26 Tips to Get Worldwide Facebook Business Readers

Worldwide Facebook Business Readers: While just about every social-networking platform now has its own fully integrated advertising system, Facebook still reigns supreme in terms of features, insights, and audience.

As a business, that means Facebook is the ideal place to start.

But unfortunately, just because Facebook is a great platform for advertising doesn’t mean all brands use it effectively.

Many end up wasting money and throwing resources down the drain because they have no strategy or don’t understand how to use it.

Hopefully, that’s not you. All it takes to succeed is a little knowledge of how Facebook advertising works and what some of the best practices are:

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Worldwide Facebook Business Readers
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Everything You Need to Know

Social media is a cheap and effective way to market your business. And despite some negative press, Facebook is still king with more than 2.23 billion monthly users.

Using Facebook for business may seem difficult, because its rules and algorithms change frequently, which makes it hard to keep up with best practices.

However, when Facebook is used correctly, it is one of the best tools for targeting a specific audience through paid campaigns. It knows a lot about its users (more so than we ever thought), and it uses this information to your advantage when you purchase ads.

Here’s how to create a Facebook page and how you can use it to your advantage.

It’s critical to create a Facebook page – not a Facebook profile. A profile is a personal Facebook account that’s for sharing personal information and photos. Pages are public profiles that let businesses and public figures connect with fans. Users just have to like a page to start seeing updates from the page on their News Feed.

To create a Facebook business page, you must have a personal profile and follow Facebook’s on-screen instructions. When creating your page, Facebook will ask you some questions, such as a category to describe your page, business name, address, and phone number. You’ll also have the option to upload profile and cover photos.

It’s important to include all the information you can so your customers recognize your page and can find the information they’re looking for.

There are multiple sections you can feature on your Facebook page, but not every section will be a fit for your business. Here are the sections you can add.

About: The About section is one of the most important parts of your Facebook page. It should be filled out with your address, business details, contact information, hours, and website URL. Many people go online to find specific information about a business; don’t let your potential customers down by keeping this page blank.

Community: The Community page is where posts, photos, and videos from customers show up. Customers can also check in to your store here. This is a great area for your audience to interact and learn more about your company.

Events: You can create event pages and promote upcoming events in this section. Once you create an event on Facebook, you can invite people and share specific information about it all in one place.

Home: This section is where all your updates and posts live. This is also the first page users see when they visit your page.

Info and Ads: This section is designed to add transparency to your page. It shows your followers any Facebook ads you’re currently running.

Offers: You can post discounts or deals from this section. This is an easy way to encourage people to come to your Facebook page. Tell customers to like your page and find a deal on it.

Photos: The Photos tab features the photo albums you’ve posted on your timeline.

Posts: This section shows all your posts, including timeline photos and updates.

Reviews: On the left-hand side of your page, you’ll likely see a list of tabs, such as Home, Services and Reviews. Under the Reviews tab, customers can write a review and indicate if they would recommend your business. Ratings show up at the top of your page. While you can hide the Reviews tab, it can provide valuable feedback to you and your followers. Reviews help verify your business and make it easy for customers to recommend your product.

Services: You can showcase your services on this page. You can add a photo of the service, its name, pricing, description, and duration.

Shop: You can add your inventory on this page, and users can buy your products directly from Facebook. Your sales are sent to your bank account.

 3. my audience insights.

Facebook’s Audience Insights is one of the best tools you have at your disposal.

It essentially allows you to learn about specific audiences before risking your budget or targeting them.

It works by mining available Facebook data and showing you exactly who your target market is, based on people who already like your page.

Instead of taking a shot in the dark, you now know exactly which users are likely to follow through with your ad’s call-to-action.

It saves a lot of time and money, allowing you to focus on the quality of the ad and avoid wasting time on targeting.

4. Create unique ad sets for each audience.

One of the neatest features of Facebook’s advertising platform is that you can create separate ad sets for unique audiences.

