Tips to Action Business in Nigeria | As companies become larger, their approach to accomplishing tasks changes. Bureaucracy creeps in and more people are involved in every decision.

This results in delays in the implementation of important projects and as a consequence, business operations suffer.

Instead of using their time and energy to finish an assignment.

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Managers concentrate on ensuring that they do not make any mistakes.

That they can be held accountable for.

As a result, work slows down, new initiatives go into limbo.

And long lead-times for every activity become the norm.

How can a company change a culture which allows every decision to be put off till the last moment?

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Don’t endlessly debate a decision

It is true that the pros and cons of every proposal must be discussed prior to taking action.

But it is equally important not to over-analyze an issue. This can only lead to confusion.

All stakeholders must be given an opportunity to voice their opinions.

Subsequently, steps to implement what has been decided upon must be taken within a limited time-frame.

Senior management must make it very clear that the objective is to produce results, not hold meetings and create voluminous minutes.

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Don’t punish risk-takers

Many companies say that they want their workers to take the initiative and respond quickly to solve a problem when it arises.

In such firms, the top leadership says that it is in favor of employees thinking independently and making their own decisions.

Senior managers convey that they do not want staff members to refer every little matter to their superiors.

But in some organizations, in actual practice, the reverse holds true.

If an employee takes an independent decision that goes wrong.

Management is quick to reprimand or even take disciplinary action.

Other employees realize that it is better to adopt a safe approach and avoid decision-making as far as they can.

The worst approach that a company could take is to pull up risk-takers.

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Appoint teams to implement specific projects

Forming a team to address a particular issue or to take up a project that needs to get off the ground is one of the most effective steps that management could take.

The composition of the team should be restricted to those who are directly concerned with the task at hand.

The more important the issue, the greater the seniority of the participants should be.

It can be useful to limit the time for which the team will remain active.

This will give it focus and allow it to complete the task within a limited time-frame.

Forming a team and giving it the manpower and resources to complete an assignment could be one of the most effective solutions for accomplishing a specific goal.

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Win the trust of employees

Finally, a company’s success will be determined by the quality of its service or product and how well these are accepted by the market.

To achieve this end, a business should create a culture that allows rapid decisions to be taken.

Followed by immediate implementation.

Those companies that can demonstrate to their employees.

That risk-taking is perfectly acceptable and failure will not be punished will be able to implement a culture of action.

But the organizations that are insincere in their appeal to workers to take risks will quickly lose their trust and find it difficult to get things done.