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Welcome! Today, we will be discussing with the emerging business trends.

Currently internet penetration, e-commerce surge.

An emerging industry is a group of companies in a line of business formed around a new product or idea that is in the early stages of development.

An emerging industry typically consists of just a few companies and is often centered around new technology.

The increase in nearby software companies and neighborhood And cloud choice have driven a lot of trends in the neighborhood technology space.

Some of these trends will continue and more new trends will be driven by new realities in the country’s economy.

And trends driving ICT all inclusive.

The emerging business trends itemized here are not in any order of importance.



1.  e-Commerce

e-Commerce is one of the emerging business trends in the country.

A lot of factors drive the explosion of the e-commerce in the country.

Firstly, the competition within the industry will continue with an immeasurable number of new entrants.

This will lead to better offerings and better discounts.

We know Naira depreciation will hit people’s pockets in a year.

Hence, buying things online at discounted prices will be the trend.

This will drive more movement to online stores.


2) Data Centers

Presently, the number of data centers in Nigeria is on the rise.

A year ago several data centers emerged including Rack Center. Main One has launched its center in early 2015.

Expect a few more centers to open this year.

Upgrading of existing data center especially by the telecoms.

What will be the effect of the rise of data center?  Nearby hosting of online applications.

Better services from corporate associations will have alternatives.

Some of them having better technology services from the data centers..

Hence, better than their internal data centers.

3) The Rise of the Local App

There is an increased in local app in Nigeria.

This indeed is one of the emerging business trends.

The resultant effect is the proliferation of cloud services.

The forerunner of the application industry at the worldwide level is local apps.

Today we consume BBM and Facebook. most services on smart phone and tablets run as applications.

The foreign applications have dominated the local market.

However there is a rise in the use of privately developed and famous applications.

These are driven by social and cultural trends.  main activities in the nation also contribute to it.

For instance, national events like General Elections take advantage of this trend.


4) Technology Funding

It used to be difficult in getting funding in IT.  the telecoms industry has dependably been well-funded.

Being a matured industry, the neighborhood technology sector was barely fund able.

An example is the success of a few tech companies like Jobberman.

Jumia is anoher example activities of the Ministry of Technology has led to increased funding in the sector.

A whole new ecosystem of incubators and venture capital are coming .

Seed funding is equally evolving to reserve new businesses.

I expect that this trend will really begin maturing this year.

It will lead to more funding for new businesses.

There will also be the development of a merger ecosystem in the IT industry.

This evolving ecosystem is sorely needed for the survival of the technology industry.

5) Incubators Growth

In 2014, we saw the rise of several incubators.

We will be focusing on developing neighborhood new companies.

In 2015, we begin to see successful new businesses from these incubators.

Efforts at diversification of the economy will make the tech startup industry attractive.

They would serve as practical alternative investments.

Success stories may lead to a dash for unheard of wealth.

Yet, I expect a few successful stories from this segment of the technology space.

To this end, we cannot overlook Incubators Growth as emerging business trends in Nigeria.


6) Evolution of Corporate IT

The corporate IT has been the rage over the most recent couple of years. e-commerce, applications, tablets, and smartphones form key component.

Corporate IT seems to be getting little attention.

In any case, in the corporate space, expect modernization of IT infrastructure.

The movement to the cloud, rise of corporate applications is a good development.

Receptions of real consumer technologies like online networking to reach customers is also welcome.

Investment in customer relationship answers for reach customers also, it leads to deliver better service

7) Local Adoption of Cloud

Cloud has dependably offered better and cheaper IT.

In the consumer space, cloud choice has been phenomenal. from online networking to productivity and finance, it has done very well. Corporate IT has held out because of concerns about information security.

In any case, it is driven by challenges in the economy as the Naira falls, most companies in 2015 have to make a choice. they have to consider the non-existing concerns for security.

Also, the cost savings that cloud reception promised would also have to be considered.

I suspect the latter will win. we will see a faster movement of corporate IT to the cloud.

8) Maturity of Mobile Payment

Mobile payment will continue to grow.

The service is Driven by penetration of keen mobile devices. better access to quality Internet access also determines it.

Banks, squeezed for efficiency will likewise deepen marketing. Also, support for mobile payments will create efficiency. It additionally generates revenue.

It would, therefore, be wrong to ignore the Maturity of Mobile payment systems.

It is the emerging business trends in Nigeria.


9) Security

Securing online exchanges is a noteworthy issue all around.

Consider the experience with Sony toward the end of the year.

Also look at several cases of hacking and online theft in 2014.

Highlight the security issues associated with moving our lives online.

It is necessary to concentrate on the security of online action from interpretations to information.

10) Rise of Local Hardware Brands

The indigenous hardware industry has not fared well over time.

From the local PC manufacturers to the smartphone makers. Be that as it may, there is a rising trend of nearby manufactures,

Be that as it may, there is a rising trend of nearby manufactures.

Of, course, this is occasioned by some activities within the ICT Ministry.

Will 2017 be the year a neighborhood technology company breaks through?

will they surpass the competitive hardware landscape? Time will tell.


11) Logistics/Courier Business

The increase in e-Commerce businesses will open the way for more delivery/courier companies to emerge.

When you are shipping goods from Owerri to Lagos, someone needs to deliver them.

The cost of shipping is a hindrance to e-Commerce business in Nigeria.

More delivery companies will give healthy competition, forcing down prices. This is something to be thankful for.

How to start a little courier company? Read this article.

12) Online Marketing

Take your pick: blogging, freelancing, information marketing, affiliate marketing, there are plenty.

More and more people are going to make much money online in 2017 than in 2016.

It is no longer a secret that people make full income on the internet.

13) Tech Business

The Nigerian tech industry is in the spotlight for some great reasons.

We have seen people develop grant winning applications like OkadaBooks, Find-A-Med, BudgIT, AfriNolly, etc.

The tech industry is proving very lucrative. more people hope to explore their creative tech side in 2017.

Tech bloggers like OgbongeBlog and NaijaTechGuide have been making money for a while now.

I expect more people to take after their lead over the years.

This is a splendid open door for the tech person. Key into an  emerging business trends like this.


14) Programming/Coding Tutorials

There are two approaches to making money through what you know. you can do what you know.

Also, you can teach people how to do what you know.

For our tech industry to keep booming, people will need approaches to learn coding/programming.


15) Transportation

Similar to real estate, every year will constantly be a blameless year for transportation.

Uber has challenged the way transportation works inthe country.

Now we see new businesses like FindMyRide and GoMyWay creating innovations in the vehicle sector.

Taxi drivers are no longer the old men driving rickety autos.

They are not necessarily the ones polluting everywhere with smoke.

You also can make money in transportation.

The opportunities are endless.

This is also, one of the great emerging business trends in the country.


16) Private Labeling

Private labeling means you do not have to spend huge sums on machinery.

Same for production line, before you have something produced in your name.

Entrepreneur Dilim Okeke in her new book,

“Business Big Time”, has made a convincing case for private labeling.

It is a book every entrepreneur ought to read.

It details new and affordable methods for getting into the production business. You can do this without spending huge amounts of money.

In it, you would discover more emerging business trends in the country.

If you need a complete business plan, please let us know.

Or, you want us to help you set up this business, kindly contact us.

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