6 Steps to Start Bitter Kola Export Business

6 Steps to Start Bitter Kola Export Business in Nigeria

6 Steps to Start Bitter Kola Export Business

6 Steps to Start Bitter Kola Export Business :Do you want to know how to start bitter kola export business in Nigeria? This article is right for you.

In this article on how to start bitter kola export business in the country.

You will learn all the fundamental steps involved in starting bitter kola export business in the country.

Remember, you don’t need to be a bitter kola farmer before you can start bitter kola export business in country.

Time and distance are also immaterial when it come to starting bitter kola export business in country.6 Steps to Start Bitter Kola Export Business in Nigeria

Bitter kola export business in country is quite lucrative.

Haven’t been practices across the length and breadth of sub-Saharan Africa, and in the country, most especially.

Bitter kola is of high medicinal value and also a Geffen good in the traditional circles.

Let us consider more on this in the section below.

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Why bitter kola export Business?

For a very long time, bitter kola has been an item of international trade with ever increasing demand.

In the pharmaceutical as well as food production/processing industries.

Bitter kola seed is a very important ingredient used for the production of drugs, beverages, additives, energy drinks and well as other products.

Countries the world over need bitter kola seeds and as such.

Nigeria being one of the countries with the highest production margin continues to remain a fertile ground for bitter kola export business.

Bitter kola business is a very lucrative business with about one-hundred percent profit per export made.

Since the business does not really require much.

As I stated earlier, it is something you can give a shot at.

In the sections that follow, I will give top strategies on how to start and make serious money exporting bitter kola to other countries.

Strategic Steps to start bitter kola export business in Nigeria and Make Huge Money

Bitter kola is presented either in the dried or fresh form in the international market.

Over time, however,  the more frequent form of patronage is the dried form.

It is, therefore, essential to dry your bitter kola carefully.

In such a way that the taste, as well as color of the product, is not compromised.

If you can successfully achieve this.

Then you are on your way to a successful bitter kola export business.

Which would fetch you much cash in no time.

1. Source for Buyers

the first thing you do is to locate buyers or clients for your product.

What is the essence of marketing what has no buyer, and remember, you are marketing on the international scene.

Contacts or links to buyers have been a trade secret among exporters since time immemorial.

But you can beat this in two ways.

First, you van engage veterans involved in bitter kola import/export business.

To help you connect with prospective buyers.

Alternatively, you can make use of quality resources.

And the web to get direct/alternative contacts to potential buyers on the international market from country to country.

It does not stop there. You need to forward the proposal(s) to the prospective buyer. if they accept to trade with you, you can then proceed to acquire and carefully package your bitter kola seeds for export

2. Acquire Your bitter kola Seeds.

The best place to get your bitter kola seeds is in the rural areas as attempting to get them in the urban/town/city would cost you much money.

In is also in the rural areas that you would see many variants of the product in very large quantities.

You may not have to tour the entire village to get supplies.

Why not engage local veterans who know the terrain better to help you out? It’s still part of the business.

3. If possible, dry your seeds.

I have hinted already that what sells most in the international market is dried bitter kola seeds.

But most times, what you get from the suppliers is fresh bitter kola seeds.

So how do you go about having the bitter kola seeds dry?

I know of two ways you can use in achieving this.

one way is to acquire already dried bitter kola seeds from the merchants/suppliers, local veterans or villagers you buy bitter kola seeds from.

Alternatively, you can dry the fresh bitter kola seeds by yourself.

This is possible via any of the methods below:

  1. Natural drying
  2. Sun drying
  3. Mechanical drying

The more highly recommended method is the natural drying method.

This is because, in the international market, most buyers prefer the naturally dried bitter kola seeds to those dried under the sun.

The reason is that sun dried bitter kola seeds tend to lose their natural properties.

When exposed to the ultraviolet sun rays.

However, in the natural method of drying bitter kola seeds,.

The color together with the chemical composition of the bitter kola seeds remains uncompromising.

What therefore is the natural method of drying bitter kola seeds?

The natural method of drying bitter kola seeds involves spreading the bitter kola seeds on a clean and hygienic surface within an enclosed space (free from direct sunlight) preferably, a room.

This can take between 4 to 5 days after which the seeds must have been hygienically dried, ready fo the export market.

You can opt for the mechanical method of drying bitter kola seeds.

If you have the resources and machinery to do that.

It’s, however, faster that way.

4. Check for Quality Control

The international market does not welcome low standard products.

Remember the bitter kola seeds you’re giving out are for export and should be of high quality.

What this means in part is that your bitter kola seeds must not contain contaminants or impurities such as dust, stones, dirt, leaves, nylon, paper etc.

That aside, extracting these “foreign bodies” from your packaging makes your product more authentic in the face of your buyers.

Extra particles make your package heavier, and this may give your buyers a negative impression of you.

Finally, avoid all forms of adulteration while trading bitter kola seeds on the international market.

Ensure that your products are packaged and exported in their natural/original state or nature.

5. Get Good packaging for your product.

There is no exact bitter kola seeds packaging or bagging standard for now.

It is however up to you to ensure all amount of carefulness as you pack and bag your bitter kola seeds, ready for export.

To ensure your bitter kola seeds are adulteration-proof, do not make use of air-tight bags.

This will affect the aeration needed to keep your bitter kola seeds safe till it reaches the desired destination.

6. Send Your bitter kola seeds for Export.

After you have successfully packaged your bitter kola seeds.

It is now time to send it to the international market for trade.

You can employ traditional postal service in the country such as Nigerian Postal Agency (NIPOST).

You can also use International Courier or Postal services/Companies such as UPS or DHL to send your goods abroad.

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What I’ve done thus far is very comprehensive. I hope it served your needs.

I took the time to explain all the steps involved in the acquisition and delivery of high-quality bitter Kola seeds on the export market, direct from Nigeria here.

If you need a complete business plan or you want us to help you set up this business, kindly contact us.

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