In other words, you can create two different ads and deliver them to two completely unique audiences. Or you can create the same exact ad and send it to two different audiences. Ultimately, the result is better targeting.

For example, let’s say you’re a retailer that sells kitchen supplies. Maybe you have a really awesome new stainless steel mixing bowl that you’re trying to market to two different groups. Instead of delivering the same ad to everyone, you can create two unique ads and deliver them to two distinct target markets. The first ad could be targeted towards professional chefs, whereas the second one may be focused on stay-at-home moms who like quality chef-grade kitchen supplies. The two ads will be completely different, despite the fact that the same item is being pushed.

5. Accompany ads with landing pages.

Very rarely should you connect an ad to your website or product page without first pushing visitors through a landing page? Landing pages allow you to maximize your Facebook advertising efforts by educating users before asking them to buy.

Landing pages make sense because Facebook advertising isn’t cheap. You’re going to spend money on your clicks and you want each one to count. Simply sending them to a basic website or product page without any clear direction of what they need to do is a waste of money.

6. Use striking imagery

You’ll hear people teach entire courses on how to write Facebook ad copy, but for some reason, the same amount of attention isn’t given to the images used in these ads. This is unfortunate since visual content is far more influential than textual content.

“You don’t have to use a shot of your business, product, or service,” says Nicolas Gremion of Free-eBooks.net. “Rather use a (relevant if possible) image that will catch people’s eyes and have them read your ad.” Facebook tells you that you can’t use images that contain more than 20 percent words, so it’s clear that images are designed to grab attention, not display a message. Take advantage of this valuable real estate within your ad.

7. Establish a bid strategy and budget

Finally, it’s critically important that you set a bid strategy and budget. Otherwise, you’ll end up spending way more than you intended. Thankfully, Facebook makes this easy by allowing you to use what’s known as Optimized CPM.

With this tool, you’re essentially giving Facebook the permission to bid for ad space based on the constraints and goals you provide. This generally allows you to maximize your budget and avoid overspending. Until you get an idea of how much ad space costs and how to allocate your budget, it’s best to let Facebook take care of this aspect of your campaign.

8. Putting it all together

Creating a killer Facebook ad campaign is all about understanding the platform and utilizing the features you have at your disposal. While you certainly need to think about the ad itself, you have to start with the platform you’re using. Once you determine who you’re targeting and how much you’re willing to spend, you can then focus on the finer details.

Using these five tips, you should be able to get started and experience some initial success. As always, remember that Facebook is constantly changing its advertising platform, so stay on top of any new developments and apply them accordingly.

With Facebook massager, you can reply to your customers as your business. Your inbox is located at the top of your page when you’re signed in as a page admin.

Facebook Messenger is an important customer service tool, and customers expect you to use it. In fact, Facebook tracks the response rates and times of brand pages so customers know how quickly they can expect an answer. Facebook Messenger is attractive to customers because they expect a fast response, and many people are more comfortable live chatting than calling.

Messenger has several new tools and updates that make it easy for brands to engage with customers on the platform, including natural language processing for Messenger chatbots.

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Facebook Insights is an analytics tool. It’s free to use for all ages, and it shows data on actions taken, page views, the number of people you’ve reached, the number of post engagements, and more. This information can help you determine the success of your social campaigns and how to improve your posts.

Worldwide Facebook Business Readers

You can use Facebook Publishing Tools to schedule posts to go live in the future. You can also create videos, advertise your business, promote an event, make an offer, write a note and post job applications here.

It’s important to post regularly – at least a couple of times a week. If you find that you’re spending too much time on Facebook each day, try third-party social media management tools such as Hootsuite or Buffer. While scheduling and creating multiple posts take some time upfront, it saves you time in the long run. [Interested in social media management and monitoring tools? Check out our best picks on our sister site, BusinessHAB.com.]

Facebook has excellent targeting tools. It can help you target specific demographics, locations and interest groups. You need to know who you’re trying to sell to first, of course. Once you have a mental picture of your ideal audience, utilize the targeting tools Facebook offers.

