7 Tips to Start Wireless Device Management Business

Starting Wireless Device Management Business: In this article we’ll present a comprehensive view of enterprise mobility management.

Enterprise mobility is constantly expanding and almost all organizations across the globe are engaging in a multi-dimensional usage policy for enterprise mobility applications.

To be successful and productive, organizations need to incorporate enterprise mobility management as a core, strategic objective of the business.

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Starting Wireless Device Management Business

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They need a world-class platform for end-to-end enterprise mobility management that ensures systematic implementation of large scale and mission-focused business mobility.

Sophisticated enterprise mobility management software covers all aspects of the mobile lifecycle, from sourcing and procurement, to device management and optimization as well as expense management.

In this article, we discuss how this solution helps improve mobile efficiency and productivity.

7 Tips to Start Wireless Device Management Business in Nigeria
Wireless Device Management https://businesshab.com/business-idea/babys-food-production-business/

Starting Wireless Device Management Business

1. Centralized Device Procurement

Sourcing, deploying, and operating mobile devices in business mobile environment, is inherently complex.

It requires an automated system to optimize the devices and services as well as to manage complex processes and IT concerns.

Wireless procurement software encloses all strategies and tools that are required for sourcing and managing all wireless devices and services.

It offers great insight into overall mobile devices along with their usage and cost.

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The application allows your employees to order and provision equipment from a centralized location with the help of higher officials.

It maintains a detailed inventory of all mobile assets in its inventory database.

Regular auditing is done to ensure complete, accurate, and detailed account of devices and services.

The system improves mobile device sourcing by developing adequate and cost effective services along with the enhanced supplier support.

7 Tips to Start Wireless Device Management Business in Nigeria
Wireless Device Management https://businesshab.com/business-idea/babys-food-production-business/

2. Wireless Expense Management

Mobile expenses make up a major portion of the IT budget of an enterprise and if not planned properly organizations will miss significant cost savings.

Wireless expense management software solutions offer best processes and strategies that can bring the mobile spend under control and achieve outstanding savings.

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The system performs wireless audits which offer several cost saving suggestion on some key areas of mobile spends.

The application ensures that the invoice charges align with contractual terms.

And decides whether or not the services that are in the invoices are within the wireless inventory.

It offers the ability to conduct appropriate audits to ensure on-time payments and helps avoid late payment.

Rate plan optimization helps review each employee’s usage on a monthly basis and ensures that all of them are on the best plan.

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Sometimes there is a chance for invoice error or the business doesn’t get the rates it supposed to be even though there is complexity in usage based rates.

Controlling them accurately enables organizations reduce excess spends.

The audit helps prevent poorly managed services.

And establishes a robust methodology for planning, managing, and monitoring pooled minute plans.

Starting Wireless Device Management Business

The software helps in negotiating with the home carrier in an effort to avail the best roaming rates available in the locations your employees travel to most frequently.

Employees can easily view the roaming charges and learn how to avoid excess spends.

It enables you to control roaming issues and eliminates bill shocks.

Strategic mobile expense management delivers increased productivity along with direct and indirect cost reduction.

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3. Wireless Self-service

Enabling employees to manage routine but critical operational tasks help organizations improve productivity and reduce administrative time.

Self-service functionality allows your employees to manage basic features of mobile device management.

It simplifies IT management by providing employees the tools for registration.

Compliance checking, remediation, and other asset management and troubleshooting capabilities.

The new wireless expense management self service provides high visibility into the business wireless spends and offers the mobile usage cost saving options.

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4. Advantages of  Wireless Device Management Business

Business mobility enables employees to be more productive on the go, improves efficiency of project management software, and offers significant cost savings. But, there are many issues that prevent organizations from enabling business mobility.

Such as device and application management, data security, and corporate policies.

The system finds configuration and status details of all wireless assets and maintains them in a centralized repository.

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The unified data facilitates quick identification of issues and provides administrators the necessary information to make better decisions on optimal configurations and proactive developments.

It builds strong approval and authentication process to ensure that the business resources are only accessed by the authorized employees.

