Top 50 Self-employed Businesses today

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Self-employed Businesses in Nigeria today: Sometimes the road to self-employment isn’t a huge leap.

But rather an additional path you take.

When you want to work for yourself, but you aren’t quite yet ready or in a position to take the full leap.

Starting a side businesses can be another option to consider.

As you build up more business, you can quit your “day job”.

And manage your side business full-time.

Or, you can keep doing both. Either way, earning some extra money on the side never hurts.

Self-employed Businesses in Nigeria today

In addition, starting a business on the side is a great way.

To test the waters and improve your products or services.

Basically, it gives you the perfect opportunity to create a lean startup.

Where you work on a minimum viable product.

You can make changes based on initial customer feedback.

Without worrying about a huge upfront investment of time or money.

As a side business, your goal isn’t to create the perfect product or service upfront.

Your goal is just to start your business and adapt as you learn more about your customers and your business.

If a Self-employed business sounds like a good path for you.

But you’re not sure what to do, take a moment and consider one of these Self-employed business ideas you can start today. Furniture Refurbishment

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  1. Auto Detailing
  2. Blogging
  3. Cake Decorating
  4. Candy Making
  5. Card Making
  6. Childcare Services

    Self-employed Businesses in Nigeria today

  7. Consignment Buyer
  8. Gardening Services
  9. Housecleaning
  10. Home Staging
  11. Jewelry Making
  12. Social Media Consultant

    Self-employed Businesses in Nigeria today

  13. Personal Shopping
  14. Pet Grooming
  15. Pet Sitting
  16. Proofreading/Editing
  17. Sewing or Tailoring
  18. Private Music Lessons

    Self-employed Businesses in Nigeria today

  19. Tutoring
  20. Virtual Assistant
  21. Seasonal Decorator
  22. Life Coach
  23. Yoga Teacher
  24. Freelance Bookkeeper or Tax Preparation

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  1. Freelance Writer or Ghostwriter
  2. Freelance Photography
  3. Freelance Graphic Artist or Illustrator
  4. Holistic House Cleaner
  5. App Development
  6. Personal Trainer

    Self-employed Businesses in Nigeria today

  7. Caregiver
  8. Computer Repair
  9. Computer Tutoring
  10. Resume Consultant
  11. Housesitting
  12. Pool Cleaning
  13. Tour Guide
  14. Translating Services

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  15. Travel Agent/Planner
  16. Etsy Seller
  17. Family History Creator
  18. Window Cleaner
  19. Errand Runner
  20. Career Coach
  21. Professional Organizer
  22. eBay Seller
  23. Virtual Secretarial Services
  24. Homemade Gourmet Foods
  25. Market ResearchI believe you have read this article through, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment, share your success story and if you have some challenges, feel free to ask question.Wish you all the best.


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