Why is rap music so popular all over the world

Rap today is the main and most popular musical direction. All over the world there are groups and performers who create unique poems and read them to music. Not only well-known performers, but also newcomers in this segment regularly appear on the network.

New artists don’t even need to buy YouTube views for their videos because good tracks quickly get into the top countries and are viewed by a large number of viewers.

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Features of the style

Unfortunately, most people cannot distinguish between what is rap and what is hip-hop. Indeed, these two words have much in common, but, unfortunately, they do not mean the same thing. Rap is a special type that is characteristic of the hip-hop subculture. Hip-hop itself is not music, but a subculture, that is, a certain way of life, perception of the world around, style of dressing and listening to completely different music.

Rap has been known for a long time, although it is undeniable that it has gained the greatest fame thanks to Eminem, who is sometimes called the king of rap. It was he who began to rap on extremely complex topics related to his personal life.

During the heyday of this artist’s career, he racked up huge views on every music video without having to buy real YouTube views.

What is the phenomenon of this style:

  1. First of all, rap was born as poems that were read to the music. The main theme was the difficult life of teenagers in slums, areas with a high crime rate.
  2. The second stage of the popularity of rap is associated with love lyrics. This is a separate caste of performers.

Also, each rapper has his own characteristics and style, which is interesting to the listener.

The hip-hop subculture itself gathers, contrary to appearance, very sensitive people. Of course, you can hear a lot of swearing in rap, but be that as it may, these are songs that are often written with lyrics, and just as often have a deep message. You may not immediately understand this type.

Reasons for the popularity of rap

There are many beautiful tracks that are sure to please fans of other music genres. Without a doubt, everyone will find for themselves some kind of composition, which, in the end, should not contain any swearing, but may be full of beautiful expressions and phrases that would sink into our memory.

Also, most of the performers write their own lyrics. Although they are always correctly rhymed, they still have a soul and certain experiences of the author. In addition to music, it looks incredibly interesting, so the rap industry is constantly evolving.


All people have different musical tastes and there is no point in arguing about them. It is impossible to deny the fact that rap is listened to by a huge number of people all over the planet and now it is one of the most popular styles in the world.

As a rule, young people listen to such tracks, but soon this will change because the generation grows and becomes an adult.

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