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Sanford health home medical equipment: Quality service is a fundamental element of a successful business.

But many businesses struggle to improve service and retain their customers.

A bad experience can drive a customer away for years. 

But don’t despair! There are several methods to improve quality service at your business.

From having clearly defined and measured service goals and motivating your employees.

To use customer feedback and update your service tools to better serve your clients.

No matter your approach, improving quality service at your business does not have to be a struggle.

Sells medical equipment/supplies that are used for health-related issues

Durable Medical Equipment (DME) is used by people with a disability.

Ongoing health concerns, or those recovering from home after a hospital stay.

Sanford health home medical equipment

Invest in-service training, rather than a quality control department.

Depending on how large or small your business is, you may already have a quality control department.

This department tracks and documents any quality issues and works to address them.

But depending on a quality control department can actually set your business up for poor performance.

As it may demonstrate to your other employees that quality is not their main concern.

Investing in training that trains all workers at all levels.

Rather than solely in a quality control department, will let your workers know they have a responsibility for providing quality service, no matter their role in the company.

  • Look at gaps in in-service training in your current workforce.
  • Have your employees take a customer service seminar, online, or in person, as part of a performance improvement requirement.
  • Organize training sessions that target specific issues or gaps, such as how to interact with customers at the cash register or how to handle a speech to a client in a meeting.
  • For example, if you are trying to improve service at the cash register, set up a training session targeted at improving service at the register.

    Sanford health home medical equipment

  • You may discuss how to greet a customer at the register, how to ring them through quickly and promptly, and how to hand them their change or their charge card at the end of the transaction. You may also instruct your employees to do mock transactions, where one employee acts as the worker at the register and the other employee acts as the customer.
  • Don’t stop training employees after their first few days or weeks on the job.
  • Teach employees that there is always more they can and should be learning about their job, your business, and how to serve customers.

Sanford health home medical equipment

Set up a new-employee initiation program.

This program will train new workers on quality and service as soon as they start work.

It should be a well-rounded program that gives new workers a clear sense of your company’s products, services, and core business strategy.

It should also reinforce your company’s approach to customers and commitment to quality customer service.

  • The program should include an overview of your company’s approach to service.
  • Give examples of customer service issues you have had in the past and/or are currently dealing with, as well as the solutions you came up with to address these issues.
  • This will help new hires understand your approach to service and how to problem-solve these issues.

    Sanford health home medical equipment

Pair up an experienced employee with a new employee.

The experienced worker can provide firsthand experience of your company’s operations and of how to perform well in a certain position or role.

The experienced worker can also give the new worker pointers on providing quality service for customers.

  • If possible, conduct part of the new employee orientation yourself.
  • Lead one of the training sessions to show the new employees you are committed to the new hire program.
  • This will also give you a chance to teach the company values in the new hires right away and set the new employees up for success.

    Sanford health home medical equipment

  • Medical Equipment and Supplies
    • Blood Glucose Monitors & Supplies: Non-Mail Order
    • Breast Prostheses & Accessories
    • Canes & Crutches
    • Commodes, Urinals, Bedpans
    • Nebulizer Equipment & Supplies
    • Orthoses: Custom Fabricated
    • Orthoses: Off-the-Shelf
    • Orthoses: Prefabricated
    • Ostomy Supplies
    • Oxygen Equipment & Supplies
    • Surgical Dressings
    • Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulators (TENS) Units & Supplies
    • Ultraviolet Light Devices & Supplies
    • Urological Supplies


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