11 Ways to Get Zoho Real Estate Management Software

I will be your expert and trainer: Created specifically for the needs of real estate agencies on award-winning Zoho CRM, Real Estate Agency CRM delivers outstanding value with an astounding array of features for a fraction of the cost of any comparable industry system.

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1. What is Real Estate Agency CRM Software?

Real estate agency CRM software is an industry solution built for real estate agencies of every size. Built on top of award-winning Zoho CRM, the real estate agency CRM lets you streamline your property management and sales cycle management process with ease.

2. Why your Real Estate Agency needs a CRM?

If you are still managing your business on spread sheets, then you are possibly spending a massive amount of time entering data, updating them, and finding the correct data at the right time. With the right real estate management software in place, you can store your data centrally, take advantage of automation and workflows to save time, and avoid manual errors!

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3. What are the benefits of a Real Estate Agency CRM?

Here are the primary benefits of using Real Estate Agency CRM:

  • Streamlined property management
  • Effortless lead management
  • Centralized deal management
  • Automated property recommendation generation
  • Comprehensive reports and dashboards
  • Time-saving automation and workflows

4. How to use your Real Estate CRM software?

Using Real Estate Agency CRM is super easy. Moreover, once we’ve set up the solution for you, we offer complete user training that includes process training, building reports, templates, adding fields, etc. We also share tutorial videos for your reference.

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5. Can I make any additional modifications to the Real Estate Agency CRM?

Of course! The real estate CRM software is built on top of Zoho CRM and, therefore, has robust customization capabilities. Please let our consultant know about the additional customizations you may require during the demo. We’ll understand the requirement, offer suggestions and present you with the effort estimate for the desired modifications.

6. Which edition of Zoho CRM is required for the Real Estate Agency CRM?

The real estate agency CRM works on Zoho CRM Enterprise Edition. You may purchase the Zoho CRM Enterprise Edition or Zoho One Suite of Applications (Zoho CRM Enterprise Edition is a part of Zoho One).

7. Property Management

Efficient property management is vital for any real estate agency. The Real Estate Management software makes it super easy with intuitive UI and tons of customization tailored for your industry. Manage your properties like never before!

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8. Getting Started

With Real Estate CRM software, you can access all key matrices of your business and important updates from the home page itself. Run your real estate agency like never before!

9; Manage Your Sales Cycle

Real Estate Management software lets you better manage your sales cycle and track the progress of a lead throughout the sales cycle. Whatmore, useful automation makes lead nurturing and deal management super easy for you!

10. Lead Capturing Made Easy

With the Real Estate Agency CRM in place, you can now capture all your inquires automatically. What’s more, you can start the lead nurturing process immediately with automated emails that are tailored for your business!

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