18 Tips to Open Marine Engineering Consulting Firm

Marine Engineering Consulting Firm: Marine Engineers are responsible for the design and construction of seagoing vessels and structures.

Focusing primarily on their internal systems.

Simply put, they design the onboard electrical.

Environmental and propulsion systems aboard everything from oil platforms to cruise ships.

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Marine Engineering Consulting Firm
Marine Engineering Consulting Firm: https://shearer-group.com

Marine Engineering Consulting Firm

No environment on Earth is as demanding as the sea.

Designing and building vessels and structures that can withstand the wind.

Waves and salt exposure requires special education and experience.

The modern worlds global commerce is largely enabled.

By the ocean-going technological marvels created by Marine Engineers.

Marine Engineering Consulting Firm

Today’s oceans are plied by oil and cargo ships that are amazingly huge and complex.

The largest ship ever built, once named Seawise Giant, was over 1500 feet long.

Royal Caribbean International recently launched 2 Oasis class cruise ships.

Floating paradises that routinely carry over 5000 happy cruisers on vacation.

The Marine Engineering involved in assuring the safety of the crews.

And passengers of these behemoths is challenging and exacting.

Marine engineers routinely break records.

And create new technology as a normal course of doing business.

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Marine Engineering Consulting Firm

Businesses are using consultants with more and more frequency.

Are you an expert in your field?

Do you publish, teach or advise in a specific discipline?

If you do, becoming a consultant might be a lucrative career step for you.

To start a consulting business you will need documented expertise.

A  small amount of business capital.

Business organizational skills and a tenacious drive to succeed.

1. Becoming a Marine Engineer

The normal path to becoming a Marine Engineer is to pursue a Bachelors Degree from an accredited university.

Many public and private colleges offer undergraduate degrees in Marine Engineering.

But there are some schools that specialize in this arena.

Marine Engineers are highly involved in the design and operation of shipboard.

Electrical and environmental systems as well as power plants.

So you’ll take courses in electrical engineering, fluid dynamics and power production.

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Marine Engineering Consulting Firm

Moving on to a Masters Degree in Marine Engineering.

Will often encompass a broader area of study including Naval Architecture.

Naval Architecture involves the overall structural design of ships and other vessels.

At the pinnacle of Marine Engineering.

Are professionals who have earned their Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D.) in the field.

With the complexity involved in many of these large-scale systems, the sky is the limit.

Marine Engineering Consulting Firm

2. Decide what skills you want to offer, then focus on your area of expertise.

Most consultants have years of experience, have worked as educators.

Or published work in their field.

If there is an area of knowledge where people often seek your advice.

This is a good place to start.

Find out what type of license or certification you may need to consult in this field.

By searching online or asking similar professionals.

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Marine Engineering Consulting Firm

3. Make a business plan.

Define your goals, business structure and financial projections.

Business plans are not set in stone and may change as your business grows.

But a plan will help you remain focused.

Marine Engineering Consulting Firm

4. Choose a company name.

Depending on your field, you may use your own name or last name as your business name.

Other businesses do well with names that describe what they do.

For example, J.D. Marsten Financial Consultants might be just right for the financial industry.

A marketing consultant might choose a name like Market Masters.

Which is more indicative of what they do.

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Marine Engineering Consulting Firm

5. Focus on what distinguishes you.

Choose a consulting niche that focus on one area.

Like retail sales growth or risk management consultant instead of just business consultant.

This will help potential clients seek out your services.

Travel consultants might focus on a specific country.

Like China or a region, such as the Middle East.

And seek out clients who do business in those places.

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Marine Engineering Consulting Firm

6. Believe in what you are doing.

Enthusiasm should shine through every piece of marketing material and every conversation you have.

Consult on things you feel good about.

And have a genuine interest in seeing your client’s success.

Business is about relationships.

So build good relationships and the money will follow.

Marine Engineering Consulting Firm

7. Target your niche market.

Pinpoint a problem in your market, then offer a solution.

Security consultants may discover that banks need software to detect online fraud.

Wardrobe consultants may find that female clients need clothes that are both professional and feminine.

Legal consultants may choose a market that represents the most pressing legal issues of their area.

