28 Top Tips to Start PPC Business

PPC Business : PPC stands for Pay Per Click.

And is a model of online marketing in which advertisers pay a fee for every click on one of their ads.

Rather than earning visits to a website organically through digital marketing practices like SEO.

Advertisers can buy visits to a website via PPC advertising.

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PPC Business
PPC Business: https://medium.com

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1. PPC Business

Remember before you clicked on this web page?

The Ads at the very top of Google, those were PPC advertisements.

PPC, also referred to as Paid Search, is one of the most common forms of Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

2. PPC Business

What makes PPC marketing unique is the ability for advertisers to bid on ad placement in a search engine’s sponsored links.

An advertiser’s sponsored link is placed when someone searches a keyword phrase.

That is related to the advertiser’s business, product, or service.

However, these keywords must “win” the bid in order to show up for specific searches.

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3. What Do PPC Specialists Do?

This is where a PPC Specialist comes in.

A lot goes into building a PPC campaign that will “win” bids.

And effectively generate leads, ecommerce conversions, and website traffic.

4. PPC Business

A PPC Specialist must first identify which keywords they want to bid on.

And how much they plan to spend and are willing to bid in the auction.

The bid amounts needed are auction based and determined, in-part.

By what other advertisers are willing to bid for the same keywords.

5. PPC Business

These keywords will be grouped together and paired with ads.

An important thing to note about ad spend is that an advertiser cannot just “pay the most”.

And have their ad show up every time it is triggered by a keyword.

Search engines like Google and Bing have complex algorithms in an auction format.

That determine which ad wins the bid and gets displayed, in which order, and by which advertiser.

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6. What’s a Quality Score & Why Does It Matter?

Part of this algorithm takes into account “Quality Score.”

Quality Score plays a huge influence on the cost.

And effectiveness of an ad and can earn an advertiser major points in the eyes of a search engine.

7. PPC Business

Google rates the quality and relevance of both the keywords.

And the PPC ad itself to determine which ad will be most relevant.

And helpful to the person’s user experience.

After all, the purpose of the internet is to make the transfer of information as easy as possible.

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8. PPC Business

If the landing page, ad copy, and keywords are not in correlation with one another.

An advertiser’s cost per click will rise.

It is up to the PPC Specialist to align these efforts toward the Quality Score to maximize ROI.

9. PPC Business

Keyword research is conducted through Google AdWords.

The most popular advertising system amongst digital marketers, along with other 3rd-party tools.

PPC Specialists ensure that keyword lists are relevant, exhaustive, and expansive.

Why pay for web traffic that has a minimal chance of conversion?

A PPC expert must strategically choose targeted keywords.

That will lead to higher click through rates while maximizing the most effective cost per click.

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10. How Do PPC Specialists Optimize Their Campaigns?

However, once the PPC campaign is created, it must be managed regularly.

Pay per click management is the bulk of a PPC Specialist’s duties.

A specialist must align specific search queries to appropriate landing pages to boost conversion rates.

11. PPC Business

This includes expanding the reach of your campaign by adding keywords.

Adding negative keywords for terms that you determine to be irrelevant or discover to be non-converting.

And splitting your Ad Groups to create more targeted ad text and landing pages.

PPC campaign management also includes modifying calls-to-action (CTAs) of landing pages.

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12. PPC Business

Since Pay Per Click advertising is very flexible in terms of editing.

This is a huge perk since audience behavior is ever changing.

A PPC Specialist can make adjustments to their campaign.

At any time to adapt to changing market conditions.

With that being said, a Specialist monitors a PPC campaign on a daily basis.

To evaluate campaign performance and identify areas of improvement.

13. PPC Is No Longer Limited to Google/Bing

The goal of a Paid Search campaign in Google AdWords.

And Bing Ads is to drive qualified traffic to your landing page.

However, advertisers are increasingly using Facebook.

And other social platforms to run their PPC campaigns as well.

Not only does Facebook have over 1.8 billion active monthly users.

But you can tailor each campaign to satisfy your specific goal.

Such as: brand awareness, lead generation, or store visits.

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14. Business  challenges

One of the main challenges of breaking into the digital marketing field is that many of the positions are not as “standard” as other jobs.

They often don’t have specific training, certifications, or degrees.

