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Presentations are an important tool in business. People give presentations to review financial trends, make sales pitches and showcase new ideas. Learning how to craft an engaging presentation can help you stand out as an individual and as a presenter. In this article, we discuss the importance of creative presentation design and review a list of presentation examples you can consider using in your next presentation.

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Creative sign design

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Why is creative presentation design important?

When giving a presentation, your goals are sharing information and holding your audience’s attention. Creative presentation design tools like the use of colour, themes and graphics can help keep your audience interested. With so many ways to incorporate creativity into your presentation’s design, choosing methods that fit your topic and audience can help you leave a lasting impression.

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Here are several examples of techniques and styles you can use in your next presentation:

1. Incorporate audience participation

When creating your presentation, structure some of your slides to feature audience participation. This can involve a poll that audience members can respond to or questions you’d like audience members to answer as a discussion. You might give one or two audience members a question you’d like to ask before the presentation, to encourage other audience members to participate.

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Creative sign design

2. Use animations

Visuals are integral to presentations, and including elements like animations can help catch the audience’s attention. You can use animations to show the growth of a statistic on a chart or the flow of steps in a process. You can often find tools on the internet that have animations you can use in your presentation, or you can try to create those effects yourself.

3. Consider bold colours

One method for creating visual intrigue is using bold colours in your presentation. Using a black-and-white theme with a single colour in certain elements, or creating a monochromatic theme for each section of your presentation, can often help catch your audience’s attention. You can also take your organization’s colours and work those into your theme, creating consistency between your brand and your presentation.

4. Incorporate contrasting colours

When making comparisons or highlighting specific points, try working with a set of colours that stand out from each other. You can use the colours to split the screen when comparing two ideas or displaying a section heading and a point on the same slide. Try working with complimentary colours from opposite sides of the colour wheel to create a bright contrast without the colours clashing.

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Creative sign design

5. Practice consistent stylization

When designing your presentation, try using a consistent theme throughout your slides. Keep certain elements the same throughout the entire presentation, like the font for different pieces of content or the colours for each section of information. Using a few visually consistent elements can give your presentation continuity and a more professional appearance.

6. Add creative language

Try including creative language into your presentation. Make comparisons to pop culture, add metaphors or use a few jokes to help the audience connect with your material outside of the business level. As a presenter, using relatable and creative language to connect with your audience can have just as much influence as the content in the presentation itself.

7. Use designs based on your content

If you’re giving a presentation based on a product or an idea, use designs based on the content you’re pitching. Include icons, colours and fonts that aesthetically match your content design to show consistency through all stages of the process. If you are a creator marketing your skills to potential clients, include unique visuals or designs based on your work to showcase your skills during your presentation.

Creative sign design

8. Insert embedded videos or sound clips

When incorporating video or audio elements in your presentation, add them as embedded content to create a simple transition between your script and the additional content. Show videos within the slide to prevent any technical issues when switching between the presenting and viewing platforms. Cue audio clips like music or testimonials to play automatically during slide transitions or at a certain time in the presentation.

9. Highlight statistics with visuals

If you include statistics in your presentation, consider displaying those using visual elements like graphs, charts or animations. Often, people comprehend statistics and trends more quickly when they’re presented visually. You can highlight important features or figures by using a different colour on specific elements that you want your audience to focus on.

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Creative sign design

10. Experiment with font styles

While you want to choose fonts your audience can read from anywhere in the room, you can often incorporate different font styles to add visual interest to your presentation. Pick fonts that work well together and keep your text clear and legible. You can use a different font on specific words or phrases to add emphasis, similar to using italics or bold text within the same font.

11. Pick high-quality images

Most times, people create a presentation on a different device than they use to give the final presentation. If you want to include images or photographs in your presentation, consider how that image might look when scaled to a bigger screen. Choose images with a high resolution that keep their clarity when displayed at a larger size, like on a television screen or projector.

12. Use interactive content

Interactive content is another tool to encourage audience participation. Interactive elements often use movement or some sort of dynamic engagement with the content, like tiles that flip over when you click on them. These elements often help when presenting remotely or creating a presentation for an audience-led activity, like an online class.

