Top 19 Project Presentation Ideas

Project Presentation Ideas :You know how things can be when it comes to project presentation.

They can be a lot of fun or a lot of stress.

I’m guessing that you’d prefer them to be fun,.

So I’ve prepared top project presentation ideas that are sure to help you make the best possible project presentation.

There are many different creative presentation ideas.

Which you can use in your presentations to make them more effective.

A good presentation is an outcome of a good idea as well as presenting skills.

If you wish to win the hearts of your clients through your presentation.

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Here are some ideas.

Presentations are very important to prove a certain point to the audience.

Be it a school presentation or a presentation in the office.

It refers to what you are talking about and how are you putting it across.

The audience will only understand what you want to say.

If the presentation gives a clear insight of the matter involved.

If you want to add creativity to your presentations and make them more clear and easy to understand.

You need to consider some unique presentation ideas.

By adding creativity, the attendees are more likely to listen more attentively and with interest.

And respond back after understanding the complete topic.

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1.  Project Presentation Ideas : Impressive Presentation

Using Slide Shows
There are many software that can be utilized to make attractive slide shows, which would add creativity to the presentation.

Some of these software applications are freely available for download on the Internet.

The most commonly used application is PowerPoint.

That has different features and functions to make the presentation more informative.

Similarly, there are many other computer applications which have different features to be availed for making the presentation effective.

Many times, you are provided with a template to create a slide show presentation since it is common for all try making it a little different so that it seems fresh.

If it is an official presentation, go easy on the animation and do not add too many sound effects.

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Project Presentation IdeasProject Presentation IdeasProject Presentation Ideas

2.  Project Presentation Ideas :Employing Booklets

A booklet or a synopsis is a file containing the detailed idea your presentation is dealing with.

The presentations would certainly be more explanatory.

If you implement the use of booklets in your project presentation plan.

Along with your oral presentation, the booklets would attract more attention from the audience and add to the interest in the topic of discussion.

The booklet should be designed in a manner such that it seems to be created specifically for the seminar.

Ensure that you do not make it too wordy.

And make it a point to leave sufficient white space to make the message clear.

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3.  Project Presentation Ideas :Using Newscast

Newscast is the method of broadcasting news via a video or audio.

If you want to conduct a presentation in your office in front of the clients and the management committee, a newscast is probably one of the best presentation ideas.

If there is a variety of data from different fields that you want to present.

You need to film yourself or a volunteer in the locations and environment related to their respective data sections in the presentation.

This would certainly set a good impression in the minds of both, the management as well as your prospective clients. Moreover, it would also make the presentation more realistic, actual, and practical.

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4. Project Presentation Ideas: Using and Drawing Images as You Explain

This is surely one of the most appropriate presentation ideas for school.

As the audience or children are likely to act more responsively to pictures and images related to the topic of discussion.

You can either use the images readily available over the Internet or draw them yourself while explaining.

For making drawings, as you conduct the presentation, you need to take help from a caricaturist assistant or anyone who is good at drawing.

These drawings would set a pictorial presentation, in addition to what you are trying to explain to the audience. Images make the topic clearer and easily understandable.

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5. Adding a Bit of Humor

It is definite that in effective presentation techniques, there is a touch of humor.

Ensure that you crack some jokes in between the presentations.

Especially, if they are to be given in schools and universities.

This would enable the audience to keep up interest in the matter of discussion, without getting bored with the topic.

Jokes and funny short stories are some ways to add humor in the session.

Humor can also be used as an icebreaker if you are presenting in front of strangers.

You can start with a funny short story, involve someone from the audience and then link it to your topic of presentation.

Remember not to deviate from the topic, it’s better to rehearse before taking up this technique.

Humor is an excellent way to capture the interest of your audience.

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6.Utilizing Pie Charts and Graphs

In an official presentation there is bound to be a list of financial or tabular data.

Represent this data in the form of pie charts or graphs to make it comprehensible.

They can be easily made using tools on MS Word, Excel or PowerPoint.

Normally, the presentation time is short and shorter than that is the audience’s attention span.

Therefore, to make people read the statistics in your data, present it in a smart way using pie charts.

The above ideas are bound to help you, but with this you need a few skills to make it a hit.

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7. Just memorize a few pointers:

Fill up all the silent moments.

It is good to give some thinking time to your audience.

