Top 7 Keys Of Making Yourself A Highest Paid Person

Top 7 Keys Of Making Yourself A Highest Paid

To become a highest paid person in any establishment is what interest every worker.

Do you want to be one of the highest paid person in any establishment?

Here are the facts as you read through this article for more facts.

The quality of goal orientation seems to be associated with high level of success and achievement.

The highest paid sales people known in advance how much they are going to earn each week,

Each month, each quarter, and each year.

They know how many calls they will have to make to achieve a particular level of sales,

And they have clear plans about what they are going to do with the money they earn.

To become a highest paid person.

It is essential for you to decide exactly how much you intend to earn each year.

If you are not absolutely clear about your earning target, your sales activities will be unfocused.

You will be like a person trying to shout at a target in the fog.

Even if you are the finest marksman in the word, you are not going to hit a target you cannot see.

You have to know exactly what you are aiming at.

Beginning with your annual income goal, how much do you intend to make in the next twelve month?

What is the exact number?

Top 7 Keys Of Making Yourself A Highest Paid

Write this number down, and begin to write a goal that is realistic and challenging.

Be sure to make you goal are believable and achievable,

Bnd it must be written down to increase your likelihood of achieving them.

You should also be able to determine the exact sales volume required for you to earn,

The amount of money you want.

Equally, determine the specific activities in which you must engage to achieve your desire sales level.

How many calls will you have to make to get what you want?

How many appointments will you have with your prospects?

What number of presentations and callback will you have to generate to achieve a specific level of sales?

When you keep accurate records day by day and month by month,

You will soon be able to predict with considerable accuracy exactly what you will have to do each day.

And each week to achieve your monthly and annual income goals.

The steps to follow in making yourself a highest paid person in any establishment are as thus:

7 Keys Of Making Yourself A Highest Paid

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Top 7 Keys Of Making Yourself A Highest Paid

1. Set 100 goals:

Here, is an exercise for you.

To become a highest paid person in any establishment,

Get a book and write down 100 goals that you would like to accomplish in the years ahead.

Make a list of everything that you would like to have in your life and everything that you would like to do.

Imagine that everything you write on the list is going to come to you at exactly the right time,

And in the right way.

You only have to write it down, as if submitting an order to the great cosmic storehouse of wealth in order to get it.

As you think of new things that you would like to have or accomplish, write them in this book.

Equally, visualize your goals, which is the most awesome power possessed by human beings.

When you visualize, see yourself as calm, confident, and powerful.

Envision yourself as successful and influential.

Top 7 Keys Of Making Yourself A Highest Paid

Picture yourself as capable and competent in every area of selling.

See yourself as absolutely excellent in prospecting and closing sales.

Before you go into a sales meeting,

Imagine the prospect responding to you in a positive, enthusiastic way.

See your prospect smiling and engaged in the sales conversation.

Picture especially the prospect signing the sales order or writing out the check.

You will be amazed at how often your visualization will turn into reality when you are with the customers.

Top 7 Keys Of Making Yourself A Highest Paid

2. Specialization:

Becoming a highest paid person, it has to do with specialization.

Determine exactly what it is, that your product or service is designed to do for your customers.

You may specialize in a particular result or benefit.

You can specialize in a particular marketing strategy.

Specialize in satisfying a particular need better than anyone else,

These will make you a highest paid person in your establishment.

But must be specialist rather than a generalist.

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Top 7 Keys Of Making Yourself A Highest Paid

3. Differentiation:

In these aspect, to become a highest paid person,

You need to determine what it is that makes your product or service superior to your competitors.

What special benefits does your product offer to your customers that are not available anywhere else?

In what areas are your products better than 90 percent of similar goods or services in the market?

In any case, if the product you are selling is available elsewhere,

Such as with real estate or life insurance.

The special differentiation that you bring to sales situation is your own unique personality.

There is only one person like you in the world.

Most sales are made on the basic of the feelings that the customer has about the salespers more than any other factor.

Top 7 Keys Of Making Yourself A Highest Paid

4. Segmentation:

Making yourself a highest paid person in any establishment,

You need to Set out your sells by segmenting them.

Once you have determined your areas of specialization,

And be able to differentiate your products or service from your competitors.

Your next level is to determine exactly which customers.

Can mostly benefit from what you do better than anyone else.

Where can you find more of this ideal type of person or organization for your products or service?

Think of running an ad for perfect customers.

Top 7 Keys Of Making Yourself A Highest Paid

5. Concentration:

Being the highest paid person in any establishment,

It needs focus and concentration.

This is perhaps the most critical skill that you can develop for success in any area,

especially in selling.

It is your ability to get clear priorities and then to concentrate single mindedly.

On only those prospects who represent the very best potential as customers.

In some cases, one prospect may be worth one hundred times the value of another prospect.

The basic rule in selling to become the highest paid person is to always fish for whales not minnows.

Remember, if you catch a thousand minnows,

All you have is a basket full of minnows.

But if you catch on whale, it can sink your entire ship.

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Top 7 Keys Of Making Yourself A Highest Paid

6. Appearance:

In these aspect, your appearance and good grooming extend to the quality of your product or service itself.

Most of the contact will be your personality.

For this reason, the way you appear and behave is a critical factor in the buying decision.

The first impression that you make on a customer is determine by your appearance.

When you are well dressed, properly groomed,

Shoes well-polished and looking professional,

The prospect will unconsciously assumes that you are working for an excellent company

And that you’re selling an exceptional product or service.

Furthermore, when you are punctual, polite,

And fully prepared, you will make a positive impression that spread like a halo to everything you do.

And to the product or service you sell.

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Top 7 Keys Of Making Yourself A Highest Paid

7. Attention

To become a highest paid person in any establishment, instead of thinking about yourself,

You have to focus more attention on the customer.

Always put them in the spotlight.

The more you focus on the customer rather than yourself,

The more relaxed and confident you will become and the more positive

And animated the customer will become.

Since the customer is the most important person, the spotlight should be on them most of the time.

Whenever the customer is talking and replying to your questions, the spotlight should be on them.

you are talking about him and his needs, problems or objections and requirements, the spotlight stays on him.

When you start talking about yourself, your product, your service, your company or your life story,

The spotlight swivels around and focus on you, the customer then will be left in the dark.

The more the spotlight is on the customers, the greater the possibility that you will make a sale which will increase your sales.

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