30 Ways on How to get Best selling on etsy

Selling on etsy vs ebay: Businesses across the country are struggling.

Retailers are asking me what to do and what I tell them is that the only thing you can control is how you approach your business – not business conditions.

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How to get Best selling on etsy: BusinessHAB.com
How to get Best selling on etsy

Blaming it on anything else won’t get you anywhere.

You can’t lock the doors of Walmart, unplug Amazon, best Best Buy, or cover Target.

You can only control what you have the ability to control.

All of your focus has to be on how to attract customers into your store, keeping them there, selling them something, inviting them to come back, and marketing to them afterward.

Using this 30 tips order gives you that focus.

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Selling on etsy vs ebay

1. Be Honest.

Ask yourself what you are doing right and what might be going wrong in your shop.

Evaluate your processes, allocation of labor, training programs, and marketing materials.

Make a list of at least five things that are working and five that aren’t.

Now be even more honest – think about what your potential buyers see.

Make a list of five things that you think they love and five that they don’t.

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2. Prioritize and decide to change those things that aren’t working first.

Some of these might be tough, like firing someone you know has to go, having a mammoth clearance sale of dated merchandise, or moving your entire store around. Now notice how much better you feel. Taking action with the purpose to make your business better makes you feel better.

3. Bond. 

Find a way to make your employees’ day first, then your customers’ day, and then your own. Find a way to connect with your employees, not as a best friend but as a person. Find common ground. If you make your employees feel good, they’ll transfer that feeling to your shoppers and happy shoppers buy more, and that makes your day.

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4. Gather.

 Do whatever it takes to get the word out about your store. If you have an email list already, skip to #5. If not and you have an old mailing list in a dusty file cabinet, or a list in your PC, copy all of your physical address information along with loyalty rewards, special orders, sales books, and other information into a new database.

Once you have your email list, use it in a personal way. Personally invite customers into your store with something specific they might enjoy. Even just thanking your best customers for their business in a personal way brings them back in. When they do come in, thank them personally again.

Come up with a compelling subject line that promises benefits – not free, discount, or coupon. What do you want them to do upon reading it? Come into the shop, tell a friend, join a Facebook page, create a gift list, come to an event – you decide. I share more ideas on what to say in my popular book,

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5. Use retail sales training so your crew can sell rather than clerk your merchandise.

Have your employees role-play their new skills towards the front of the store. Nothing attracts and is more inviting than people seeing other people shopping. Next, create a store sales goal; breaking it into bite-sized goals.

6. Become a student of Facebook and learn as much as you can about attracting fans, engaging them, and keeping them.

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Selling on etsy vs ebay

7. Change your parking. 

If your parking lot is empty and you’ve always told employees to park in the back, have them park in front to look busy, then have them move them when you are packed.

8. Zip it. Stop asking other shop owners how their business is. If it’s great and yours isn’t, you’ll feel worse. If theirs is worse, you still won’t feel better. Instead, ask them one good thing they did yesterday.

Get More Business Customers

9. Make the most of the shoppers who do come into your store.

Don’t scare them away by being over-eager (shoppers can smell desperation).

Instead, engage in a polite and friendly way.

Now is the time to offer them a little extra service.

Such as suggesting complementary products to accompany what they’re looking at, or discussing the pros and cons of different items.

10. Stick out a sign.

Put a sandwich-board sign advertising a special offer outside the door to attract passing customers inside.

If the weather is so bad that’s not feasible, keep a sale banner on hand you can put in your window instead.

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How to get Bestselling on Etsy

11. Hold a flash sale.

A limited-time, surprise sale can get customers in the door. Offer a two-for-one special, 30 percent off everything in the store, or whatever makes sense for your business. Limit it to a short period — for instance, 1:00 to 4:00 PM. (If bad weather is what’s keeping people away, you can look at the weather forecast and base your sale around any time the storm appears likely to lift or lessen.) Send emails and text messages or post on social media about your sale.

12. Appeal to their boredom.

Put posts on social media to attract customers who have maxed out on Netflix and couch surfing for the day. “Can’t binge one more show? Head out to [STORE] for some snow-day deals.” (Just make sure you don’t make light of severe bad weather that is causing destruction or loss of life — this can hurt your company’s brand.)

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Selling on etsy vs ebay

13. Make it mobile.

If your business already uses mobile marketing apps that reach out to people based on their location, a slow day is a great time to put them to work. Customers who are already out and about are more likely to be tempted to come into your store. Send them a code good for a discount, free gift or another special offer.

14. Offer refreshments.

On a cold, snowy, or rainy day, free coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and other treats can entice frozen shoppers to stop by and warm up. Keep a supply of these items in your stockroom so you can serve refreshments at a moment’s notice. Promote them on social media and via your other marketing methods.

How to get Bestselling on Etsy

15. Entertain children.

If you’ve ever been trapped at home in a rainstorm or snowstorm with young children, you know how desperate parents can be to get out of the house. Entice parents into your store by providing entertainment for their children. Set up a little area in the store with a play table, toys, and books. Enlist an employee to read stories to the kids or play games with them. Meanwhile, offer the parents discounts and the chance to get a break from their kids while they shop.