But if it is getting stretched, quickly take up charge and say something.
Do not put thoughts in your clients’ head.

Using phrases like “you will love it!” or “I know you have understood” yields an opposite reaction from the client. Rather than working for you it will work against you.
Do not read from the slides

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A creative idea needs a creative style of presenting it.

What is on your slide can be read by everybody.

But what you speak is what will catch the interest of your audience.
Know when to stop.

If your aim is to convince a client and somewhere in the middle of your presentation you have their approval.

Then wrap up your presentation.

Overselling an idea leads to second thoughts.

So, as soon as they are convinced it’s time for lunch!
Above all these, step into the boardroom creating an atmosphere of approval.

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With a confident stance and easygoing attitude, you can win the hearts of your clients.

If you make them smile and nod their heads, you should know that you have steered them in your favor.

Then you can comfortably slide in your presentation without altering the mood or tone.

Use a conversational approach and not a business-like or advertising style.

Knowledge is shared by many, but the key to success is to be an excellent presenter

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8.project Presentation Ideas: Put extra effort

When you need to present a school project the most important thing is, of course, the presentation itself, so you’ll need to put some extra effort into it.

The best way to do this is to make a Power Point presentation.

They are very easy to make and they are also very useful.

The presentation will help you remember what comes next, if you get stuck.

Make a resume of your whole project with the Power Point presentation.

You don’t need to put everything you are going to say into it.

It should merely be a reminder for you and should show only the most important parts of your project to your audience. You can also do it the old fashioned way – make a presentation on paper. Just make sure that letters are big enough so that even those in the back can see them.

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9. Brochures, Pictures and Artwork

To make your presentation more interesting, make something you can give to your audience.

You can make some brochures that will contain the most important things about your project.

Or some pictures that illustrate what you are talking about.

Any other type of artwork that comes to your mind will do great.

The whole point is to give your audience something that is closely related to what you are talking about.

So that they can feel as involved in the project as possible.

Anything colorful, like pictures, would work great to catch your audience’s attention.

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10. project Presentation Ideas:Involve Your Audience

You don’t want your audience to be bored with what you’re saying, so involve them in the whole thing.

No matter how interesting your topic might be.

Your classmates will feel totally bored and left out if you are the only one talking the whole time.

Instead of just talking, ask questions.

Ask your classmates’ opinions on the subject or ask if someone has some experience related to the topic of your project.

Ask anything you can think of.

You need to make your audience feel involved in your presentation.

It will be both more interesting and educational.

Both you and all of the others will get a chance to hear more on the subject.

11. Interviews and Video Material

If you have time and equipment you should definitely make some interviews and video material about your project.

Ask people what they think about the subject.

And film this to make it a part of your presentation.

It’s even better if you can find someone who had a direct experience in what you are talking about and is willing to talk about that.

Let’s say you are doing a project on dangers of using drugs, try to make an interview with a doctor who treats people who are using.

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Ask all those ugly questions and try to get answers that are as accurate as possible.

Ask about both physical and psychological consequences.

And don’t be afraid to present all the details, no matter how disturbing they might be.

After all, your goal is to show the dangers, and they are never pretty.

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The human brain has been designed to respond to stories as both a survival mechanism (Don’t leave the cave! Big mammoth prowling the area!) and an entertainment mechanism (…and then, when the mammoth got near, I jumped out from my hiding place, branches attached to me and all, and started bellowing like a ferocious beast…). And that double role has helped develop it into one of the most powerful communication tools humans have known.

Story is how we perceive and process the world of facts around us.

Stories are much more interesting than facts because stories entertain us.

Storytelling grabs and maintains attention.

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It helps the audience understand and remember what was said long after the story’s over.

Instead of presenting your work solely as a series of facts (budgets, figures, breakdowns) that will bore even the most kind-hearted audiences out of their minds, organize your facts into a story.

And use a professional design, with captivating photo layouts and graphics, to help connect your audience visually to your story.What interesting connections can you make between your facts? What story can you build around them that will keep your audience stay engaged from start to finish? Tell them that

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Statements sound trite and expected. Especially during a presentation.

Since a presentation essentially consists of a series of statements strung together, one more statement isn’t likely to intrigue the audience—not even an exceptional one.

But what if you ask a question instead?

A question breaks up your regular presentation rhythm and helps mark what you’re saying as important.

More than that, a question turns your presentation from a passive story into an active quest that the audience can explore on their own through their answers.

