4 Tips to Start Cargo Carriers Agent

Cargo Carriers Agent:Cargo and freight agents help to manage logistics for mail carriers and package delivery services.

They take orders directly from customers and arrange shipments other by ground, air or rail.

Such agents often serve as the point of contact between customers and freight companies.

Ensuring that all items are delivered and helping customers calculate shipping costs.

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The cargo and freight agent job description template shown here.

Gives you a good idea of the skills and experience you should be searching for in your next agent.

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He or she should have a working knowledge of spreadsheet and database management programs.

As well as online tracking tools.

Customer service skills are also a must for this position.

As is a knowledge of tariff laws if your company ships internationally.

Review the cargo and freight agent job description before creating your listing to see how to best list these job requirements.

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Cargo Carriers Agent

1. Business Background:

Receiving a gift package or correspondence from a loved one can help to brighten even the darkest of days.

You can be a part of this process by joining our team as a cargo and freight agent.

This position plays a vital role in our logistics process.

Working under the direction of freight manager to represent our company with customers.

You’ll come to be that person who they rely on to explain their shipping options to them.

And help assuage their concerns about their items being delivered on time.

This is a great position to help acquire and/or hone your customer service skills.

As well as to gain exposure to the practical applications of digital data management tools.

You’ll also gain a unique insight into the logistics industry.

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Cargo Carriers Agent

2. Business Responsibilities

  • Work directly with customers discussing shipping options and calculating costs to deliver mail and freight domestically and/or internationally
  • Receive and prepare items to be shipped, obtaining their dimensions and helping customers select the right protective packaging in order to guarantee safe delivery
  • Prepare all bills, invoices, liability waivers and other documents for customers to review and sign prior to shipment
  • Convey all items to packaging and warehouse teams alongside shipping instructions
  • Monitor daily shipment inventories and logs to verify that items were picked up at the right designated times with the correct route info
  • Use tracking software to follow the progress of shipped items and to both confirm their receipt and notify customers of completed deliveries
  • Take the necessary steps to retrieve, process and record all of the paperwork and funds accompanying certified mail or payment on delivery packages
  • Coordinate with freight manager and other shipping department personnel to help track down deliveries that are either lost or delayed

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Cargo Carriers Agent

3. Skills and Qualifications


  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • High school diploma or its equivalent
  • Strong understanding of the all of the programs in the Microsoft Office Suite, particularly Excel and Access
  • Demonstrated mathematical skills
  • Awareness of the importance of customer service
  • Good communicator
  • Strong organizational and clerical skills
  • Understanding of domestic and international shipping regulations, including tariff laws and trade agreements

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Cargo Carriers Agent

4. Agent Job Responsibilities

A well-crafted job responsibilities section may be the most important element of your cargo and freight agent job description.

It’s here that you’ll list the day-to-day job duties and key functions of the position.

By putting time and effort into this section, you’ll accurately inform jobseekers of what they can expect.

This positions you to receive applications and inquiries from only the most interested and enthusiastic candidates.

Avoid leaving out any key responsibilities.

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Because it’s helpful for jobseekers to find out right away that they have no interest in a specific job duty.

There are a few tips to make the job responsibilities section impactful.

First, in line with the rest of your cargo and freight agent job description.

This section should be clear and easy to read.

The best way to accomplish this is through a bulleted list.

Second, it’s important to not include every minor task that might come up on the job.

A list of no more than eight of the most critical responsibilities works well.

And finally, use strong action verbs rather than weaker ones or vague language.

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Cargo Carriers Agent

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