5 Best Fiverr Creative Signage Design Tips

Creative signage design: Digital signage allows companies to display high definition, animated and informative marketing materials in places like restaurants, retail establishments and street-side billboards. Learning about digital signage software and different platforms for producing electronic marketing signs can help you find the right software to advertise your company.

In this article, we explain what digital signage software is and cover five digital signage software programs with details regarding their features and benefits so you can find the right signage software type for your marketing goals.

Creative signage design: BusinessHAB.com

Creative signage design

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Creative signage design

What is digital signage software?

Digital signage software is the software programming that allows businesses to display electronic advertising or informational screens or kiosks in public spaces. Companies often use these screens to engage the public by displaying high-definition images, videos, interactive content or multimedia materials.

These signs are typically highly visual, and some may play videos with sound or use touch screens to engage participants in interactive games or selection menus, which allow users to browse content in real time. As an advertising strategy, using these signs deploys dynamic content to engage audiences more than traditional, static forms of advertising.

While display signs themselves require the use of digital signage hardware, companies may need to invest in digital signage software to create promotional materials for display. This software offers features that allow marketing specialists to create effective displays for electronic signs.

Since different types of software support varying features and offer different levels of control to users, researching software types can help you find the right service for your needs. Some features to consider when researching software include:

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Creative signage design

  • Ability to incorporate interactive content

  • Support for multimedia materials

  • Features for third-party software integration

  • Capacity to facilitate collaboration and remote deployment

  • Flexibility with formatting, designing, customizing and storyboarding

  • Capability for data collection, such as number of participant interactions and length of engagement

  • Compatibility with diverse electronic signage hardware devices

Creative signage design

Here are five digital signage software programs on fiverr with descriptions of their features and benefits so you can choose the right platform for your advertising needs:

1. NoviSign

NoviSign offers digital signage software that helps users create engaging visual displaces with pre-made templates. The service offers a diverse range of customizable templates that users can download based on their industry. For example, NoviSign has template options for industries such as hospitality, education, health care, retail and social media.

They have services for corporate offices, internal communications, sporting facilities and advertising networks. These templates make it easy and efficient to design advertisements specialized for particular sectors, regardless of the user’s technical abilities. This software emphasizes ease of use through its template system and simple interface.

Additionally, NoviSign provides a range of customization options. This software allows users to integrate visual and audio content and schedule rotating displays using a simple, playlist-style system. Users can access more features and customization choices by installing additional applications, widgets and plugins, while the base software lets users customize template text, images and audio.

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Creative signage design

2. Yodeck

Yodeck is a cloud-based software platform that enables users to create professionally designed marketing pieces for display. As a service that operates using the cloud, Yodeck emphasizes fast and reliable service, making it convenient for storing, sharing and distributing marketing projects across devices. This software also allows users to access templates which they can apply to their designs.

It caters to a diverse range of industries, including sectors like retail, education, health care, hospitality and transportation. It may also offer options adapted for use in cafes, restaurants and offices. Users can customize its features by installing additional widgets and extensions.

Yodeck offers an array of features and benefits which allow users to manage their electronic signs remotely. For example, it offers features like intuitive scheduling, which sets the display to change automatically depending on the time of day and day of the week so it can target the user’s key audiences.

The product also emphasizes total remote management, meaning users can control their signage displays across multiple kiosks remotely, working from their online portal. Other features like automatic upgrades and remote support ensure the program operates smoothly and that users can access assistance easily.

Creative signage design

3. ScreenCloud

ScreenCloud is a screen networking software that allows users to connect display screens across multiple devices. This software may offer a wider range of services that are less specialized to electronic marketing signs, though it provides many features that work with electronic advertising displays.

For example, the platform has a graphic design tool that marketers can use to create and host digital advertisements within the software. They can also use the program to distribute their designs to screens within the network, including any electronic marketing displays the business uses.

Since this program specializes in screen networks, it may be most useful for companies looking to promote content internally. The software allows businesses to connect screens across their locations to share content with screens integrated in the network remotely.

For example, a major corporation with many offices in different locations may use electronic displays to deliver important updates and information to employees at different locations. This software can help businesses manage all their internal communications by connecting network devices, allowing users to manage content and displays from a single location while communicating with employees at remote locations.

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4. OnSign TV

OnSign TV is another cloud-based electronic sign management software. It works with most operating systems, making it convenient to use with your company’s operating system of choice. The software emphasizes ease of use, scalability and security, though it may not be compatible with all electronic hardware systems.

Research what types of hardware the program can work with to ensure it’s suitable for your preferred signage systems. If this software is a good fit for your hardware, it can be a great option with many features that make it simple to use for creating professional electronic displays.

This software includes features and benefits like a click-and-drop system for designing content displays. It offers a diverse range of applications for easy installation. These applications can provide meaningful content to viewers, like weather forecasts, calendar displays or breaking news reports.

Users also have the option to develop their own applications to use with the software. Since the software operates using the cloud, users can manage their displays remotely, and with many widgets, applications and plugins to incorporate, the platform has many customization options.

Creative signage design

5. Telemetry TV

Telemetry TV is a scalable, cloud-based digital signage content management software. It has diverse features which range from simple to advanced, allowing users with different levels of skill and experience to use the software to achieve professional results regardless of their design expertise.

Like many other software programs, Telemetry TV encourages users to customize their experience by installing applications, widgets and plugins that expand their tool sets and provide access to various design options. It also allows users to design their own applications, which they can incorporate into their electronic signage designs.

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This platform emphasizes its affordability and offers different levels of pricing based on its users’ needs. For example, the program offers a free version for single users who work with the program from a single device.

Users can purchase expanded versions of the program using its default pricing system, or they can choose custom pricing, which allows them to select the features they need and receive a price based only on the services they purchase. This pricing flexibility can make this an affordable option, especially for smaller businesses that may need a less extensive software program to meet their needs.

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