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Fiverr logomaker: Logos are the most easily recognizable part of a brand and might appear on billboards, websites, online ads, social media pages and products. Businesses use these images to connect with customers and build brand loyalty. If you’re interested in using your artistic and technical skills to craft images that communicate with customers and help businesses establish their identities, you might consider becoming a logo designer.

In this article, we discuss what logo designers do, how to become a logo designer in steps.

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Fiverr logomaker

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Fiverr logomaker

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What does a logo designer do?

A logo designer is a graphic designer who specializes in creating two-dimensional images for companies to use as visual representations of their brand. These images are often simple, versatile and relevant to the company’s mission and brand values. Here are some duties of a logo designer:

1. Conduct industry research

Logo designers stay up to date with graphic design trends so they can find new techniques they may want to incorporate into their designs. World events, consumer preferences and technological innovations can affect trends in logo design, and by researching their industry, the designer can provide modern logo sketches for their corporate clients. Studying other logos can also be a good way to learn more about the craft. Websites and social media can be a good place for logo designers to find other logos or pieces of graphic design to inspire them.

A logo designer might also research their client’s industry or country to choose appropriate imagery, fonts and colors for a logo. Most logo designers work with corporate clients in many industries, so their research allows them to understand what appeals to their client’s customers. For example, a fast-food company’s leadership team may decide to redesign the company’s logo to emphasize its traditional history. They might hire a logo designer, who researches color psychology and the history of food advertisements to create a new logo that reminds viewers of homemade cooking.

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2. Meet with clients

While some logo designers work in-house for specific companies, others work for third-party graphic design or marketing firms, where they create logos for multiple client companies. Whether they work with internal or external clients, a logo designer typically meets with the company’s brand development team to discuss their expectations of the new or redesigned logo. In these meetings, they might learn about the company’s history and mission statement, which might affect the new or redesigned logo.

For example, representatives from a nonprofit organization dedicated to heart health might meet with a logo designer to update the group’s logo. These representatives may give the designer information about the group’s founder history, along with details about the colors and shapes they want in the new logo. The designer can use this material to create preliminary sketches for the organization.

Fiverr logomaker

3. Sketch logos and create digital files

Some logo designers make initial sketches on paper and scan them into design software, while others use a tablet to make the sketches directly into the program. The software allows them to create different logos for a company’s website, social media and physical products easily. Logos for different formats might be in varying file formats or have unique dimensions to fit in certain spaces, like labels. Graphic design software also lets them make changes based on client feedback instantly.

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4. Work with brands and incorporate feedback

Logo designers work for clients, so they collaborate with their clients throughout the design process to make sure that they are satisfying the customer’s needs. Doing some research about the client and the industry gives a logo designer a good idea of where to start with their design ideas. Usually, they pitch a few ideas and continue to develop the idea that the client likes the most, taking care to incorporate any feedback into the design.

Whether you have the budget to hire a professional graphic designer or are attempting to design your logo by yourself, it’s important to work in phases to make the project more manageable. Here are the basic steps you can take to design a memorable logo for yourself or your company:

Fiverr logomaker

5. Begin with your brand story

Before beginning the process of designing your logo, you should start by thinking about the story behind your brand. The easiest way to do this is to go beyond what your company does and think about why you do it. Your company’s “why” should be conveyed in the colors you choose, the shapes and images, and the typeface.

6. Identify your brand’s personality

The next step is to brainstorm words that describe your brand, the why from step one and what you do as a company. You may want to consider using the search engines to brainstorm synonyms for words that you could use. Ask yourself what three words you would use to describe your brand and what three words you would want your customers to use.

To better understand your brand’s identity, you could ask yourself a series of questions. For example, you could ask why you started the business, what you do that’s better than the competition, what makes you special and what values and beliefs are important to you as a company.

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6. Find inspiration for your logo

The next step when designing a logo is to search for inspiration. One of the best ways to begin this process is to brainstorm all ideas with your team and write them down. Even ideas that don’t resonate well with the group can lead to great designs.

Next, make a list of words that describe your brand and the way that you want your target audience to perceive it. Try to view your brand from the same perspective as your target audience and consider what’s important to them. While you can go through this process independently, consider bringing in people from different departments, a business partner or even just a friend to offer ideas and perspectives.

Fiverr logomaker

7. Create a mood board

A mood board is a collection of images, colors, other logos and illustrations that reflect the design features and style you envision representing your brand. A mood board can be either physical or digital and is a great tool if you’re a particularly visual person. For example, if you are drawn to vintage logos, your mood board could contain organic shapes and colors as well as handmade illustrations.

