15 How to Reduce your Energy Bills

Reduce your Energy Bills: Solar energy savings can be quite substantial over a long term.

Meaning that fitting a system at your home can be a real investment.

Making the most from renewable energy has always been at heart of our business.

Generating electricity from solar panels is a good starting point.

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But using that energy in the most efficient way is just as important.

The governments feed in tariff incentive became more of a financial investment opportunity.

Than an incentive to improve our homes energy efficiency.

Since it’s substantial reduction, priority is now being given to self consumption and energy efficiency.

Energy costs are continuing to rise, one way to help reduce them is by installing solar panels to your home or business.

There are many ways we can help you save money on your energy bills.

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Reduce your Energy Bills

1. How Much Electricity Does the Average Home Waste?

The amount used in your home depends on how much you use, and how you use it plus how much energy is wasted. Of course, the more efficiently you use electricity and the less you waste it, the less you will need to power the electrics in your home.

By looking through the last quarter and how much you used in that period, we can assess how much your home needs to run efficiently. We will use this kind of analysis to determine the size of system your home will require.

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Reduce your Energy Bills

2. What maintenance do I need to carry out?

Panels require little maintenance. Whilst we recommend you use a professional company to maintain your solar panels due to safety issues, there is very little maintenance required. The panels should be kept clean and free from debris. It is important to ensure surrounding trees do not create shade over the panels.

Reduce your Energy Bills

3. Will My Roof Be Strong Enough?

Your roof needs to be sturdy and strong to withhold the weight of the heavy solar panels. We will always consult with you once we have assessed the strength of your roof, and can incorporate roof repairs and replacements with the installation of solar energy roof tiles or roof panels.

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4. Do I Need to Apply For Planning Permission?

We service the Essex area and planning permission is not usually required. However, all councils are run differently and if you have a listed building live in a protected or conservation area or nature reserve or heritage site, we strongly recommend checking with the planning department.

5. Will I Have Constant Electricity Supply?

You are never without electricity, which should hopefully give you peace of mind that your home is not completely reliant on the solar energy panels.

When your home requires electricity, the power is primarily supplied from solar energy. If there is little available, then the power supply will come from the mains – because the system is fitted in parallel with your existing electricity supply they work together so that your home is never at risk.

Reduce your Energy Bills

6. Do The Panels Need Direct Sunlight to Generate Energy?

They do not require direct sunlight and do not require constant sunshine, therefore will work even on cloudy days though may generate a smaller amount in lengthy cloudy periods.

Your PV system may be less efficient in dark cloudy days however you will never be without electricity even on those days as your mains supply takes over if the PV system has not generated all of your electricity for that day. This is often more apparent in winter or at night time.

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7. What Happens if The System Does Not Generate Enough Electricity?

At night time the PV system may switch off as it cannot collect light. At times like this, or on extremely dark days, there may not be enough solar energy to provide your home with electricity. However, the PV system is fitted in parallel with your mains supply (from the National Grid). This means that you will never be without electricity, as the mains supply will kick in when the PV system is not allowing solar energy into your home.

Reduce your Energy Bills

8. What if The System Generates Too Much Energy?

If your system generates more energy than your home needs, which can occur at any time – most likely in summer when the days are longer. Excess energy is exported into the National Grid

9. Does the System Generate Noise?

No. As well as the solar energy panels generating pollution free energy, they do not cause any noise pollution. They are silent and non-moving.

Reduce your Energy Bills

10. Is Solar Energy Ideal As An Additional Electricity Supply at My Home?

A Photovoltaic solar energy system must be able to be installed so that it is within 90 degrees of South. Although it does not have to face the sun directly, any kind of shade will hamper its efficiency. With this in mind, your home is a perfect candidate if it is not located in a highly shaded location, or overshadowed by taller buildings or trees.

11. What is Photovoltaic?

Photovoltaics is the word used to describe how solar energy technology works. The ‘Photo’ part of the word derives from the Greek word ‘Phos’ – meaning light – and the unit measurement of ‘Volt’ – meaning electricity – in the word was named after Alessandro Volta who pioneered the study of electricity.

It was first discovered and used in the 1890’s and uses exactly that – electricity and light using devices and technology that harness light from the sun, converting it into electrical energy that can be used or stored.

Reduce your Energy Bills

12. How do the Photovoltaic Panels Work?

Photovoltaic cells are able to collect energy from the light emitted by the sun.

When the light hits the cell, it is cleverly converted into electricity and can be used instantly, or stored, to power home appliances, lighting, sockets etc.

13. Select Solar –

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Such as a charger for your motorhome, boat or your garden office conversion.

Or full solar panel kits with accessories for professional business or leisure projects, Battery Back-up for your existing Solar Installation.

We may well have exactly what it is you are looking for.

Whether you’re working on a solar project of business or leisure nature.

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14. Reduce your Energy Bills

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