16 Tips to Get NNPC Gas Attendant Job

NNPC Gas Attendant Job: Below we’ve compiled a list of the most important skills for a gas attendant.

We ranked the top skills based on the percentage of gas attendant resumes they appeared on.

For example, 86.3% of gas attendant resumes contained customer vehicles as a skill.

Let’s find out what skills a gas attendant actually needs in order to be successful in the workplace.

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NNPC Gas Attendant Job: https://www.bbc.com
NNPC Gas Attendant Job

NNPC Gas Attendant Job

 1. Customer Vehicles

Here’s how Customer Vehicles is used in Gas Attendant jobs:

  • Maintained positive customer relations when communicating with customers while fueling and servicing customer vehicles.
  • Fueled customer vehicles, 1 year cashier experience, also stocked cooler, stocked grocery and product.
  • Performed preventative maintenance and fluid changes Fueled customer vehicles and Maintained Property
  • Sell goods and perform cash transactions at the pumps and inside the facility, fill customer vehicles, cleaning duties of property

Here’s how Customer Service is used in Gas Attendant jobs:

  • Register operation, customer service, restock store inventory, maintenance, temporary supervisor when manager not present
  • Provided customers with exceptional customer service, personality and professionalism in a fast paced environment.
  • Provided excellent customer service throughout all interactions and solved problems as they arose with professionalism.
  • Balanced and reconciled cash register * Provided superior customer service * Performed general maintenance on facility

NNPC Gas Attendant Job

3. Clean Windows

Here’s how Clean Windows is used in Gas Attendant jobs:

  • Pump customer gas as well as clean windows, check oil, and check tire pressure.
  • Checked customer’s oil and coolant level, tire pressure, and clean windows.
  • Clean windows, pump gas, stock shelves, close, open, etc.
  • Pump gas for costumers, Check oil, Clean windows on cars Maintenance.

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Here’s how POS is used in Gas Attendant jobs:

  • Assist customers fuel boats Worked in POS system with sales Take appointments for paddle board tours
  • Maintain ticket booth in the collection of general admission fees to the theme park and issue ride passes using POS software.
  • Operate POS cash register to manage cash, credit, and debit card transactions for sold items.
  • Completed a till check every hour to ensure cash drawer’s money and POS balance were.

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NNPC Gas Attendant Job

5. Air Pressure

Here’s how Air Pressure is used in Gas Attendant jobs:

  • Help customer with recyclables for redemption * Fill up gas tanks if asked * Check fluid levels and air pressure in vehicles
  • Carried out minor service and maintenance for instance, washing the windshield, checking fluid levels, and air pressure.
  • Washed windshields and check fluid levels and air pressure, order stock, and price and shelve incoming goods.
  • Perform minor services and maintenance such as washing the windshield, checking fluid levels and air pressure.

6. Tire Pressure

Here’s how Tire Pressure is used in Gas Attendant jobs:

  • Pumped gas for customers, checked vehicle fluid levels, tire pressure, cleaned windows for safety.
  • Cleaned windshields, checked fluid levels in vehicles, and ensured tire pressure met manufacturers recommendation.
  • Pumped gas, checked any requested fluids, and checked tire pressures.
  • Pumped gas and checked oils and tire pressure for customers if requested.

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NNPC Gas Attendant Job

7. Stock Shelves

Here’s how Stock Shelves is used in Gas Attendant jobs:

  • Work Cash Register, Operate fuel pumps and prepays, Clean and stock shelves, and daily closeout and deposits.
  • Job responsibilities-assisted customers, worked register, stock shelves and pumped gas.
  • Collect payment from customers for fuel purchases, clean, stock shelves.
  • Bag groceries, clean and stock shelves, assist patrons.

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NNPC Gas Attendant Job

8. Large Amounts

Here’s how Large Amounts is used in Gas Attendant jobs:

  • Handle large amounts of cash, that I am held accountable for to the penny.
  • Worked extremely fast paced with customers * Handled large amounts of money * Extremely friendly
  • Collect, count, and organize large amounts of U.S. Currency.
  • Managed cash register with large amounts of cash.

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9. Communication

Here’s how Communication is used in Gas Attendant jobs:

  • Certificate of Achievement in Communication Skill Standards Passed course evaluation for Communication Skills Standard.
  • Provided quality communication effectively to best improve customer support skills.
  • Demonstrated effective communication skills through interaction with customers and co-workers.
  • Provided consistent communication between departments and their management when working with customer’s comments or inquiries on products and performance.

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NNPC Gas Attendant Job

10. Diesel Fuel

Here’s how Diesel Fuel is used in Gas Attendant jobs:

  • Activate fuel pumps and fill fuel tanks of vehicles with gasoline, propane, and diesel fuel to specified levels.
  • Run fuel pumps and fill fuel tanks of vehicles with gasoline or diesel fuel to particular levels
  • Filled fuel tank of vehicles with gasoline or diesel fuel to level specified by customers.
  • Pump diesel fuel, cleaned windows and maintained parking lot.

NNPC Gas Attendant Job

11. Check Oil

Here’s how Check Oil is used in Gas Attendant jobs:

  • Pump gasoline, check oil and water levels, clean windshields and other windows, and add air to tires.
  • Pump gas and check oil for customers
  • Pump gas, check oil, count money at the end of the night and print out receipts
  • Pump gas, check oil, wash windows, and fix flat tires.

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12. Fluid Levels

Here’s how Fluid Levels is used in Gas Attendant jobs:

  • Worked inside booth manning cash register and assisted customers by checking vehicle fluid levels and washing car windows.
  • Check transmission and brake fluid levels, charge batteries, and repair or change tires.
  • Checked fluid levels, simple automotive skills
  • Collect money from patrons at gas station Dispense correct change to customers Check fluid levels upon request

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NNPC Gas Attendant Job

13. Convenience Stores

Here’s how Convenience Stores is used in Gas Attendant jobs:

  • Greeted all customers both inside convenience store and out at the gas pump.
  • Stock the shelves of items in the convenience store section.
  • Full service gas attendant, cashier at gas station/convenience store
  • Retail sales within the convenience store

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14. Oil Changes

Here’s how Oil Changes is used in Gas Attendant jobs:

  • Performed oil changes, lube vehicles, change filters, rotate tires, mount and balance tires.
  • Operated gas pumps, handled cash, counted change, performed oil checks on vehicles.
  • Assisted customers at the pump with gas, oil checks, and window washing.
  • Performed oil changes, state inspections and brake system component replacements.

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NNPC Gas Attendant Job

15. Propane Tanks

Here’s how Propane Tanks is used in Gas Attendant jobs:

  • Filled vehicles with gas, filled propane tanks, performed cash/card transactions.
  • Charge Propane tanks (any sizes of tank and charging ports).
  • Filled propane tanks for customers as well as for our rentals.
  • Fill propane tanks, car gas tanks, mopping and cleaning.

16. Customer Complaints

Here’s how Customer Complaints is used in Gas Attendant jobs:

  • Fuel cars/trucksRepair/replace car components Verify and diagnose customer complaints Preventive maintanence Languages English
  • Resolved customer complaints by maintaining professionalism, listening to concerns and identifying appropriate solutions.
  • Listened attentively to customer complaints and concerns and offered acceptable solutions.
  • Guaranteed positive customer experiences and resolved all customer complaints.

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