is sometimes called corn, has plentiful by-products, and that, some of its by-products are well-off in sources, such as carbohydrate and iron, vitamins and minerals. Some products gotten from maize are; corn starch, corn flour and corn powder.

Others include; cornflakes, pap and custard. Yet on the line of produce gotten from maize are; corn oil, alcohol and animal feeds.

As a raw material, fuel and other essential chemicals are gotten from maize. All these explained how important and lucrative maize farming can be in Nigeria. We all know maize, and we have been eating maize, therefore needless to continue telling you what maize is and what it is not.

Facilities to start and run maize farming in Nigeria:

1. Land:

Maize seed does not discriminate soil, so it grows in any type of soil. As a hardy crop, it can grow in a soil you will never expected that corn can grow in such land, though loamy soil is fovourite in maize production.

Best still, this loamy soil must comprised of decomposed materials, such as decomposed micro organism and woodchips and leaves as well, to help fertilize the soil for maize production.

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2. Irrigation trench:

There will be need to create irrigation trench, if you are starting maize farming business, reason is obvious, because farm need to be watered.

Water, of course, you know, is one of the most important ingredients needed in maize production. Maize, as a rugged crop needs a lot of water to thrive beautifully.

Please note, do not ever make the mistake of running a maize farm that is lacking in the adequate soil moisture particularly during the time of pollination otherwise, you will run out of maize production and your business collapsed.

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3. Selection of maize seeds:

The idea of selecting the best variety of maize seeds is one of the major challenges facing maize production farmers in Nigeria. Therefore, care should be taken, while selecting these seeds.

The simple truth is that maize seeds are of different varieties, there are some that are extremely strong, while some other too, are disease resistant, and yet the same infection resistant seeds can be prefer to other seeds.

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So if absolute care is not taken during the selection of these seeds, the likelihood is that, it will affect negatively how the maize will yield, as well as the harvest hence, decrease productivity.

4. Maize storage facility:

Storage facility should be taken into consideration, when once you have decided to start maize farming business, and you should decide which one is quite easier for you, whether to construct the maize storage facility in the farm or in your house, whichever way, what is important is that you must have a well fortified storage facility for your maize.

5. Fertilizer for soil nutrients:

Maize plantation needs appropriate soil nutrients for effective yielding of your maize, there should be availability of fertilizer and manure, and most importantly, there should be appropriate application of this fertilizer to the soil to guarantee bountiful yielding of the maize.

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6. Some relevant knowledge is important:

Like I said earlier however, you do not need to bag college degree to start maize farming in Nigeria. Anybody can start maize farming, run it and succeed at it.

Be that has it may, to stay on top of the game, and to have edge over other maize production farmers, there are some relevant knowledge you need to have a top-notch in maize farming production business.

Moreso, you can avail yourself the opportunity of working in a thriving maize farming business over a period of time to gain knowledge about maize farming business. Once you have this practical knowledge, you can then go along and start your maize farming business.

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You must not be scared about starting your maize farming business in Nigeria. Why do I say this, this is the reason because in maize production market, demand are readily available, where you will be spinning your cool cash.

Through appropriate marketing and responsiveness, you can, for the most part, sell off your produce in a period say, a three week or a month time.

I remembered, I have in this article, mentioned some usefulness of maize, as one of the crops produced in Nigeria, and it is this its usefulness that makes maize sells fast once it comes out of the farm.

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The wholesalers who bought it from the farm will have to either sell to companies or to retailers or to the end users. And one thing I love about maize farming is that, you do not need to go through some strenuous workshop and seminar to start maize farming business, all you will ever need is simply instructional knowledge on the business of maize farming and you are there.

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