Which means if you are interested in breaking into the industry.

You might not know where to begin.

As well, they have an unusual mix of skills that can range from being extremely creative to highly analytical.

If you are looking for an area you can consider in digital marketing.

PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising could be an exciting place to start.

Here’s a look at a day in the life of a PPC Specialist.

To give you an idea of what to expect in this industry niche.

15. PPC Specialist Roles & Responsibilities

  • Plan, create, and manage PPC campaigns across a variety of channels
  • Keyword research and management to optimize bids (add PPC keywords and negative keywords)
  • Optimize bidding at keyword, `placement, device, geographic, demographic, and other levels
  • Perform daily account management of PPC campaigns (review expensive under-performing keywords and ensure PPC campaign does not exceed weekly and monthly ad spend budget, maintain Quality Score, impression share and other important metrics)

    PPC Business

  • Write engaging and concise copy to modify CTAs on ads to boost click-through-rates and landing pages to boost conversion rates
  • Monitor, evaluate, and present the performance of campaigns by generating weekly and monthly performance reports to clients analyzing trends, goals, opportunities, and other key performance indicators
  • Stay on top of search engine and PPC industry trends

    PPC Business

  • Take part in a selection of keywords and targeting audience.
  • Plan budget and monitor bids to increase better ROI.
  • Track KPIs to evaluate performance and pinpoint issues.
  • Deliver reports for administration and management.
  • Compose appealing and brief copy for adverts.

    PPC Business

  • Sustain partnerships with PPC vendors and ad platforms.
  • Discover approaches and ways to decrease the risk of click fraud.
  • Stay up to date with PPC (Pay per click) and SEM (Search Engine Optimization) trends.

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16. PPC Business Requirements

  • BA/BS degree in Marketing, Digital Media or a related field.
  • Professional certification in AdWords is a plus.
  • Proven 3+ year experience as a PPC Manager or Digital Marketing Specialist.
  • Professional experience in analysis of data and reporting.
  • Great knowledge of SEO and advanced digital marketing skills.
  • Familiar with all Social media sites and platforms e.g. Instagram, Facebook, Yahoo etc.
  • Outstanding knowledge of analytics tools, e.g. Google Analytics, Tableau, WebTrends etc.
  • Understanding of HTML and XML will be added benefit.

17. The Skill Set of a PPC Specialist

  • Analytical: As already mentioned, you will spend a lot of time trying to figure out what works for your campaigns. Therefore, an analytical mind is needed to look at the numbers and analyze the statistics so that you can improve your campaign’s performance.
  • Organization & Time Management: This is expected in most jobs, but as a PPC Specialist, you will be faced with many tasks that are more time-consuming than other positions. Namely, following the stats of your campaigns while researching diligently to remain on top of trends. You’ll need a long to-do list and a massive day planner to make sure you don’t miss anything.

    PPC Business

  • Technical Expertise: There are many technical aspects to PPC management such as understanding HTML and JavaScript, deciphering, tracking, and retargeting codes, or the proper use of tags. You also have to understand technology from a user standpoint to keep up with the latest trends for browsers, devices, and so on.
  • Creativity: Your creative mind will be directing the success of your campaigns. You have to write compelling copy and use creative visuals that fit into a very small frame. According to Sarandrea, “Each ad is quite small, so you’ll need to be economical with your usage of the space.” You have to leverage emotions and FOMO (fear of missing out) to increase your click-through rates. That’s the main gist of the job.

    PPC Business

  • Consumer Understanding: You have to know your brand and the business(es) you are serving in order to determine customer intent. This way, you will come up with the right placements, keywords, and copy for your display ads.
  • Communication: You will not only need to write good campaign copy but also communicate your ideas to clients and team members effectively. You have to keep on top of your campaigns to ensure you are adequately explaining your process. You have to support your desire to make changes, so people see that if changes are not made, the campaign will suffer.

    PPC Business

  • Adaptability: Digital marketing is fluid in nature with changes at every turn. You have to be willing to make changes. You also have to recognize the need for change when things are not going the way you planned. Adapting to improve as well as adapting to meet changes to trends and technology are everyday occurrences you have to incorporate into your plan. In other words, plan to make changes to your plans.
  • Hunger for Knowledge: Your job demands you are learning every day. The research required is endless, so you must have an appetite for knowledge and be willing to learn the new ways of doing things to remain at the top of your game.

