22 Best Code to Build A Successful Gym Business

Best Code to Build A Successful Gym Business Code to Build A successful Gym Business: Do you need a degree to own a gym?: Get Your Business License
It’s not a personal trainer’s license or degree that you’ll need to open your gym. … Like any other business, you will need a business license to own and operate your gym.
For any business, new or established, getting the word out is important to staying open and profitable.
Advertising, though necessary, can be a strain on the budget.
Especially compared to other expenses that go into the actual work of your business.

There are a number of ways that you can expand awareness and promote your business in the community for no financial cost, but not  a degree to own a gym.

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What is the best business structure for a gym?

Code to Build A Successful Gym Business: BusinessHAB.com
Code to Build A Successful Gym Business
A limited liability company (LLC) is the right choice for any serious gym owner who is looking to: Protect their personal assets. Have tax choices that benefit their bottom line. Grow their business.

Code to Build A Successful Gym Business

1. Create a Facebook page.

Facebook is, by a wide margin, the most popular social media site.

They even allow for separate business pages.

Add photos of your office and products.

Make sure you keep your page updated with new information, and updates.

  • Keep your posts short, and use pictures whenever possible.
  • People want things to look at, and you’ll need to catch their eye as they scroll through their feed.
  • Be sure to patrol your page for spam and negative comments.

2. Create an account on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a business networking site, and is a little more professionally-oriented than Facebook.

Make an account for your company, and encourage your employees to join.

Put as much information as you can into your company’s profile.

Which will help LinkedIn market you to other users.

3. Create a Google+ account.

Create a page for your business in the appropriate category and subcategory.

Google Plus has several, so choose carefully.

Encourage your employees and customers to add your page to their circles.

Best Code to Build A Successful Gym Business

4. Create a Twitter account.

Post updates to what you are doing, and utilize hashtags to generate attention.

Track trending topics as well, and utilize any that are similar to your business.

To help generate followers, encourage your employees to follow and interact with your company account.

  • Make sure your handle reflects your business name or what you do.
  • Matching your company website would be best, as it can help customers remember the relationship.
  • Even something as simple as “#deal” or “#sale” (if you have one) for a hashtag can bring in new customers who may not have otherwise been looking for you.

5. Use additional social media networks.

Like the others above, these sites provide a space for you and your customers to interact publicly.

When you create the page, you can control the content.

And make sure it reflects your business in a positive light.

  • Look for sites that best demonstrate your business, and allow you to show off what makes you great, or unique. A photo-sharing site like Instagram or Pinterest is good for companies that produce items, like jewelry, clothing, or any product where a visual would be helpful.
  • Learn about your customers and the kinds of social media they would use in relation to your company. For example, Foursquare and Yelp are good sites for service industries like restaurants, letting customers “check in” (telling their friends they are there) when they visit, and post reviews.
  • Focus on a handful of platforms, rather than as many that you can find. There are many social media sites out there. Checking your various pages regularly can quickly take up too much of your time.
  • Link your social networks together whenever possible. Visitors to one site should be encouraged to go to another. Include your social network handles on all printed materials as well, encouraging people to go there.

6. Promote yourself along with your business.

You don’t want your page to only be advertisements, that will only turn people off.

You want to humanize your audience instead of treating them only as customers.

Use the page to tell people a little about your field and your interest in it.

  • A good rule of thumb is a 5-3-2 ratio for posting. This breaks down to 5 posts for information related to your audience, 3 non-sales posts related to your audience, and 2 posts not related to your business. You may find interesting local events, or celebrate achievements among your employees.

Best Code to Build A Successful Gym Business

7. Use email marketing.

Collect email addresses from customers and other patrons.

And use that list to update them regularly on new business.

A monthly newsletter, exclusive deals, or notices of new products can keep customers involved with what you are doing, and encourage them to return.

8. Create a multimedia platform.

Advertising doesn’t have to involve purchasing expensive airtime on television or radio, or print space in a newspaper.

Posting a promotional video on Youtube is free, and you can produce the entire video yourself with minimal equipment.

  • If you post something to a video or image site, be sure to link to it on your other social media accounts.

Best Code to Build A Successful Gym Business

9. Build a website.

You can use a hosted service like Google Sites, or a variety of other free platforms.

Include some basic information about your business.

Provide a place for customers to view prices on your basic products and services.