Such as foreclosure, medical malpractice, or insurance claims.

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Marine Engineering Consulting Firm

8. Set up your office.

Start with a home office to keep costs down, if possible.

Consultants often work in the field, so prime office space is not required.

You need things such as a business phone, computer, printer, business cards, web site.

And a business license to get started.

You also need time to work on your business.

Marine Engineering Consulting Firm

9. Organize your business.

Get a calendar. Set aside time each day to work solely on your consulting business.

When you are not working for clients.

Work on administrative tasks such as marketing, research or accounting.

Create a standard contract that outlines your rates and services for clients.

Update this as needed. Have a plan for daily, weekly and monthly administrative duties.

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Marine Engineering Consulting Firm

10. Stick with it.

Most businesses take at least a year and sometimes 3 to 5 years to become profitable.

Keep working toward your goals. Push forward with a positive attitude.

Don’t give up too soon; your own belief in the success of your business is a key to making it work.

Marine Engineering Consulting Firm

11. Publish something.

Writing a book, software or teaching curriculum can help establish you as an expert in your field.

It also serves as a marketing tool for your business.

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12. Life of a Marine Engineer

Based on the performance specifications of the vessel.

Marine engineers design the propulsion system to deliver the power required.

They also design the steering system.

Heating, cooling and ventilation systems and hydraulics for the ship.

If the job is a retrofit, the marine engineer studies the current plans before designing the new systems.

Marine Engineering Consulting Firm

13. Get the tools and equipment

Once marine engineers know what equipment is to be installed and where each duct.

Machine and power source is to be located.

They prepare detailed plans.

They create layouts and schematics.

Determine the work schedule and prepare a cost estimate for approval by management.

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14. Conduct periodic inspections or tests

As the work progresses, marine engineers may conduct periodic inspections.

Or tests to catch any issues as soon as possible.

They ensure that design specifications are being followed.

Monitor the project budget and prepare status reports for clients or managers.

15. Marine Engineering Consulting Firm

Although most of a marine engineers work can be performed in an office.

There are times when sea trials are part of the job.

Marine engineers may spend time aboard ship.

To test how the vessel performs.

Or to gather information for maintenance or an upcoming retrofit.

Engineers who specialize in offshore drilling.

May spend some time on the oil rig to supervise maintenance.

Or repair efforts involving the rigs mechanical systems.

16. Marine Engineer Business Outlook

Demand for Marine Engineering Consulting is expected to continue growing about as fast as the national average for all careers.

New fields like alternative energy from wind and tides combine with traditional ship design.

And oil platform work to generate a healthy demand for professional Marine Engineers.

The demand is expected to be fueled by a combination of factors.

First, many existing vessels may need to be retrofitted to comply with new regulations.

Involving pollution and emissions standards.

As oil companies continue to move offshore to drill.

Marine engineers will also be needed to design and service these rigs.

Marine engineers will be needed to work on offshore energy sources, such as wind turbines.

However, as marine engineering is a relatively small field.

The numerical change is only expected to be about 1,000 new jobs.

17. Marine Engineering Consulting

Career advancement usually follows with experience in the field.

You’ll normally start off focusing on specific systems.

And move on to more complex applications as you increase your experience and education.

There are many opportunities operating systems in their native maritime environment.

But if life at sea isnt for you.

There are many office-based jobs where skills like Computer Aided Design (CAD) come into play.

18. Career Advancement Opportunities

Marine Engineering Consulting can advance into supervisory or management positions with experience.

Typically, the USCG licenses can help Marine Engineering Consulting move up.

As the level of license increases, responsibilities normally increase.

Some marine engineers move into sales.

Using their technical knowledge to help clients plan and execute projects.


Like any engineering field, Marine Engineering requires a strong background in math and science.

Pursuing and engineering degree is a serious commitment and is not to be taken lightly.

Along with math and science skills.

Youll probably do well if you’re fascinated by the ocean.

And the engineering involved with in harnessing the power of the sea.

Not all Marine Engineers work safely behind a desk designing systems.

If you don’t think you ever want to spend time on a ship or other off-shore structure.

You might think about a different career choice.

However, if ships and the sea call to you.

This is a rewarding profession worthy of consideration.

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