Worldwide Facebook Business Readers

Though you’ve created a business Facebook page to gain more customers, your audience won’t respond well if you’re only trying to sell them your product or service with every post. Try to be personable in your Facebook posts. Help your audience feel comfortable with you by sharing more than marketing content.

It can be difficult to get organic traffic on Facebook, but regularly running giveaways and other contests can help. You can use services such as Rafflecopter to offer an incentive for liking and following your page.

However, before you post a contest or giveaway, make sure you understand Facebook’s rules. If you don’t follow the proper laws, you could be in legal trouble. Learn more about the laws and guidelines of social media contests and sweepstakes in this Business News Daily guide.

Worldwide Facebook Business Readers

You can create events as a business on Facebook. You can invite anyone to these events and pay extra to promote them to a targeted audience on Facebook. Events can be a fun way to engage your audience and turn them into customers.

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It can be time-consuming to Create and share only original content. You can save time and effort by curating and sharing relevant content from other sources that your audience would also be interested in. Networking with these other sources might benefit you in other ways as well. For example, some of these sources might share your content in return, which can help you connect with a wider audience.

Worldwide Facebook Business Readers

Don’t just publish a post and then be done with Facebook for the week. Create and share posts that will engage your audience while responding to their comments, questions, and concerns. If you’re having conversations with your audience, they’re more likely to become your customers.

In January, Facebook announced it made major changes to its newsfeed algorithm. With this change, Facebook prioritizes personal connections and engagement. In short, your posts won’t be seen unless they generate a conversation.

Another way to be engaging on Facebook is with its polling features. It’s similar to Twitter’s polls and is a great way to start a conversation or get to know your customers’ opinions. To create a poll, go to your Page Manager and select Create a poll from the icon menu below the Write Something box.

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Remember the good times and celebrate anniversaries by highlighting company milestones such as your first 1,000 followers. These posts usually engage your audience and make you more personable. If you’re offering a special promotion for any milestones or anniversaries, promote that on your page as well.

Worldwide Facebook Business Readers

The best way to reach your desired audience is to run Facebook ads. While these cost money, they’re effective because you can choose your targeted audience based on demographics, behaviors or contact information. You can choose a daily or overall budget for ads, select the amount of time an ad runs, and adjust your desired audience. Facebook tracks the interactions on each promotion you run, which helps you develop highly successful campaigns in the future.

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If you’re scrolling through your Facebook timeline, you might notice a lot of videos. That’s because videos do great on the platform. One way to create Facebook videos is through Facebook Live, which allows you to broadcast to a large audience for free.

21. Take advantage of your personal Facebook account

I mentioned in step 1 above that you need to have a business page and not a personal page, but you still need to have an active personal Facebook account.

Here is why:

After you post an update on your business page, one of the ways to increase exposure and likes is to share that post on your personal page as well.

People you have as friends on your personal page are more likely to ‘like’ and ‘interact’ with the post shared from your business page and this will increase the engagement factor of your posts.

As a result, Facebook will show your posts to more fans (organically).

So, one of the ways to increase the number of people that view your posts and go past the 4% of your fan base is to share and promote the post on your personal page.

It goes without saying that the greater the number of friends the bigger will be the visibility of the post.

Also, make sure that you invite all your existing friends (and new ones) to like your Facebook business page. Do that every time you gain a new ‘friend’.

Worldwide Facebook Business Readers

22. Follow these tips to increase post engagement

So far, we have created an optimized Facebook business page, added friends to our personal Facebook page, and placed the like box in a prominent position on our website.

The next natural step is to start sharing content to keep your fans happy and maybe manage to convert them from fans > website visitors > customers.

Some simple rules to follow that will increase user engagement with your Facebook business page:

#1 – Share relevant content: Share content that your fans expect to see on your page. For example, if your website is about Social media, share content related to social media and not about sports or anything else you might like. If your users want to read sports news, they know where to find them.

