What are the Opportunities for Promotion?(Read on 22 tips)

What are the Opportunities for Promotion?: Solutions, We help organizations transform the way they source, manage and develop their workforces to ensure that they have the right talent today, and for the future.

1. Get the Briefing

If you’ve been doing a good job for an extended period of time, then you may be ready to ask for a promotion.

But if you want to ask for a promotion successfully, then you have to do your homework, plan a meeting, and know exactly what to say — and what not to say.

If you want to know how to ask for a promotion and to be rewarded for your hard work and dedication in the workplace, then you just have to follow these steps.

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What are the Opportunities for Promotion?: BusinessHAB.com
What are the Opportunities for Promotion?

What are the Opportunities for Promotion?

2. Make a case for yourself.

When you ask for a promotion, you should be prepared with specific details.

About your contributions to the company as well as with an explanation of what you’re asking for.

If you go into a meeting and just say, “I want a promotion,” it’s likely that your request won’t be taken seriously.

If you want to plan ahead, then you should be prepared to explain the following points:

3. Make a list of all of your accomplishments.

Think about all of the things you have done for the company in the past six months, year.

Or even the past five years, depending on how long you’ve been at the same position.

Write down any projects you worked on, any sales goals you’ve surpassed.

Or any innovative ideas you’ve had that have helped move the company forward.

4. Be as specific as possible

  • It’s important to be as specific as possible.
  • If you can quantify exactly how much your projects, sales, or general work has helped the company, this will make your case much stronger.
  • Prepare to show that you’ve been exceptional. You don’t just want to say that you’ve done a good job, but to prove that you’ve gone above and beyond expectations.

What are the Opportunities for Promotion?

5. Identify the position you want.

Many people want to advance in the company and get a big promotion.

But they find that there’s nowhere for them to go because of the corporate structure.

If there is a specific job opening, then this part is easy, because you can apply for it.

However, if there is not, determine a need for a position where you can improve the day-to-day business operations of the company by being effective in that new role.

  • Once you’ve found the position — or created a new position.
  • You’ll need to find examples to prove that you’re the perfect person for the job.
  • If you want to be a team leader, show your boss how well you’ve done when leading smaller projects.

6. Get the timing right.

Many people are afraid to ask for a promotion because they can’t seem to find the “perfect time” to do it.

Well, theres no perfect time to ask for a promotion, but there are definitely some moments that are better than others. The best time to do this is during your yearly or semi-annual review, which is the perfect opportunity to discuss your accomplishments and future potential. But if you don’t want to wait, here are some other points to consider:

What are the Opportunities for Promotion?

7. Consider the situation in your department or team.

Has your department recently merged with another, and is there a lot of overall change in the company?

If so, then you may use this as an opportunity to be a part of that change.

However, if your department is laying off a ton of people due to the merge and the environment is very stressful, then you may want to hold off until things quiet down.

  • If your company has been struggling and losing a lot of money, or you and your fellow employees are struggling to make a major work deadline, then you should wait until things calm down a bit.

8. Understand who your boss or superiors are before asking.

Many people have a way” they like to converse and do business.

This way is different for each individual.

Determine when the right time is to ask the boss about your promotion.

For instance, if she is about to take a two week vacation, she might be in a good mood.

If she just lost a major account, looking to promote yourself may not be wise at that juncture.

What are the Opportunities for Promotion?

9. Don’t wait for the perfect time for too long.

If youve been wanting to have the conversation for months but there’s always a good” reason to wait.

Then it’s time to be less picky and to start moving forward.

10. Ask for a meeting.

Once you’ve figured out what you’re going to say about your accomplishments.

Know what position you want, and have an idea of when to have the conversation, it’s time to get the ball rolling. Don’t just barge into your manager’s office in the middle of the day and ask to have the talk. Instead, have a conversation with your manager or send a quick email saying that you’d like to discuss your performance and potential.

  • Once you talk to your manager, hell have an idea about what you’ll want to say, so he won’t get caught off guard during the meeting.

11. Do your research.

Though you don’t need to say exactly how much money you’d like to make when you ask for a promotion.

You should be prepared to talk about it if it comes up.

Find out exactly how much youre worth, both in your company and the world at large.

Look at Salary.com and PayScale.com and figure out what you should expect at your company as well as with the competition.

What are the Opportunities for Promotion?

12. Don’t think that you’re entitled to a promotion.

The worst thing you can do when you go into your managers office to ask for a promotion is to be 100% convinced that you deserve it.

Just because you’ve worked at the company for a certain amount of time doesnt mean that its time for you to get a raise and a promotion.

Go into the conversation prepared and with an open-mind.

If you sound too self-assured, your boss or manager may think youre being arrogant or unreasonable.

What are the Opportunities for Promotion?