16. Reward them.

Does your store already have a loyalty rewards program? Great. Let customers know you’re offering double or triple rewards points today. The extra incentive might be all they need to get out the door and into your store.

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Selling on etsy vs ebay

17. Make the Most of Downtime.

While you’re waiting for these efforts to get people in the door, there are other things you can do to make a slow day more than a wasted one.

18. Focus on marketing.

Tackle the marketing tasks you never have time to get around to. Get ahead on your social media marketing: Schedule some posts for the next week or month. Review the results of your most recent marketing efforts so you can see what to do more of in the future. Plan your future email marketing messages or email newsletters.

19. Catch up on administrative tasks.

Update your bookkeeping, place orders for new inventory, sort, and file paperwork — get caught up on all those things that get pushed to the bottom of your to-do list.

20. Beautify the store.

Use the downtime to take care of chores like cleaning, testing, and sweeping the store. Cast a critical eye on your merchandising and see how it can be improved. Play around with your window displays and signage. You may come up with some great ideas to make your store more appealing to passers-by.

There’s not a thread of clothing you are wearing, a drop of coffee you are drinking, or a piece of furniture you are sitting on that wasn’t sold to someone.

21. Set the expectation.

Before you clock in or even walk in the doorstop yourself and do an expectation check. What are you concentrating on? Will customers be hostile, mean, penny-pinching lookie-lous or will it be a fun day helping people buy from you? One of the old sales pros used to say, “Garbage in, garbage out” so watch what you listen to or watch before coming to work as it might trap you into a negative world-view.

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How to get Bestselling on Etsy

22Take care in how you look. 

Yes, you can wear sneakers but no, you probably shouldn’t. A sign at Piperlime’s pop-up store in SOHO said it all, “It’s time to give up lazy dressing altogether because it’s time to look fabulous again. Let’s show each other and ourselves a little more respect. Let’s put Saturday night effort into Sunday afternoon. Let’s remember you get what you dress for so let’s get dressed.” Excellent points!

23. Watch what you say.

It is a fact we love to talk about people. From the craziest Internet stories to celebrity falls from grace, gossip is more popular than ever. The danger is that it comes from a place where we feel better about ourselves at someone else’s expense. That’s the opposite of selling. You should feel better about someone as a result of them coming into your shop.

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How to get Bestselling on Etsy

24. Don’t judge.

 I know, this is hard but you can’t judge a book by its cover or a customer by their clothes. When we do that to try to decide who is worth our efforts, we’re oftentimes wrong and settle for crumbs when we can have the whole banquet.

25. You’re there to serve.

Knights of the round table used to kneel as an act of servitude to their master or to royalty. It was an outward sign of servitude toward another. [Don’t confuse this with slavery.] The act of serving another goes back to biblical times and is mentioned throughout literature as one of the greatest gifts to humanity. In retail right now, we often have employees acting as King or Queen, that they are doing the customer the favor. This is wrong.

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Selling on etsy vs ebay

26. Know your close ratio.

Keep count one day of every customer you encounter and every customer you ring up. Divide the two to find your ratio of sales to visits. At first, this might be 1 out of every 10. With practice, you’ll find by being aware of all the customers you had to sell, you’ve made more sales.

27. Sell something you hate.

Find the ugliest thing in your store you can. This shouldn’t be hard. Determine to find five things about it you love using the feature “it has” to link to the benefit for the customer “so you.” What you’ll find is that once you give up your assumptions and personal bias, you can find several things to make a compelling case for why a customer should buy an item.

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28. Stop selling the easy.

Sure it’s 30% off and has free financing for twenty years. But something like that will sell itself – you’re not stretching yourself.

29. Be willing to risk the sale.

Sometimes, things just aren’t going well. The customer is at odds with you and it just feels like you aren’t on the same page. Ask, “Excuse me, but have I done something to offend you?” If you say it without malice or sarcasm most will apologize and give you a reason that has nothing to do with you. Without getting that out of the way through, you’re just frustrating yourself and the customer. By addressing it head-on, you oftentimes make the bigger sale.

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How to get Bestselling on Etsy

30. It’s just a game. Making a sale is very fluid, sometimes you get lucky, sometimes you blow it and many times you make it happen. The goal is definitely to sell everyone but lighten up, millions of orphans won’t miss a meal because a customer walked out on you.

Be able to look at a sale afterward and say, “I could have done this better.”

Take stock and then move on because you have another opportunity to shine walking in the door.

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It’s easy to think a salesperson can just wing it when trying to sell something worth a couple of bucks, but the more expensive or luxurious your merchandise is, the more you absolutely have to have a selling system.

A system that can engage a stranger, build rapport before giving the product features and benefits and drive to the customer buying from you that day – at full price.

You want to attract more customers to your brick-and-mortar retail store.

You need to look at the energy you are creating – or not creating – in your store.

Selling on etsy vs ebay

And then work to make someone else’s day so they can make yours.

This is a tough time for retailers.

You’re caught between the holiday shopping frenzy and the anticipation of spring.

Bad weather in most of the country tends to keep shoppers indoors.

On one of those days when you’ve been open two hours without a single shopper walking through the door.

How can you turn things around? Try these ideas

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