892 Words to Start Laundry Service Business in any part of the World

Start Laundry Service Business: See the step-by-step guide on How to Start Laundry Service Business in any part of the World.

Starting a laundry service is a good business venture to explore.

The good thing about the business is that it can be started small with little capital and later grow to become a great establishment.

Before starting the business you should know and realize there are various aspects and branches of laundry service to be considered and you will have to decide the aspect you will want to do.

Various aspects include cleaning of rugs and carpets, office and home cleaning and industrial cleaning and lots more.

For this article we are going to concentrate on the ‘cloth cleaning’ type of laundry service and how to start the business including the requirements needed for making it a successful investment.

For those who are concerned with the investment needed for this kind of business.

It should be noted that though investing a lot of money will make you have a solid and profitable business, you can also start small and grow the business gradually.

For example you can start small by washing and ironing the clothes of people from your home for a fee. It will be tough at first as you will not have equipment to ease the burden and stress but if focused within a short time you will gradually get better and easier.

Reasons why Laundry Service Business is Good

1. HIGH POPULATION : There are a lot of people in the country, and people have to wear clothes, therefore this means there is a lot of dirty laundry that needs to be taken care of hence the use of laundry centers.

2. PEOPLE ARE BUSY: People hardly have time for themselves these days as they are always on the move trying to make a living and ends meet.

In families today we have a lot of parents working at the same time and children busy in schools and the weekends are usually set aside to have a rest.

People are not able to get round to doing various domestic activities including laundry and are willing to get people to do it for them and pay for it.

3. HIGH DEMAND FOR THE SERVICE: There is a high demand for laundry services in the country.

Apart from families and homes a lot of other sectors require the services.

Hospitals, schools, restaurants, companies and organizations and lots more all require the service and usually outsource such activities.

Requirement to Start Laundry Service Business


This is a very key and important decision to make and can lead to the success or failure of the business.

When choosing a place make sure you get a place where your services are actually needed.

Make sure you choose a place where there a lot of busy people who do not have time on their hands and can afford your service then you are good to go.

Avoid areas where there are people with no jobs and have a lot of time on their hands to do their laundry and can not afford your services as this will negatively affect your business.

Also when choosing a place, endeavor to get a place with enough space as this will be needed for easier running of the business as space will be needed to accommodate your equipment and materials as well as storing clothes of customers till they come and pick them up.

EQUIPMENT AND MATERIALS Needed to Start Laundry Service Business


This will be needed to wash the clothes of your customers. Special care and handling of customer clothes should be top priority. There are cases you will need to separate cloths of different colors and also separate materials and fabrics that are different from each other.


These include an ironing table which should be a big table. Get a table that is wide and very smooth. This will help to handle various clothes and outfits when ironing and will help you in not damaging the clothes of your customers.

You will also need to get a good pressing iron which must be in good working condition and effective. Get one that will not burn the clothes and damage them.


You will need a place to hang the clothes of your customers. The hanger must be of good quality and should be wide enough and long to hold a lot of clothes with enough space between them to prevent them from getting rough.

Other materials include detergents which must be a good one and delicate also as this must be well chosen not to spoil the various fabrics. There are fabrics and colors that are washed with different types of detergents which should be noted.

Other items include pins to hang the clothes and lines where to hang them.

How to market your Laundry Service Business

You can advertise the business by introducing yourself to people around you also you can make flyers and leaflets and share to people.

This is a good business to do, make sure you do a proper feasibility study for the business. Also register the business and abide and do all necessary requirements needed by the relevant government agencies.

Make sure you have a good customer service and treat your customers well.

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