How to Recover a Lost Portfolio of Designs That You Have Loved

Portfolio recovery: You have just lost your portfolio of designs that you have loved so much. These were the designs for your clothing brand, which you planned to launch. The worst part is that the files didn’t get backed up anywhere and are now lost forever. The entire process of launching a clothing line must be started from the scratch again. How can this nightmare happen with someone who is an expert in fashion?
Fortunately, technology advancements have made it easier for us to recover lost or deleted files and folders from our computer drives and other storage devices. Here are some of the ways through which you can recover your lost designs and continue working on them:

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How to Recover a Lost Portfolio of Designs That You Have Loved

When you get involved in a creative profession, the risk of losing your work comes with it. Whether it’s because your laptop got stolen or it was just a simple mistake, you might lose the files that represent a milestone for your career. It can be devastating, especially if those designs are something you put blood and sweat into. You may have lost your digital portfolio, but don’t let that stop you from continuing to build a portfolio that is representative of who you are as an aspiring designer. This article will help you recover lost files and build a new one so that you can move on with confidence and regain inspiration again.

Plan for the worst

Before anything bad happens, it’s important to have a plan for when it does. This is true of any profession and field, but it’s especially important for creatives, who rely heavily on their work being organized, accessible, and backed up. A lost portfolio can be devastating, but if you prepare for the worst, you’ll be able to move past it with more ease. You can use this article to help you recover lost designs, but it might be useful to have a secondary, paper-based portfolio as well. Copies of your best work can help you move on if you’re hit with a sudden and severe computer malfunction.

Back up your work

Portfolio recovery: The number one rule of digital design is to back up your work. Digital portfolios take the risk of being lost to the next level because they require Internet access to share the work. The Internet is a fickle thing, and you never know when disaster may strike and take down your website, hosting service, or portfolio site. It’s important to have a backup plan for your designs so that you can access them from anywhere. There are many options out there for cloud-based back-up services, but it’s important to choose one that offers both privacy and security.

Recover from a digital or cloud back-up

If your portfolio was stored on a cloud-based storage drive, like Google Drive, you may be able to get it back. It all depends on the cause of the loss. If your drive failed, the data may be intact but unreadable. If the drive was stolen, the data may be completely unrecoverable. In either case, it may be possible to get it back if you act quickly. Google’s policy is five days, while Dropbox’s is 30 days. The best thing you can do if you lost your portfolio is to contact your cloud-based storage provider. Most providers will have a support team that can help you recover your work. If you’ve been unable to get in touch with your provider, you may want to consider hiring a digital forensics team to get your data back.

Recover from a hard drive recovery

Portfolio recovery: If your drive failed and you were unable to recover the data, you may be able to get a hard drive recovery company to help you out. Not every company can do this, but it’s worth a shot. The best thing you can do is to keep the drive intact and make sure it doesn’t get damaged until you can get it to a professional. If you are able to get the drive recovered, you can be grateful that you didn’t have to use any of your old drives as backup. Newer hard drives are often filled with information that can be used to clone the original drive. You should be able to recover most or all of your original designs.

Repurpose old designs and drafts

If you have no luck recovering your files, don’t fret. There are ways to repurpose old designs and drafts so that you can use them in a new portfolio. You can re-create the work in a similar style and use them as examples. You can also use them as inspiration to create new work in a similar style. If you have a client or project that has been completed, there’s no reason that you can’t use those designs in your portfolio. Just be sure to change the description and information so that it doesn’t confuse the client or potential employer. You can also use old designs as a source of inspiration to create fresh new work.


Portfolio recovery: Designing is a creative profession that requires a lot of time, attention, and inspiration. When you lose your portfolio, it can be incredibly discouraging and difficult to regain that motivation. The best thing you can do when you’ve lost your portfolio is to stay positive and don’t give up on your dream. There are a variety of methods to recover lost designs and create a new portfolio so that you can move on with confidence.

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