Make sure you keep the site updated so that it always reflects your current location, contact information, and product lists.

  • This is for your business’ professional online face, so you may consider spending a little money here to purchase a domain name that references your company, and that people will remember.

10. Start a blog.

Unlike your website, this is not for advertising products, but advertising yourself.

Try to generate content for a market that goes beyond your brand.

Or that addresses issues of interest to your audience that dont directly involve your company.

It can also be a platform for your employees to contribute as well.

11. Write for other blogs.

Offer to write guest posts for other companies’ or individual’s blogs.

If their readership overlaps with yours in any way.

This is a good method for raising awareness of your brand.

It shouldn’t be an advertisement or sales pitch.

But make sure to link back to your blog and website so people can learn more about you.

Best Code to Build A Successful Gym Business

12. Send out press releases about your business.

Every time your company does something noteworthy, send out a notice.

If you are just starting out, your local paper may have a section where you can announce your opening.

  • Your release should be short, with a headline that states clearly what you are doing, and a first sentence that repeats and expands on that idea. Since many people will not read beyond the first paragraph, put any important information there. Everything after that is additional information for the truly interested. Close with a standardized bit of “boilerplate,” basic information about your company. Find and read other press releases for good examples.

13. Send your release to local media outlets

Send your release to local media outlets, such as newspapers (daily and weekly), magazines, radio, and television stations.

Contact their editor in advance to warn them about the incoming release.

And make sure they have some interest.

Otherwise, it could be easy for your release to get lost in a flood of other stories they are working on.

  • Not all of your notices will get picked up and printed, so don’t be discouraged if it does not appear to be going anywhere.
  • They require little effort on your part, and every printing is advertising you didn’t pay for.

14. Ask for referrals.

Sometimes, the best way to advertise is through simple word-of-mouth.

If your customers liked your products or service, ask them to refer others.

Depending on the business, you may even want to offer additional deals for customers who give referrals.

Such as discounts or free giveaways when they refer a certain number of new customers.

Best Code to Build A Successful Gym Business

15. Communicate with similar businesses.

You will compete for customers, but that does not mean that you cannot help one another as well.

Learn what kinds of things they do well, and try to understand how your business is different.

Even without revealing all their secrets, other businesses can teach you good practices and avoiding common mistakes.

  • If you offer some expertise that they don’t, or can’t, offer, they may be willing to recommend you to their customers, especially if you are willing to reciprocate.

16. Join local business and social organizations.

Groups like the Chamber of Commerce and the Rotary Club provide opportunities to meet other business leaders, and many of them work to promote the interests of all members.

In any organization, you get out what you put in.

So be involved in meetings and decisions to maximize the advantages available.

Best Code to Build A Successful Gym Business

17. Find local events and shows.

The Chamber of Commerce and other organizations may help put on multi-business events that will attract potential customers.

Look for events where your business would be helpful for someone.

For example, if you are a make-up artist, you can offer to participate in a local fashion show or bridal event.

18. Offer your services to local charities.

Use your expertise to help local not-for-profits and other volunteering organizations.

Free service to charitable organizations is a good way to build goodwill.

It demonstrates your commitment to the local community.

And can make your customers feel good about doing business with you.

  • Donating prizes to fundraisers is another way to build goodwill.
  • If you make or sell goods, donate one of your products.
  • If you have a service business donate a gift certificate for your services.

Best Code to Build A Successful Gym Business

19. Find ways to speak to local interest groups.

Certain groups may not even realize what your business has to offer them.

If you have a photography business.

For example, you could speak to a local travel club and give them tips on how to take great photos on their trips.

20. Submit articles in your area of expertise to local newspapers and magazines.

Work in some info about your business, but try not to be too explicit.

You may suggest that your business is one good way to solve a problem or issue you are highlighting in the article.

Rather than saying you are the best or only way to do so.

21. Teach classes in your area of expertise.

If your business lends itself to a lot of special knowledge, offer to teach some free classes at local venues.

You can also sign up to be a teacher for Community Education classes through a local college.

This can be a great venue for finding future customers.

Others with similar interests, and maybe even future employees.

  • Good local venues for this kind of thing include public libraries with conference rooms, or community centers.

Best Code to Build A Successful Gym Business

22. More tips

  • Dont be afraid to sell yourself as an expert on what you do to the community.
  • As someone who works in the field daily, you know far more than many others.
  • And you should be confident in saying so.

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