Answering a question (even if only in their heads) makes your audience feel involved in your presentation and keeps their interest glued to your words.

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The number 3 has been considered somewhat of a magical number in many cultures since antiquity.

Something about things in threes fascinates the human mind and helps it retain information better: body, mind, and soul; lock, stock, and barrel; pb and j (two ingredients, but three consonants in this abbreviated form); blood, sweat, and tears.

Magical or not, the number three works like a charm.

At the end of the presentation, we can all remember three things that were said.

So instead of leaving those precious three things to luck, why not take charge and organize your presentation into three main points or takeaways?

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Then you can be sure that your audience is paying attention to the important things and not the insignificant details.

Even if you’re making more than three points, which you likely will be, you can find ways to organize all your minor points into three main categories.

That way, you can easily address and summarize the gist of your presentation at the end.

Cost, timeline, results. Problem, suggestions, solution. Beginning, middle, and end. Just remember to divide it into three!

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Humor makes the world go around. And the same holds true for the business world.

At the end of the day, no one likes to work with a stiff.

So even when you’re presenting in front of a “serious” client or investor, remember to use humor in your presentation. This doesn’t mean you have to crack jokes the entire time.

It simply means being cheerful, lighthearted, and personable.

Humor not your strong point? No worries.

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You can find presentations on creating presentations with humor!

While it can be challenging to nail just the right tone with your use of humor it’s one of the best presentation ideas to work on.

Humor works to break the ice between you and your audience.

It helps put everyone at ease, feel friendly, and well-disposed towards you (which can lead to improved results from your presentation).

And it also helps open people up to the ideas you’re offering in your presentation.

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If you can’t use a million bullet points to summarize your presentation on your slides, then what should your slides contain?

Visuals! Lots of visuals!

Graphs, charts, and pies that illustrate your point and help emphasize it.

Also, include images that make an impact on the audience and make the gist of your argument memorable.

There’s a difference between saying that your solution will cut costs by 20% and showing what that looks like on a graph with real numbers.

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It helps bring the idea from the abstract domain of theory into the concrete domain of facts.

And don’t just stick to traditional presentation visuals. This isn’t 1998, after all.

Remember that cool presentation ideas today aren’t the same as a decade ago.

Bring your presentation into the current era by including a variety of your visual elements.

Using graphics, emojis, and even gifs where appropriate will help give currency to your presentation and bring it to life.

Here’s one of our most popular PowerPoint templates, Marketofy.

It includes a number of innovative slide design options, from photo layouts, to infographics, and more:

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Visuals, whether emojis, graphics, or images, shouldn’t be used gratuitously in your presentation. Instead, everything you put into your slideshow should have a specific purpose.

A powerful way to use images is through visual metaphors. Don’t just tell your client that with your plan new followers will come to them like bees to honey. Illustrate it with an image to help the point stick in their mind.

Visual images of a situation we’re already familiar with help retain points longer in our memory. They give us something easy to refer to.

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Another creative presentation idea is to personalize your talk for the specific audience you’re talking to on each occasion.

Whether a prospective client, an audience at a conference, or a potential investor.

You can always adjust and personalize your presentation experience to the specific audience.

Give examples in your presentation that involve the audience and show how your solution will benefit them.

People may not care (or may think they don’t care) about your solution or talk if it just discusses the general.

But the minute people realize that something can directly affect and benefit them personally, they start paying attention!

Show your audience the direct effects of your presentation by including them in your examples, and you’ll have their full attention and work your way halfway to that yes!

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This may not be common practice in most presentations you’ve seen, but it’s been proven to work by science. According to research done by Ronald A. Berk of The John Hopkins University, “Music embedded throughout a PowerPoint presentation can sustain attention, while slipping the content into long-term memory.”

And it isn’t new science! We’ve all known this for many decades. Case in point: can you think of how many movies you’ve seen in your lifetime that had no music? I’ll give you a hint: Zero!

Ever since we discovered how to add sound to movies, we’ve not only been recording dialogue but also music from them. Because music helps set the mood, gives the right emotional effect, and adds excitement.

Another way you can use music? To lighten up the mood and give everyone a mini dance break!

However you decide to use it, the addition of music can make for a really cool presentation that stands out in your audience’s mind.

So try this innovative presentation idea and add the appropriate music to your next presentation to help bring it to life.


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