    PPC Business

  • Passion for Trying New Things: If you are not changing your mind and trying new approaches you are not doing your job. You have to be passionate enough to want to try new things, so you find out what gets the best results. “You’ll learn within a few days if you’re improving and watching the clicks roll in when you craft the perfect tagline is one of the best feelings, especially after spending days or weeks A/B testing,” says Sarandrea.

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18. PPC Specialist Qualifications

Typical Education Requirements:

  • A./B.S. in Marketing, Business, Communications, Computer Science, Information Technology, or any technology related field

Any of the following Bachelor Degrees listed above are acceptable to get your foot in the door.

However, realize that this is really only a stepping stone into a specialized industry.T

That will more than likely require self-teaching or a great deal of on-the-job training.

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19. PPC Business

Employers want to know that you are either familiar with marketing concepts, proficient in writing.

And computer savvy, but that’s just the barrier for entry.

PPC campaigns thrive off of data analytics.

Therefore, the modern Paid Search Specialist must be data driven.

And familiar with at least Google Analytics.

Another great differentiator is to be certified by Google’s Academy for Ads.

These two certifications will prove that you are serious about getting into the field.

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20. PPC Business Preferred Skills

  • Experience with Google Analytics, Google AdWords, and Facebook Business
  • Functional experience with all channels of Social Media
  • Advanced knowledge of Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Strong interpersonal skills, listening skills, and an articulate presenter
  • Excellent writing proficiency and content creation skills
  • Creative Thinking
  • Analytical skills
  • Research and problem solving skills

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21. PPC Business

These skills are essential to the toolbox in order to break into the field of Paid Search.

Because almost all of them will be required on a regular basis.

The ability to learn quickly is mandatory in order to secure a PPC career.

Not only because most employers will require on the job training.

But the field of Search Engine Marketing is constantly evolving.

PPC Specialists must have the ability to anticipate and adapt to market trends.

Though digital marketing channels like PPC are incredibly results-and data driven.

It is still important to have strong presentation and communication skills.

Since client relationship management will be prevalent.

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22. PPC Specialist Career Outlook

Though the Bureau of Labor Statistics does not provide data directly under the title “PPC Specialist”.

They reported a 2% – 4% growth for the category of Search Marketing Strategist during 2014-2024.

Paid Search is an integral part of the digital marketing field.

Businesses do not always have the luxury of time to organically rank at the top of the SERPs.

With that being said, they turn to Paid Search for immediate results.

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23. PPC Business

Since this field is always evolving, one of the biggest trends is adapting to machine learning.

Google has upgraded its smart bidding technologies.

Ad rotation settings, and smart display campaigns for better audience targeting.

This signals to employers that they can precisely advertise to their target demographic.

In turn, PPC jobs are going to continue to be highly valued.

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24. PPC Specialist Salary Expectations

The average salary for a PPC Specialist according to Indeed is $52,354 a year.

PayScale reports an annual income of a Pay Per Click Specialist at $40,591.

25. Find the Perfect PPC Specialist Job!

Now that you know what it’s like to be a PPC Specialist, find your dream role in Pay-Per-Click Marketing at Digital Media Jobs!

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26.Understanding the Psychology of PPC

A successful PPC Specialist understands the importance of the psychology of language in PPC.

It will be the driving force that keeps you investigating and looking for ways to generate click-throughs all day long.

The slightest difference in the way you word your ads will make or break the success of your campaign.

So, you will always be getting to know the consumers and targets for your campaigns.

27. PPC Business

The art of persuasion involves some PC thinking in hand with a bit of pushing the envelope.

Just enough to keep things interesting.

You don’t want to stir up too much emotion because that can turn ugly fast.

So, understand what to say and how to say it perfectly.

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28. PPC Business

The art of persuasion will allow you to trigger emotions to get the results you want.

Consumers need to feel they have to learn more, and most importantly.

They need to feel that they MUST have what you are selling.

You need to remain consistent, and therefore an understanding of brand development is critical.

Your experience has to develop so that you understand how to write a tagline that remains true to a brand, is repetitive but not stagnant, and that gets an emotional response.

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