13. Dont think that you and your boss see eye-to-eye.

In an ideal world, your boss will be aware of all of your accomplishments.

And will be on the same page about when its time for you to move up the corporate ladder.

However, even if your accomplishments have been impressive.

Your boss still may not think its enough for you to move on to the next level.

  • He may agree that you’ve been accomplishing as lot.
  • But he may also have a better idea of how many skills and how much experience youll need to acquire before you can move on.
  • Be open-minded. If he thinks youre not ready, ask what else you can do and even write it down. Show that you’re determined to keep up the good work and will do whatever it takes.

What are the Opportunities for Promotion?

14. Don’t compare yourself to other employees.

Though you may feel that your coworker, Jim, doesn’t have as much experience or education as you but was promoted more quickly, the worst thing you can do is complain about other coworkers who have been promoted and say that they dont deserve it or that you’re a harder worker than they are. This will make you look petty, whiny, and most of all, not mature enough to move up the corporate ladder.

  • Let’s face it — maybe you feel that you really do deserve a promotion more than old Jim. That doesnt mean you have to talk about it. Focus on yourself, not the people around you.
  • Promotions happen for a number of reasons that may not be clear to you. Dont try to guess why so-and-so was promoted instead of you or you’ll drive yourself crazy.

15. Don’t make a case based around your personal life.

Though personal circumstances may lead you to need more money, and thus, a promotion, as soon as possible.

You should avoid talking about your personal life when you ask for a promotion.

Instead, focus on all that you’ve contributed to the company.

As well as the contributions that you plan to make within your new position.

  • Dont mention the fact that you need money to pay for a new house, to support a new baby, or to pay for a pricey divorce — these may be relevant points for you, but they’ll make your boss think you’re not focusing on the company.

What are the Opportunities for Promotion?

16. Don’t get frustrated or upset if you dont get a promotion.

If you didn’t get the promotion you want it, dont sulk, complain.

Or even tell other coworkers about how badly your meeting went.

How your boss is out to get you, or how nothing you do will ever be enough.

This kind of word will spread, and you won’t come off in a favorable light.

  • Be polite and calm to your boss and ask what you can do to be a better employee — you may be frustrated.
  • But you shouldn’t make your feelings public or you wont be considered for a promotion in the future, either.

17. Start by stating your accomplishments.

That list of personal accomplishments will come in handy once youre ready to have that meeting.

You should open the meeting by thanking your boss for taking the time.

To talk with you and then discuss all of the success you’ve brought to the company.

Being as specific as possible in terms of revenue, increased growth.

And any factors that truly make you stand out as an employee.

18. Show that youre ready for more responsibility.

Once youve stated your accomplishments.

You can discuss the position you’d like to obtain.

Whether it’s a position thats just been opened or one that you’d like to create.

You should be prepared with a list of goals youd like to meet in this new position.

And a game plan for achieving them.

While you’re doing this, think of what would interest your boss the most.

And prioritize your goals accordingly.

What are the Opportunities for Promotion?

19. Ask for feedback.

Dont do all of the talking — let your boss help you find ways to grow and to offer his perspective on whether or not you’re ready for a promotion.

Though you should prepare some talking points, you should look at the meeting as a conversation.

Not just an opportunity for you to deliver a speech on how amazing you are.

20. Don’t be disappointed if your boss thinks you need more time.

If your boss says you’re not ready for a promotion, don’t get upset or hurt.

Instead, ask him to help you build a road map for future success.

This can help you have a better vision for your future.

And feel like you have a concrete plan for achieving your goals.

  • Be proud of yourself for starting the conversation.
  • And know that the meeting will have your boss thinking of you for future promotions.
  • Even if it didn’t come out the way you planned.

What are the Opportunities for Promotion?

21. Follow up.

If you didn’t get a promotion, dont just tell your boss youll try to meet your new goals and hope for the best.

Instead, follow up from time to time and ask your boss about your progress and see if you’re meeting his needs.

If you check in once in a while without being too insistent.

Then your boss will be paying more attention to you.

And will know that you’re serious about accepting more responsibility.

  • And if you did get the promotion, then go out and celebrate!
  • You deserve a break after all of the hard work youve done.

22. More tips

  • As you learn how to ask for a promotion, remember that if you get a “No that is a “No” for right now. There could be a million factors as to why you didnt get the promotion. However, once you have asked, you have made your intentions clear. It is okay to revisit the idea of a promotion down the line as you continue to prove yourself.

  • Ensure when you are in the meeting with your boss you remain confident regardless of the outcome as this may be a test of you overcoming a negative.

  • If you whine, complain, be mean, etc, not only can you not get a promotion, but you could have to do the same or more work for less or equal pay, you may be placed on probation, or you could even be fired! Be careful!

  • Say please and thank you when making requests.


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