Tips to Know What Time is Happy hour at Sonic

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What time is happy hour at sonic

What time is happy hour at sonic:

Happy Hour at Sonic: Are you planning a treat for your family or friends? If so move to the Sonic happy hour, which will provide daily deals on your favourite sonic menu with the best value.

You can seize a cheap bite of the yummy favourite of yours from the Sonic happy Hour menu at half price.

Happy hour at sonic is the perfect location in the summer for a cool drink and also we can get some best value items on the Sonic happy hour menu.

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What Time is Sonic Happy Hour?

Sonic is having a great surprise happy hour deal during the summer. It is one of the amazing fast-food chains which is very popular and easy to afford because of its daily offers.

Prices of the Sonic happy hour may vary based on their location. On happy hour at sonic, you have to pay only half the price for drinks and slushes.

You can go to a happy hour at the Sonic restaurant after your kids are done with their school. Sonic happy hour provides the best deal of the day and the prices are very cheap.

What time is happy hour at sonic

Famous Slushes

1. Cherry Slush

2. Blue Raspberry Slush

3. Blue Coconut Slush

4. Mountain Berry Blast Slush

5. Grape Slush

6. Cranberry Slush

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What time is happy hour at sonic

Real Fruit Slushes

1. Cherry Limeade Slush

2. Limeade Slush

3. Lemonade Slush

4. Strawberry Real Fruit Slush

Candy Slushes

1. Blue Raspberry with NERDS

2. Grape Slush with NERDS

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What time is happy hour at sonic

Timings for Sonic Happy Hour

In most of the locations, Sonic happy hour starts from 2:00 to 4:00 PM every day.

Days                    Happy Hours

Monday                2 PM – 4 PM

Tuesday                 2 PM – 4 PM

Wednesday            2 PM – 4 PM

Thursday                2 PM – 4 PM

Friday                      2 PM – 4 PM

Saturday                   2 PM – 4 PM

Sunday                     2 PM – 4 PM

Happy Hour on the Sonic App

Sonic extended offers on their popular Happy Hour Menu. You can get drinks, fruit juices, and slushes at half price on a regular menu price.

To improve customer service Sonic provides rewards and offers on Sonic App. You can this app in play store where you can get coupons and ½ price Slushes,

Drinks and hot dogs every day. Now download the Sonic App for free and start to enjoy tasty drinks with rewards and offers.

What time is happy hour at sonic

Benefits of Sonic App

  1. You can get a FREE medium slushie or drink by downloading this app, you can use this app offer within 30 days.
  2. You can send Sonic gift cards to your friends and family, which will surprise them with a fast and easy purchase.
  3. Use the app to pay your checkout bill.
  4. Get notifications of deals and offers as they become available.
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The sonic happy hour menu beverages include regular Lemonades, Frozen Lemonades, Soft Drinks, Limeades, Ocean Water, Real Fruit, Iced Teas, and Candy Slushes.

You’ll have to pay extra for any add-ins. This offer does not include Mini size, Combos, Ice Cream Slushes, Wacky Pack Kids Meals, and other offers.

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