#2 – Don’t forget that they follow your business page to get updates about your website (and niche) and not about your social gatherings: If you want to get social, then use your personal Facebook page, your business page is about your website.

Worldwide Facebook Business Readers

#3 – As a rule of thumb, I use my business page to share content from my niche only, if I need to share something which is not related to my niche, I use my personal page.

#4 – Don’t be too promotional: Sharing promotional content (all the time) on your Facebook page will drive your fans away. When you have a promotion to share or something that might benefit your fans, you can do so but don’t overdo it.

Try to post interesting, shareable content that is related to your niche, even if this does not come directly from your website. Keep a balance between promotional and content that your followers might want to read.

Worldwide Facebook Business Readers

23.  Share interesting and high-quality content (not just links)

I made some tests regarding the impact of descriptions when doing a Facebook update and found out that Facebook posts with ‘lists’ get more likes than posts with just links. Let me give you an example to understand what I mean.

When you want to share a post from your website on Facebook, you go to Facebook status updates and enter the webpage URL.

24. Consider creating a Facebook Group

Once you’ve started to build up your following, you may want to consider adding a Facebook Group to your marketing plan. With more than one billion people using Facebook Groups every month, it’s an audience too large to ignore. Think of Groups as the online equivalent of the office water cooler or your favorite coffee shop. They are a place for people to get together and share information and ideas with like-minded users in an online community environment.

Worldwide Facebook Business Readers

Creating your own Facebook Group can be an effective way to gather your fans in one place and encourage them to interact with one another. Build an active community of people talking about your business. It’s a great way to gather customer intelligence. What are people really saying about you? It’s like a focus group with unlimited members—and you can facilitate conversation or ask questions.

You can also use Facebook Groups to showcase your expertise. Shirley Weir of Menopause Chicks has a private Facebook Group for women in her target demographic to come together and talk about personal topics. She builds trust and a sense of community while highlighting her knowledge and experience.

 25. Provide incentives to get more fans & followers

Why should someone follow your Facebook business page?

You need to give incentives to Facebook users to follow your page. A few ideas to consider:

Quality updates – This is the best incentive you can give your users. Before posting anything on your page, you need to make sure that it provides value to your audience. When you do this consistently, you existing followers will share it with their friends and this will attract more users.

Run a contest – Many websites run contests on Facebook and giveaway different gifts. The ‘price’ for joining the content is to LIKE the page first. There are various tools to do that but have in mind that if you don’t have a known brand this may not be so successful.

Worldwide Facebook Business Readers

26. You need to promote your own content and page

When you create your business page don’t expect that it will magically get thousands of fans. Besides the tips outlined above, you also have to promote your business page in places other than Facebook.

A few ideas to consider that worked for my case:

Promote in other social media networks – If you have accounts with other social media channels e.g. Google+, Pinterest, etc. you can periodically ask your followers to join you on Facebook as well. Be polite and explain to them the benefits of doing so.

Promote in Twitter – Besides posting about your Facebook page on other social media networks, you can take advantage of twitter’s interactive features.

Worldwide Facebook Business Readers

When you get a new Twitter follower, send them a private (personalized) message and ask them to follow you on Facebook (both your personal and business pages).

This method although it is time-consuming, (I did it manually and not using any tools) it can produce really good results.

Promote in your newsletter – If you have a newsletter or if you communicate with your readers via email, make sure that you ask them to follow your Facebook page.

Do not just write the FB URL below your signature but ASK them politely to LIKE your business page.

Worldwide Facebook Business Readers


“Facebook Live is one of the most powerful yet underutilized tools a small business can use to engage with their market,” said Elizabeth Giorgi, founder, and CEO of Mighteor. “In today’s mobile-first world, live video serves as a way to connect directly with the followers you have acquired on your social channels instantly.”

With Facebook Live, you can have real-time conversations with your followers and give them an inside look at your business. For more tips on how to effectively use Facebook Live, read this Business News Daily guide.

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