1420 Words on What is the Fastest Production Body Cream

What is the fastest production Body Cream

Body Cream Making Business: As the aggregate global demand by the populace for high quality body creams keeps on increasing day be day.

Venturing into the production of the non-bleaching body creams is really a very good and profitable business idea.

You just need to make yourself and your brand unique then, the patronage will keep on flowing in constantly so that you will make a lot of profits doing your business.

The non-bleaching cream is that body cream which when applied does not have any bleaching and burning effects on the body.

Rather, it smoothens, softens, tones and shines the skin, and even goes on to gives it an attractive uniform colour by removing spots and light scars.

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Believe it or leave it, almost everybody in the world today apply creams on their bodies everyday as a way of taking care of their skins and maintaining their colours.

Thus, this clearly accounts for the high demand for these non-bleaching body creams.

Unlike the bleaching and lightening creams, these ideal creams only enhances the skin looks and colours instead of brightening or burning them on the long run.

With the formula that I will show you now in this article, you will start producing and packaging your own high quality body creams for commercial distribution from the comfort of your house if you cannot afford a production space for your business. Thus, you will start making maximum returns on your investments.

What is the fastest production Body Cream

Do not worry too much about the capital requirements because starting this business only requires you to have a little amount of money with you relative to your preferred initial scale of operation.

From there then, you can enlarge and expand your business as soon as possible.

Complex machinery and sophisticated production techniques are not called for anymore.

You can simply do all these things conveniently from your backyard using minimum tools and capital.

Also, the ingredients and raw materials needed for the production of the non-bleaching body creams are not far-fetched.

Inside any market where chemicals are being sold, you easily source them from the dealers at very cheap and affordable prices.

Handle them well and store them properly so as to protect lives and the environment from chemical harms and hazards.

What is the fastest production Body Cream

Your operating costs will all be covered by your profits.

So, I will be showing you how to produce a high quality body cream which people all over the world will like to use.

This production formula will expose to you how to domestically make body creams that can compete favourably with the industrial, foreign and imported body creams and even out-perform them in the markets.

I am telling you because I am well convince about it from the real life experiences of some close colleagues of mine who are making it from the business.

Now, it is your turn. If you really want to learn how to make the non-bleaching body creams, follow me and read this article to the end and be glad that you did so.

You will need the following basic chemicals in their standard proportions to produce your unique body creams.

All the body creams you can ever find in the global markets today are produced from a combination of these basic inputs. Then, other enhancements like Aloe vera and other miscellaneous herbal extracts can be added.

What is the fastest production Body Cream

Here is the list of the required inputs:

• 2 Litres of water

• A sufficient quantity of any colourant of your choice.

It can be yellow, green, blue, red, pink, white, black, brown, orange or other colours.

The choice is yours to make depending on the needs and preferences of your target consumers which you can get through a careful feasibility study and market survey.

• 1 Tea Spoon of preservative

• 6 Milk Cups of Croda Wax

• A little quantity of labritol

• 8 Milk cups of Steric Acid

• 400 ml of Acetil Alcohol

• 200 ml of Paraffin Oil

• 200 ml of Petroleum Jelly

• A little quantity of Vitamin E or Propylene Glycerine

Buy these items from a seller in the market just like I have explained it earlier on and get ready for the production process.

Now, take your inputs to your production floor and commence with your production by carefully following these steps outlined below:

• Firstly, boil 2 litres of water inside a big container on a heater and keep it aside.

Then, collect a little quantity of the hot water in a separate container and dissolve your colourant inside it.

Also, add your preservative to the mixture and turn it properly.

Then, pour the entire mixture into the main container of boiled water and stir it properly to ensure an even spread of the inputs added so far.

What is the fastest production Body Cream

• Now, light up the heater again. You can use a kerosene stove, gas cooker, firewood stand or and electric heater. Whichever one you can find or afford is okay. Get another big empty container and put it on the heater for a few minutes so as to allow the moisture content to dry up fully.

• As soon as the mixer is dried, add your Croda wax according to the proportion stated above for it.

• Add a little quantity of the Labritol substance.

• Now, add the Steric acid into the mixture and stir continuously for about 3 or 4 minutes. This is very important.

• Carry down the container from the heater and add the Acetil Glycerin to it. This input is an alcohol and it is known to be highly inflammable. That is why it is always advisable to put off the heater and add it to the mixer so as not to catch fire and cause harms. Turn the mixture very well as you add it.

What is the fastest production Body Cream

• Then, put on the heater again and reduce the heating temperature to the barest minimum. As soon as you that, place you mixer on the heater and continue.

• Add the Paraffin oil and the Petroleum Jelly and stir the mixture very well.

• Also, add your Vitamin E and the Propylene Glycerine to the mixer. Stir it properly, put off the heater and put down the container.

• Recall the 2 Litres of water which you have boiled initially. Pour the entire mixture into the container of boiled water and mix them together. As you stir the mixture, observe the thickness and consider adding more boiled water to soften it.

What is the fastest production Body Cream

• At this point, add your industrial perfume depending on any fragrance you want to give your brands. Stir the mixture once again to achieve an even distribution and circulation of the various inputs within the container.

• Measure the mixture bit by bit into your well-designed and branded packaging containers. After that, allow it to form and get set for a few minutes. As soon as they are cool and ready for use, seal the containers and package them further in nylons and cartons for sales, marketing and distribution.

Advertise your business to sell more. If possible, register a company and business name for your business, products and brands to give a corporate outlook.

For more information on this business model, an expert will teach you better and guide you to success.

I am also here to help you. So ask me your related questions and I will give you the right answers.

Also send in your opinions and suggestions regarding this article and I will consider and attend to them promptly. Use the comment box below to express yourself and get a timely support and assistance where necessary.

What is the fastest production Body Cream

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