Top 10 Reasons to Start Strawberry Business

Strawberry Business: Strawberries are delicious tropical fruits called Olohun in Yoruba language.

It is cultivated in commercial quantity in Jos, Plateau State.

But farming of these fruits is commonly practiced here in Nigeria.

They are packed with nutrients, vitamins, antioxidant properties.

And are a good source of manganese and potassium.

Which are important minerals that are beneficial to health in different ways.

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 Strawberry Business Strawberry Business

Below are several Reasons to Start Strawberry Business in Nigeria:

Strawberry Business:

1. Promotes Healthy Eyes

Local strawberries help to prevent eye problems such as cataract by the help of certain free radicals.

Vitamin C that is contained in strawberry fruits helps to protect the eyes from sun harsh rays.

And prevent the eye’s retina and cornea as well as, and also aid in boosting the immune system.

Vitamin C is known to a powerful antioxidant for eyes.

That helps to maintain connective tissue including collagen that is found in the cornea of the eye.

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Strawberry Business:

2. Improves Healthy Teeth

They contain antioxidants known as polyphenols in high level.

Polyphenols have inflammatory and vasodilating properties.

That make them quite beneficial to human health.

Polyphenols found in this fruit helps greatly in fighting against gum diseases and tooth decay.

Thereby achieving healthy teeth.

They also help in removing bacteria in the mouth.

Regular intake of this local strawberry contributes to a healthy tooth.

Strawberry Business:

3. Regulation of Blood

It contains potassium which is an important mineral called a vasodilator.

That helps to widen the blood vessel.

And regulates the flow of the blood in the body system.

In other words, avoid the occurrence of hypertension.

Vasodilators are known to be a class of drug that treats cardiovascular conditions like hypertension.

They help in controlling high blood pressure levels.

Consuming this fruit will help in ensuring the easy flow of blood.

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Strawberry Business:

4. Good for Pregnant Women

Strawberries are good sources of folic acids.

Which is a type of vitamin B9 that prevents birth defectives.

Foliates or folic acid is an important nutrient needed for healthy pregnancy.

Regular intake of foods rich in folic acid during pregnancy is very essential.

As it will help in preventing birth defects of the baby’s spinal cord and brain.

It also aids in protecting the unborn baby from neural tube defects development.

Therefore it is advisable to consume this fruit regularly during pregnancy.

As it will provide you with folic acid.

Strawberry Business:

5. Improves Digestion

These fruits aids in proper digestion .

And in fighting certain types of diabetes.

Due to the presence of the dietary fibre that is contained in a good percentage.

Fibre plays some key roles in the human body.

By preventing heart diseases, diabetes, weight gain and some cancers.

And can also improve digestive health.

Consumption of foods rich in fibre helps in promoting the movement of materials.

Through the digestive system.

And boosts the bowel movement.

Which leads to the reduction of constipation and bowel movement conditions.

Strawberry Business:

6. Promotes a Healthy Nervous System

They help in normal brain functioning.

Because they contain trace mineral called iodine.

Which is an important component that performs important functions in the body.

Such as regulating the body temperature, proper functioning of the brain and nervous system.

The presence of iodine in the body system plays a vital role.

In the development of the central nervous system.

Consistence eating of local strawberry will help.

In making sure that your brain and nervous system develop normally.

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Strawberry Business:

7. Helps in Weight Loss

They are also rich in various important nutrients.

That help to reduce appetite and improve metabolism in other to burn calories and lose weight.

Nigerian local strawberry contains a high amount of fibre.

And low calories that helps in keeping one full.

Even for a long time which can lead to weight maintenance.

It is excellent for people trying to lose or maintain their weight.

Strawberry Business:

8. Rich in Antioxidants

A daily serving of these fruits helps to prevent certain diseases.

Such as gouts and arthritis (mainly in aged people).

 Antioxidants and detoxifiers that are contained in this fruits help in fighting against such diseases.

Antioxidants present in this fruit helps in preventing the body cells from damage caused by free radicals.

Free radicals can lead to cancer, heart diseases and other diseases.

Therefore, consuming this local strawberry.

Will help greatly in fighting against damages caused by free radicals.

Strawberry Business:

9. Improves Healthy Heart

They are fat-free, sodium-free, cholesterol free and low caloric fruits.

Which make them generally good for the blood regulation and heart health.

This fruit also contains high levels of healthy heart antioxidants.

Like flavonoids -anthocyanin, quercetin, catechin.

That reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

High level of anthocyanins helps to relax blood vessels.

Resulting to good blood flow and preventing cardiovascular diseases.

Regular consumption of this fruit contributes greatly to achieving a healthy heart.

Strawberry Business:

10. Rich in Magnesium

The presence of essential minerals such as manganese.

Helps in the metabolism of fat and carbohydrates.

The formation of connective tissues, sex hormones and related others.

Magnesium plays a vital role in bones formation.

Blood clotting factors, connective tissues and sex hormones.

It also aids in calcium absorption and regulation of blood sugar levels.

This Nigerian local strawberry is an excellent source of magnesium.

Therefore it is necessary you consume it regularly.

Because its deficiency knowing its deficiency leads to bone malformation, infertility and other issues.

Strawberry Business:

 Side Effects

There are no proven side effects for this fruit yet, and is generally considered safe for all.


They are generally considered as nutrient-rich fruits containing antioxidants and polyphenolic properties.

That contribute to the overall improvement of human health.

Local strawberries can be eaten fresh or frozen.

They have juicy sweetened taste.

And can be consumed by all ages.

But are specifically advantageous for aged people.

Because they can slow the progression of macular degeneration.

Regular consumption of this fruit.

Will contribute greatly in keeping one healthy.

Because it is packed with whole lots of nutrients that are beneficial to our health.

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