Medicare Success in Nigeria’s Showroom Business

Medicare in Showroom Business: No one can dispute the importance of retail sales.

In the home medical equipment industry cash sales have helped providers.

Not only stay afloat in an era of sweeping Medicare reimbursement cuts.

But have also helped them redefine their entire businesses.

Nowadays, it is common for a provider to derive a significant percentage of their revenue from retail sales.

And patients are willing to pay cash.

Whether it is because an item is not covered by Medicare.

Or private pay or insurance, or because patients want items.

That are better quality and more feature-laden than what Medicare.

Or private pay or insurance will cover, customers are willing to open up their pocket books.

Even for expensive items, such as power mobility or portable oxygen solutions.

This means that providers are learning multiple retail lessons in short order.

And one key element in that learning curve is the retail showroom.

Gone are the days of some cramped floor space attached to a warehouse operation.

Now providers need to create a venue that speaks to the retail experience.”

They must create a winning showroom that can help do the selling for them.

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Medicare in Showroom Business Medicare & You

Medicare in Showroom Business:

  • Furniture firm, Lifemate Nigeria Limited,

Has unveiled its biggest showroom in Lekki area of Lagos.

According to the firm, the 6,800-square-metre showroom brings the number.

Of its showrooms to 13 spread across Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan, Port Harcourt and Warri.

The Managing Director, Lifemate, Derick Dai, stated at the opening of the showroom.

That the Federal Government as well as the Chinese consulate in the country had helped.

Company to achieve success since it began operations in Nigeria over a decade ago.

“Nigeria is blessed with so many natural resources, so we trust that the future must be better.

Let us work together to make it better.

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Medicare in Showroom Business:

  • Life mate

Makes all kinds of furniture most of which are produced here;

Just a few are imported from Italy, China, Japan and other countries, he said.

Dai noted that the new showroom was completed within 11 months.

And would help the company and its clients to achieve more success.

The President, National Union of Civil Engineering.

Construction, Furniture and Wood Workers.

Mr. Amechi Asugwuni, in his congratulatory message.

Encouraged the company to carry more Nigerians along so that with time.

There would be no need for it to import products.

A representative of the Standards Organization of Nigeria.

Mrs. Christy Hillary, said the firm had met all the standards set by SON.

Medicare in Showroom Business:

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A General Manager with Zenith Bank Plc, Mr. Akin Ogunranti,

Described Lifemate as a great company to work with.

And one of the best examples of Nigeria-China trade relations.

“They are contributing greatly to Nigerias economic growth,” he added.

The Assistant Inspector General of Police, Zone 2, Adamu Ibrahim.

Who was represented at the event by an Assistant Commissioner of Police, Patrick Atayero,

Said Lifemate’s investment was a measure of trust in Nigeria.

He stated that the Nigeria Police Force would continue to partner the firm on security issues.

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