Creative sign design

13. Add labels to charts and graphs

Using graphs and charts to illustrate statistics and timelines can often help an audience process data elements of a presentation more easily. Add labels to your graphs and charts to further clarify the information for the audience and illustrate the significance of specific points. You can also use labels to include interactive content, like embedded videos or transitions between points.

14. Give your audience next steps

At the end of your presentation, give the audience some information about steps they can take on their own. This can include a linking a website where they can reach out or learn more about the presentation’s content, or an activity they can complete on their own to try out your idea or product. This allows your audience to take initiative in further interacting with your presentation and its content.

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15. Incorporate your personal interests

When presenting lighter or informal topics, a presenter can often include personal flair to a presentation. You can add levity to your presentation by including elements like a piece of advice to your past self or dialogue “spoken” by a picture of your pet. Including your personality into your presentation can help the audience relate to you as a person and invest more interest in what you’re saying.

Creative sign design

16. Add photos

Adding photographs to your presentation can help illustrate certain topics or create a consistent theme through your slide deck. You can use stock photographs with added colour filters as backgrounds for your slides or include bordered photos within a slide to highlight specific elements in your text. Using simple shapes to enclose pieces of an image can help ensure the photo doesn’t distract from the focus of the slide.

17. Use clear graphics

When using graphic elements in your presentation, like icons, charts, characters or animations, use imagery that can convey your message to your audience even without a spoken explanation. Use illustrations with defined edges and charts with clear labels. These elements often work best when they’re used to support the main point of the presentation.

18. Remember the rule of three

When adding multiple elements or dividing a slide into parts, remember the rule of three. This means adding only three focal elements or creating three sections on a slide. This helps keep the sections of the slide big enough for your audience to see the content of each piece. The rule of three can also help you keep your slides simple and easy for your audience to take in during the presentation.

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Creative sign design

19. Create bold section headings

As your presentation moves from one section to the next, create title slides to differentiate the sections. Use a large font or a new color to transition between different sections of content. You can also include the section heading on the content slides as a sidebar to help remind your audience of the connections you’re making within each section.

20. Make your presentation shareable

If you want your audience to go back and review your presentation after you’re done, make your presentation shareable. Include a link to the presentation in an email or add it to your website. If you made a presentation specifically for one audience, include a link they can use to watch a recorded version of the presentation or view the slides from their own devices.

21. Work with icons

Icons can often help you convey complex ideas in simple or condensed forms. You can also use them to create reference points in your content. Making an icon for each section in your presentation, then using that icon in each slide in your section can help anchor the theme of each section. Use icons to represent key points in your content, then show that icon each time you reference that point.

Creative sign design

22. Show a slide progression

Help your audience track the progress of your presentation by including a slide progression or timeline throughout your slide deck. You can use this to show your progression through different sections of content as you move through the presentation. Slide progressions can also help audience members find material they wanted to review if they can access the presentation afterward.

23. Add a quotable summary line

Add a summary line to your presentation with your title and introductory information. You can use this line to give your audience an overview of the entire presentation at the beginning, then repeat it at the end of the presentation so it stays with the audience. By creating an easily quoted summary line, you give the audience another opportunity to discuss your presentation after it’s over.

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24. Include a table of contents

Including a table of contents at the beginning of a presentation can give the audience a general overview of the points you want to make. You can also include an estimated time with each section to give the audience an idea about how long your presentation might last and how long you want to focus on each section. You can also use the table of contents to link to each section for easy access to each section of the presentation.

Creative sign design

25. Use tables to make comparisons

If you make comparisons in your presentation between your content and a competitor’s product or service, include a table to show some direct points of comparison. Using contrasting colours can help your audience quickly identify the specific differences between the two things. By using a visual element to make your comparisons, you can help your audience absorb the information you’re presenting more easily.

26. Keep your text minimal

Text can help you include specific information within your slides and your sections, but use a minimal amount of text for each individual slide. Focus on one point per slide and allow other visual components to help support the points you make while speaking. Since reading blocks of text can take longer than looking at graphs or icons, use text on a slide to make the basic point and elaborate on the point in your script.

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