17 Tips to Get into Wright’s Dairy Farm for Business

Wright’s Dairy Farm: A Timeless Tradition of Quality and Sustainability

Visiting Wright’s Dairy Farm can be a delightful experience, offering you the opportunity to enjoy high-quality dairy products and immerse yourself in the farm’s rich traditions. Here are some tips to ensure you get the best experience at Wright’s Dairy Farm:

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1. The  Background:

Wright’s Dairy Farm, nestled in the picturesque landscape of North Smithfield, Rhode Island, stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of family-owned agriculture. Established in 1914 by Charles Wright, this dairy farm has evolved over the years into a cherished local institution, known for its commitment to quality, sustainability, and a genuine connection with the community.

2. A Rich Heritage: 

Wright’s Dairy Farm boasts a rich heritage that spans generations. What began as a small operation with a handful of cows has flourished into a thriving enterprise under the stewardship of the Wright family. The commitment to maintaining the highest standards in dairy production has been passed down from one generation to the next, ensuring that the farm remains deeply rooted in its agricultural traditions.

3. Quality Dairy Products:

One of the hallmarks of Wright’s Dairy Farm is its unwavering commitment to producing top-quality dairy products. The farm is renowned for its fresh, wholesome milk, creamy butter, and a variety of artisanal cheeses. The emphasis on quality is evident in every step of the production process, from the well-tended pastures where the cows graze to the state-of-the-art facilities where the milk is processed.

4. Sustainable Practices:

Wright’s Dairy Farm takes pride in its sustainable farming practices, recognizing the importance of environmental stewardship in today’s world. The farm has implemented eco-friendly initiatives such as waste reduction, energy conservation, and responsible land management. By embracing sustainable practices, the farm not only minimizes its ecological footprint but also sets an example for other agricultural enterprises looking to adopt environmentally conscious measures.

5. Educational Outreach:

Understanding the importance of educating the community about the dairy industry and sustainable farming, Wright’s Dairy Farm actively engages in educational outreach programs. The farm welcomes school groups, families, and individuals to experience firsthand the daily operations of a working dairy farm. Educational tours, workshops, and events provide visitors with insights into the intricate processes of milk production, the care of farm animals, and the significance of sustainable agriculture.

6. Community Involvement:

Wright’s Dairy Farm holds a special place in the hearts of the local community. Beyond providing fresh and delicious dairy products, the farm actively participates in community events, farmers’ markets, and local fairs. The farm’s presence at these gatherings fosters a sense of community and strengthens the bond between the farm and its patrons.

7. Looking to the Future: 

As Wright’s Dairy Farm looks toward the future, it remains dedicated to preserving its agricultural heritage while adapting to the demands of a modern world. The farm’s commitment to quality, sustainability, and community engagement serves as a shining example of how family-owned enterprises can thrive and evolve over the years.

8. Check Opening Hours:

Before planning your visit, check the farm’s official website or contact them to confirm their opening hours. This ensures that you visit at a time when the farm is accessible to the public.

9. Join Guided Tours:

Many farms, including Wright’s Dairy Farm, offer guided tours. Participating in a tour can provide you with valuable insights into the farm’s operations, the history of the dairy, and the sustainable practices they follow. It’s an excellent way to make your visit more educational and engaging.

10. Visit the Farm Store:

Wright’s Dairy Farm typically has an on-site store where you can purchase their fresh dairy products. Take the time to explore the farm store and consider buying a variety of items, such as fresh milk, artisanal cheeses, and creamy butter, to enjoy the full spectrum of their offerings.

11. Explore Educational Exhibits:

If the farm has educational exhibits or displays, make sure to explore them. These exhibits often provide information about the dairy industry, sustainable farming practices, and the farm’s history. It’s an opportunity to deepen your understanding of the farm’s operations.

12. Attend Special Events:

Keep an eye out for any special events or festivals hosted by the farm. These events may include tastings, workshops, or family-friendly activities. Attending such events can enhance your overall experience and make your visit more memorable.

13. Respect Farm Rules:

Farms often have specific rules and guidelines to ensure the safety of visitors and the well-being of the animals. Follow any posted signs or instructions, and be mindful of designated areas. This helps maintain a positive experience for everyone.

14. Capture the Moment:

Don’t forget to bring your camera or smartphone to capture the picturesque scenes around the farm. From the rolling pastures to the charming barns, Wright’s Dairy Farm provides ample opportunities for beautiful photos.

15. Engage with Staff:

Take the time to engage with the staff at the farm. They are often passionate about their work and can provide additional information about the farm’s history, daily operations, and the products they offer.

16. Plan for Seasonal Offerings:

Some farms may have seasonal offerings or special products during certain times of the year. Check in advance to see if there are any seasonal items or events happening during your visit.

17. Bring a Cooler:

If you plan to purchase perishable items like fresh milk or cheeses, consider bringing a cooler with ice packs to keep your purchases cool during your journey home.

By following these tips, you can make the most of your visit to Wright’s Dairy Farm and enjoy the authentic, high-quality dairy products they are known for.


Wright’s Dairy Farm stands as a living testament to the enduring spirit of family-owned agriculture. Through a century of unwavering commitment to quality, sustainability, and community, the farm has become a cherished institution in North Smithfield. As patrons continue to savour the farm’s delicious dairy products, and new generations discover the beauty of traditional farming practices, Wright’s Dairy Farm remains a beacon of agricultural excellence and community connection.

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