35 Best Fiverr app Jobs To Explore

Fiverr app: If you’re looking to supplement your income or professional experience, you might consider taking on gig work. The gig economy allows individuals to complete temporary work for clients within a wide range of industries. Understanding some of the opportunities available can help you identify the best gig roles based on your skills and interests. In this article, we discuss gig jobs, including some benefits and examples work, and provide several tips to pursue these opportunities.

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What are gig jobs?

Gig jobs are on-demand roles that individuals can take as freelancers or independent contractors. Individuals in these roles typically aren’t considered employees, so they may not receive benefits. However, they can find opportunities to accept multiple gigs at a time for different clients. In the gig economy, they often sign up to provide their services to the public via online marketplaces or apps.

These opportunities differ from traditional jobs because hired individuals may only work for the employer for short-term or temporary periods, such as during a specific project or a set time. Gig jobs are often also flexible in terms of schedule and location. For example, an individual working as a grocery delivery driver may accept shopping and delivery requests based on their availability.

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 Benefits of gig jobs

Taking gig jobs can offer you several benefits, including:

 Offers you flexibility

Gig jobs often provide individuals with more flexibility than a traditional full- or part-time job because they work on a contract or as-needed basis. Gig employees can find opportunities to set their schedules themselves, allowing them to determine when they work and for how long. Due to this flexibility, some professionals may even perform gig work during off-hours from their full-time job.

These positions can also provide flexibility in terms of the work environment. Often, professionals can find gig work that allows them to work remotely. Some individuals appreciate this option because it enables them to work from the comfort of home or while traveling.

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Provides you with supplemental income

These opportunities allow professionals to make some extra money in addition to your full- or part-time job. The flexibility offers professionals the ability to choose their work based on their income goals.

Students may appreciate this option because it lets them earn money while staying focused on their studies. Gig jobs often provide individuals with easy job entry, particularly when they offer training to new hires or don’t require highly specialized skills. For example, as long as an individual has a car and a valid driver’s license, they can work as a ride-sharing driver.

Helps you develop skills and experience

In addition to supplementing income, individuals can gain additional skills and experience through gig jobs. This option can prove beneficial for individuals with specialized skills who take freelance opportunities. For example, photographers and graphic designers can take gigs that help them build their client list and develop their portfolios. They can improve their skills while on the job, and their portfolios can help them impress potential employers when applying for full-time positions. Building connections with clients through gig work may also lead them to new professional opportunities.

Gig jobs can also help individuals during periods of unemployment, helping them fill gaps on their resumes. Performing gig work shows that the individual remained active while looking for a full-time job, and they potentially built new skills in these roles. For example, a candidate may say that working as a food delivery driver helped develop better customer-service and time-management skills.

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Types of gig jobs to explore

If you’re interested in the gig economy, here are some examples of industries for gig work and 35 examples of jobs to consider:

 Transportation and delivery services

Providing transportation or delivery services represents a common option within the gig economy. Individuals can often find these opportunities by signing up through service providers’ apps. With these apps, customers can order takeout from restaurants or groceries and have someone else pick up and deliver them. Some retailers or consumer goods organizations may also hire gig employees to deliver their products to customers. You can also pursue ride-sharing gigs with various app providers, which often have similar requirements. With this service, you respond to requests for rides to destinations, and you can sometimes choose to provide individual or carpool pickup options.

The requirements for these jobs vary depending on the employer, but often require that you have a valid driver’s license and personal vehicle and pass a background check. Here are some examples of gig work you can pursue in transportation or delivery services:

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  1. Package delivery driver

  2. Food delivery driver

  3. Grocery delivery driver

  4. Bicycle courier

  5. Ride-share driver

Personal services

Personal services is a diverse industry, and you can find gig work to support different personal needs and interests temporarily. These services can align with their mental, physical or general well-being. Depending on the opportunity, they may require specialized skills or prior experience. For example, you can work as a telehealth therapist if you have a license to practice. The requirements for the gigs vary depending on the role or service platform. Because you’re providing personal services, you likely need to pass a background check to establish trust with clients.

Here are examples of personal services gig work to pursue:

  1. Dog walker

  2. Babysitter or nanny

  3. Home health aide

  4. Tutor

  5. Massage therapist

  6. Telehealth provider

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On-demand skilled work

If you have specialized skills within a particular industry, you can provide your services to clients temporarily as a freelancer. There are several online marketplaces where clients post requests for specific work they need completed. For example, a small business could post a job listing for experts in SEO practices to help optimize their website. Depending on the platform, they may offer additional details related to payment and schedule requirements.