The advanced features of the software ensure highly secure wireless networking and give businesses peace of mind as they allow employees to bring their own devices for work.

The solution provides high protection against harmful threats and unauthorized access to sensitive corporate data.

Starting Wireless Device Management Business

It secures wireless devices from privacy and performance risks.

Diverse wireless devices in organizations have varying levels of vulnerability and are inconsistent to manage even the basic security policies.

Before enrolling devices into the business network companies should ensure that their employees have installed the proper OS security patches and updated.

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They need to define comprehensive access and control strategies using endpoint analysis and employee role to find which application and data to deliver and what level of access to provide.

The software prevents non-compliant mobile devices from connecting to corporate data and ensures compliance to internal and external security needs.

It applies accurate strategies at a per-file level for documents and multimedia content distributed in various file formats.

The MDM software helps enterprises meet their security and compliance needs while enabling employees to experience work in their way.

Businesses pursuing enterprise-grade mobility need to look beyond MDM and consider wireless security in a complete way – across devices, applications and data.

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A few requirements for secure enterprise mobility are:

  • Audit and report based on the ownership type- business-owned or BYOD
  • Audit devices at regular-intervals to make sure that the IT-mandated strategies or not disabled
  • Deploy strategies in a similar manner across diverse device platforms and operating systems
  • Locate, lock and wipe mobile devices upon loss or theft
  • Protect sensitive business data with consistent in-app data controls
  • Determine the mobile device’s compliance status
  • Make every application available to any device through an unified app store
  • Enable mobile employees to securely sync and share information to and from mobile devices
  • Prevent-data leakage with a secure, encrypted data container
  • Control access based on device configuration, status, employee role, and other factors such as which network the employee is on

Starting Wireless Device Management Business

5. Device and Application Management in the Modern Period

Enterprise mobility is changing the way business work.

It helps improve employee productivity as well as business growth but employee-owned devices and applications are becoming a major concern for business IT.

Employees mix work, personal apps, and infotainment on their equipment and device-level strategies are making device management even more complex.

As organizations are embracing BYOD policies, more and more employees started using their own devices for business purposes.

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Personal apps on their devices may leak business data and it can be a major security issue.

Organizations should take better care to protect critical corporate data without blocking personal apps or devices.

Though it is complex, dealing with personally-owned devices should not be different from business devices.

The mobility policy should not affect the way employees use their personal apps.

Starting Wireless Device Management Business

Mobile app management feature helps a lot in this, and it establishes corporate policies and management features directly into native apps of employee-owned devices.

The software enables you to define mobile policies based on the use case. It offers a wide variety of ways that enhance mobile device management in modern period.

Providing secure access to corporate resources.

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6. Cloud-based Technology

Cloud-based mobile device management software combines all the device, application, and data management capabilities of the on-premises software with the flexibility, ease of management at lower cost of ownership.

The software can be quickly deployed and simply integrated with the existing business solutions.

It provides high flexibility, based on the requirement organizations can easily customize the solution.

Web-based software lets you pay on a subscription basis for the amount of equipment purchased.

Starting Wireless Device Management Business

This could be an added benefit for SMBs.

Any authorized employee can access this online solution from anywhere, anytime with the help of an internet-connected device.

Using the mobile application users can access and perform necessary tasks while on the go.

Mobile functionality helps improve the device procurement process and managers/IT can monitor and track each and every device with in their fingertips.

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7. Basic requirements of the solution

User experience should be at the centre of any mobility program.

The device and application management features of the software should be easy to use.

The employee should be able to quickly authenticate and gain easy access to business applications and data from their devices.

The software should provide selective app and data management, a real-time approach to protect business apps and data and employee privacy by keeping them separate on the equipment.

The application should also help business IT authorize employees as quickly and painlessly as possible.


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Business mobility is about transforming your organization to drive productivity through existing and new methods.

Mobile device management lays the foundations for organizations when they deploy and manage mobile device and applications in terms of business models.

The software helps maintain the balance and control over business network and employees’ needs, keeping the devices and applications reliable.

The right software enables you to move forward in your journey to become a mobile first enterprise.

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