8. Evaluate your competitors

It’s important to remember that your competitors have likely already gone through the process you’re going through now and identified a logo that resonated with your target audience. This is why evaluating your competitors’ logos can help you identify what’s working well and whether there are specific elements you should avoid.

When you’re assessing the designs in competitor logos, think about what makes those companies different from your own and how you can highlight those differences in the design you choose for your logo.

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Fiverr logomaker

9. Select your style

Once you added ideas to your mood board and evaluated your competitors’ logos, it’s time to start picking the style you want for your logo. Here is a brief look at some of the basic styles you can choose from:

  • Vintage or retro: These logos can evoke feelings of nostalgia and remind customers of the past. They can also communicate that your company’s history is important to the brand.

  • Classic: This type of logo can help your company appeal to a broad audience and tells customers that you’re reliable and timeless.

  • Minimalist and modern: A modern or minimalist logo uses simple lines, few details and lots of white space. It can portray an image that your brand is cool and up-to-date.

  • Handcrafted or handmade: If you want to emphasize that your brand represents the quality that you only get with handmade products, then you may want to go with this type of logo. You can combine this style with elements that are bright and youthful or minimalist.

10. Choose a logo type

There are nine different types of logos, listed below. Choose the one that you feel best suits the name and overall aesthetic you want for your logo. You can also combine your company name and an image for something unique.

  • Brandmark: This is a logo that’s made up of an icon or graphic symbol and often represents a real-world object. For example, this type of logo could be a tree with deep roots or a cup of coffee.

  • Abstract logo: This type of logo is tailor-made for your business and is generally designed to express a specific aspect of your brand.

  • Mascot: A mascot is a family-friendly person or character who you could think of as a spokesperson for your brand.

  • Wordmark logo: This type of logo consists of only the company name, initials or monogram. The design is in the specific design in the letters.

  • Lettermark: This is a typography-based logo that uses the company’s abbreviated initials or monogram.

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  • Letterforms: This type of logo is just one letter but with a unique and memorable design. The logo could use an unusual font, interesting color scheme or a dramatic backdrop.

  • Combination marks: A combination mark is a type of logo that combines words and images. One of the benefits of this type of logo is that it can help the company name become associated with the image so that eventually people will think of the brand when they see that symbol.

  • Emblem logo: An emblem is a typeface that sits inside a border like a crest or a seal. You see this type of logo used by governments and universities most frequently.

  • Dynamic marks: This is a type of logo that changes based on the context in which it’s used. For example, you might have a standard color combination for the font and text but change different background elements. You also might simply use the same typography and text color but change the background.

Fiverr logomaker

11. Pick a versatile color

Keep in mind that the color scheme may be placed on a variety of different backgrounds, which is why it’s important to select a versatile color option. As a general rule, you should have color variations that work for both light and dark backgrounds. That could mean that you need to change only the color of your font or that you need to modify the entire color of your logo to accommodate the change in background.

12. Consider the psychology of colors

As you’re selecting a color, think about the different meanings behind the colors. Different colors evoke certain ideas and emotions, so it’s important that the meaning of the color align with your brand. Here’s a look at the meaning behind a few different colors that you may want to use:

  • Red: Red is a great color if your brand is youthful and you want to stand out, as it stands for excitement and passion. It also is representative of anger.

  • Yellow: Yellow is a good choice if you want to highlight that your brand is cheerful and has a youthful energy. Yellow can help a brand appear friendly and accessible.

  • Blue: Blue is often used on logos because it’s cool and calming, symbolizing maturity and trustworthiness.

  • Orange: Orange is a good alternative to red since it’s playful and vibrant.

  • Green: This colour is commonly used by companies that want to form a connection between the brand and nature. It’s a versatile color that could be used by almost any brand.

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  • Purple: This can be feminine, mysterious of eclectic. It’s frequently used by luxury brands.

  • Black: Black is another colour frequently used to convey a sense of luxury. It’s also commonly used by companies who prefer a minimalist look with a logo that’s just black and white.

  • White: This is a neutral colour that adds a clean and modern look. It works well in combination with any other colour.

Fiverr logomaker

13. Select your typography

You have essentially four different options when selecting the typography for your logo: serif, sans serif, script and display fonts. Serif fonts are the ones that have feet at the end of the letter that make them look more old-fashioned. Times New Roman is one of the most memorable examples of a serif font. This type of font works well for classic or vintage logos. A sans serif font is one that doesn’t have feet, causing them to look clean and more modern. This typography looks good on minimalist or modern logos.