These services may also allow you to post your credentials and advertise your services, allowing potential clients to contact you about opportunities. You can accept or decline projects depending on your interests and needs, allowing you to develop your skills and portfolio. Here are some examples of on-demand gig work for skilled professionals:

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  1. Photographer

  2. Graphic designer

  3. Content writer or copywriter

  4. Web developer

  5. Editor

  6. Consultant

  7. Translator

Home services

You can find gig opportunities to provide services to clients that improve or maintain their home environments. Individuals may use online marketplaces to request someone who can perform household repairs, assemble furniture or watch their home while they’re away. Because these jobs require you to travel to different residences, you likely need a reliable form of transportation. Depending on the opportunity or service provider, you may also need to meet varying requirements. For example, responding to a handyperson request may require proving that you’re a licensed professional.

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Here are some examples of home services gig work:

  1. Handyperson

  2. Mover

  3. House sitter

  4. Housekeeper

  5. Cook

  6. Lawn care technician or landscaper

Internet-based gigs

If you’re seeking supplemental income, there are various options for internet-based gig work. Sometimes referred to as “micro-jobs,” these gigs may not require specialized skills or qualifications. They also may take little time to complete, allowing you to focus most of your time on your full-time role or job search. For example, you can find opportunities to get paid for taking surveys for brands or transcribing audio files. Here are some examples of internet-based gig work:

  1. Survey taker

  2. Transcriptionist

  3. Virtual assistant

  4. Proofreader

  5. Customer service representative

  6. Data entry clerk

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Rental services

The gig economy also provides opportunities to gain supplemental income by renting items to individuals. With these services, you can make money by letting other people borrow your home, car and other vehicles when you’re not using them. You can list your property on apps or online marketplaces, allowing users to reserve them for a fee during your available periods.

The requirements and duties of these roles vary depending on the service. For example, home rental hosts are responsible for accepting reservations, responding to questions or concerns and maintaining a clean and comfortable environment. Here are some examples of gig work you can pursue in rental services:

  1. Home rental host

  2. Boat rental host

  3. RV rental host

  4. Vehicle rental host

  5. Storage space rental host

Upgrade your resume

Showcase your skills with help from a resume expert

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Tips for finding a gig economy job

Use the following advice to help you identify and pursue gig work:

Assess your skills

When considering entering the gig economy, think about the skills you can offer. For example, if you have training in writing, you can seek gig opportunities to work as a copywriter, editor or proofreader. Similarly, you may choose gig work based on skills you hope to develop. When seeking more skilled gig work, having prior experience and training can make you a more attractive candidate. You can then use these experiences to supplement your resume if you plan to seek full-time work in the industry or similar roles.

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Research and join online marketplace or on-demand gig jobs apps

There are many online platforms available for advertising and responding to gig work. Some of them provide similar services, such as ride-sharing apps, but vary in terms of requirements or benefits for the gig employee. Spend time researching your options to determine which ones best align with your interests and needs, such as the payment rate or ability to work remotely. You can also consider searching for reviews of these services from other gig employees, helping you gain more insights into work cultures and values.

Use your professional network

Tell your professional connections that you’re looking for work and describe your experiences, skills and other qualifications. They may know about relevant gig or freelance openings at organizations or connect you to less formal opportunities. For example, if they know you have social media experience, they may tell their friend who owns a small business to consider hiring you to help boost their online engagement. Your connections also can provide helpful advice, discussing your potential options and telling you about online gig apps or platforms to sign up for and advertise your services.

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Maintain a consistent routine

While gig work can offer more flexibility, it’s helpful to set a routine for yourself. A consistent schedule helps you stay focused and productive throughout the day. Set a start and end time for each day and develop a list of to-do items to ensure you know what tasks you need to finish. If you’re a full-time gig employee or freelancer, this schedule can also help you maintain a healthy work-life balance. If you’re taking gig work as a way to get income while you job search, a schedule can similarly help you divide and focus your time effectively.

Update your resume and online profiles

If you’re interested in skilled gig opportunities, keep your resume, website, portfolio and professional networking profiles up to date with your latest work. These details showcase your experience and skills in the field to potential employers, helping prove that you’re a qualified candidate. If your gig work offers a flexible schedule, you may use your free time to take training courses or pursue certifications that boost your credentials. You can also advertise your services on online gig marketplaces, so ensure you provide accurate information to attract clients.

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