Script fonts resemble handwriting, and they can be written using a variety of different styles, from ornate to relaxed. They can be extremely unique and can give a company logo an individualistic appearance. The final type of font is display fonts, and they are highly stylized and designed specifically for the business.

14. Communicate with the designer

If you are hiring out the design process, the next step is to communicate everything you gathered—including colors, style, images and typography—to the designer. The more information you can give them about your preferences and brand, the easier it will be for them to create something unique that is representative of you and your organization. Throughout the process, give them clear and detailed feedback so they can modify the logo based on your preferences.

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Fiverr logomaker

15. Evaluate the options

The designer will likely provide multiple options or multiple variations for you to choose from. Consider the logo options in the context of your brand’s visual identity. Think of how you could incorporate the different elements elsewhere.

You should also consider the logo’s scalability. Your logo will ultimately represent your brand on different platforms: your company website, social media, print and across the internet. Your logo should look visually appealing whether it’s increased to a size large enough to fill a billboard of scaled town to put it on the side of a pen. Regardless of its size, every part of the logo should be legible.

Once you’ve settled on a final design that you feel best represents the brand, it’s important to have multiple variations created, including a version in black and white and variations that would look nice when placed on light or dark backgrounds.

16. Earn a four-year degree in graphic design

Although it’s possible to work as a logo designer with an associate degree, a bachelor’s degree may provide more specific training and diverse skills that hiring managers prefer. A four-year degree can also benefit logo designers because it gives them access to business and art history classes, both of which can inform their careers. Understanding business principles can give designers an insight into their potential clients and help those who are interested in freelancing set up their own businesses. Art history and other art classes are helpful because they add to the designers’ knowledge of visual arts.

Fiverr logomaker

17. Complete an internship

Completing a graphic design or logo design internship can allow you to apply your skills in a hands-on environment, while also building your resume for future positions. It also accustoms you to working with team members and clients, which is a valuable experience to have when you’re preparing to apply for full-time jobs. In a graphic design internship, your more experienced team members can tell you about their favorite graphic design tools and give you career guidance. Additionally, you may learn about the specific industries or niches you prefer to work for as a designer.

18. Build a portfolio

To apply for jobs, put together a digital portfolio of work that shows your experience as a graphic designer. You can include any logos you created on your own or for others, along with any other work that demonstrates your design skills. For example, you might include character designs, animation work and webpage or brochure layouts. To show potential employers your project management skills, you can also include work plans and storyboards. You might choose a digital portfolio option that allows you to host your work online, making it easy to share with people in your network and potential employers.

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Fiverr logomaker

19. Apply for jobs

Once you have your portfolio ready, look for logo design jobs in your area. You may find some remote work opportunities as well since designers sometimes work from home. Typically, design jobs require candidates to submit a resume, cover letter and portfolio. In your resume and cover letter, you can emphasize both your graphic design skills and any other business-oriented skills that an employer may find useful. For example, if you have great sales skills, this might help make you a good fit at a fast-paced office that works with many clients.

20. Pass an interview

After reading your application material and seeing your work, a hiring manager for a design or marketing firm might contact you to schedule an interview. While your portfolio and resume might show your formal experience, an interview can be an opportunity to show your interpersonal skills and career goals. Before your interview, research the company to find out about its typical client base and mission statement. If there are pictures of employees on the website, study what they’re wearing and choose an outfit that’s slightly more formal than their clothing.

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Fiverr logomaker

During your interview, connect your experiences to the job description and give concrete examples of your skills. You might bring a printed copy of key pieces from your portfolio and use them to illustrate your answers to the interviewer’s questions. Also, discuss your professional skills, like communication and time management, to show the hiring manager the value you might bring to their company. If you’re a good fit for the position, the hiring manager might send you an offer letter with a salary and start date.

Whether you have the budget to hire a professional graphic designer or are attempting to design your logo by yourself, it’s important to work in phases to make the project more manageable. Here are the basic steps you can take to design a memorable logo for yourself or your company.

Fiverr logomaker


You should also consider the logo’s scalability. Your logo will ultimately represent your brand on different platforms: your company website, social media, print and across the internet. Your logo should look visually appealing whether it’s increased to a size large enough to fill a billboard of scaled town to put it on the side of a pen. Regardless of its size, every part of the logo should be legible.

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Once you’ve settled on a final design that you feel best represents the brand, it’s important to have multiple variations created, including a version in black and white and variations that would look nice when placed on light or dark backgrounds.

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