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Fiverr for beginners: If you love reading and writing, you may wish to explore a career as an editor. Editors used advanced language and communication skills to review and improve the writing of other people. Learning about the qualifications you need to be an editor may help you secure your first editing job and start your career. In this article, we discuss jobs within the editing field, what skills you need to succeed and how to get a job in editing.

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Fiverr for beginners

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Fiverr for beginners

3. What are jobs in editing?

Many industries rely on editors to help them produce strong written content. Some fields you can work in as an editor are:

  • Academia: Editors can work in academic and scientific fields to refine peer-reviewed writing for scholarly journals, books and studies. If you have a specialized background in a particular subject, you can use your knowledge to edit works related to it.

  • News: If you’re interested in journalism, you might edit stories for a newspaper or magazine, ensuring the information is readable and accurate. If you have film editing skills, you could also become a television news editor.

  • Entertainment: A strong interest or background in the arts and popular culture can inform a career as an entertainment editor. You can use your knowledge and enthusiasm for a particular subfield, like theater arts or music, when working in this niche.

  • Book publishing: Authors benefit from the expertise of another person. If you enjoy reading books, you may enjoy working with an author to help them refine their creative vision.

  • Business: If you enjoy a corporate environment, you can learn to edit documents for businesses or entrepreneurs. Some examples include email content, press releases or blog posts.

  • STEM: The fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics often employ editors to help with the creation of technical manuals, instructional documents and other materials that assist STEM professionals with their work.

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How to get a job in editing

To begin a career as an editor, consider the following steps:

4. Decide what kind of editor you want to be

Determining what kinds of writing you like to read can help you identify which editing jobs you’d enjoy and set some career goals. You might assess your skills, talents and characteristics to find editing positions that align with your abilities. For example, if you’re highly creative, you could set a goal to edit novels and short stories. If you think methodically, you may excel at editing technical documents, reports or manuals.

5. Familiarize yourself with style conventions

Read content relevant to the industry in which you want to work. This helps you familiarize yourself with the particular writing styles and trends of that industry. For instance, if you want to be an entertainment editor, you might read reviews of theatrical productions and opinion pieces about film and television to better understand the language and tone that entertainment editors employ.

Fiverr for beginners

6. Learn about editing in college

If you’re a college student or considering a degree, you might choose a major that involves extensive reading and writing in order to develop your skills. Classes in English, communications and journalism often assign many writing projects, which gives you the opportunity to practice and receive feedback from professors. You can also study their feedback in order to learn about different editing styles and cultivate your own.

7. Join a professional society

Professional societies provide career development resources so you can learn relevant skills and stay updated on any recent changes in the field. The benefits of membership can include workshops, conferences and mentorship programs. There are many different professional editing societies, including local and national options or a group that covers a particular specialization. Some examples of the latter are the American Copy Editors, Council of Science Editors and the Editorial Freelancers Association.

8. Search for freelance work

Start looking for freelance jobs to expand your editing resume. Working with different clients can help you develop your work style and decide which type of editing work you prefer to do. Each contract can give you an opportunity to learn new editing techniques. You can also learn other helpful competencies for editing or writing careers, like how to use content management software or a computer programming language.

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Fiverr for beginners

9. Build an editing portfolio

Save your previous editing work to determine which would work best in a portfolio. It’s common for hiring managers to ask for a portfolio, so having one available can aid you in the application process. An excellent portfolio displays your editing style and approach, including how you analyze a piece of writing. To illustrate this, you can show the original piece and how your editing improved it. Consider providing examples of work on different digital platforms to show your versatility, as employers often value editors who can adapt to different projects.

10. Proofread your application content

When applying to a new opportunity or position, be certain that you fully edit all your application materials, including the portfolio. Quality application documents can show hiring managers that you have the editing expertise they need for the position they are trying to fill. It may be beneficial to ask a fellow editor or a trusted writing partner to look at your application materials before you send them.

Fiverr for beginners

11. Look for opportunities

Research the companies or clients you want to work for and see if their values align with your own. Send out applications for positions you feel match your skill and interest. You can also reach out to employees or managers at a company to see if they could meet with you for an informational interview, which is an opportunity to ask them about their work experience in a job or industry. You could also consider building a website to offer your editing services and rates.

When considering a job in editing, it’s helpful to develop these key skills:

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Fiverr for beginners

12. Reading comprehension

Being able to understand a piece of writing and identify whether it’s effective is an important aspect of editing. By reading different content forms, you can increase your ability to understand a piece of writing, increase your efficiency when reading and refine your editorial instincts. You can also research writing techniques to learn more about how effective writing works.

13. Proofreading

Reviewing punctuation, spelling and grammar in a piece of written work is a critical part of the editing process. While you may not work directly as a proofreader, as an editor, you may still be responsible for performing final quality checks on a document.

14. Tact

It’s important to develop a good working relationship with your clients and team members. As editorial work often involves changing aspects of someone’s writing, it may be useful to develop techniques for giving constructive feedback so you can both encourage the writer and help them achieve the best possible work. To help you accomplish this, you can ask writers what type of feedback they prefer to receive.

15. Ethics

Editors often decide to publish a piece of writing, meaning they assess whether the public should read it. For instance, they have the responsibility to notify clients or other relevant parties if they detect any plagiarism in a document. They also have an obligation to remain unbiased when editing a piece of writing and respect confidentiality agreements from their clients. Staying mindful of outside factors that could influence your decisions can help you make the most ethical decisions.

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Fiverr for beginners

16. Organization

Editors often work on multiple projects and need to remember the different requirements of each process. If you learn strategies for multitasking, you can increase your productivity and enhance the quality of your work. This may involve managing editing tasks alongside meetings or discussions with clients.

17. Punctuality

Publishing often has a regimented schedule with set deadlines. It’s important for editors to learn how much time a project can take and how to prioritize their tasks. Establishing a daily routine can help you manage your time. You can also keep a planner or set reminders throughout the day to ensure you’re making sufficient progress toward your daily goals.

18. Work environment for jobs in editing

It’s common for editors to work full-time in an office, but many also work remotely in either a part-time or full-time capacity. Editors often have to manage multiple deadlines, so they may optimize their workspace to increase their efficiency. This includes access to a computer, printer, scanner and any necessary communication devices.

If you’re interested in enhancing your photo editing abilities, consider following these steps:

19. Practice using the software

Consistent practice navigating the software can enable you to become more familiar with its features and better at using them. Upload an image to the interface and start with the fundamentals, such as cropping or manipulating brightness and contrast. Click on each of the features to discover their purpose and how to use them. You can also practice saving your work in a folder on your computer to keep track of your progress.

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Fiverr for beginners

20. Watch tutorials

Tutorials offer step-by-step guides on how to use the program. Search for tutorials that provide teachings on the skills you want to master. For example, if you want to learn how to crop bystanders out of a photo, you can find videos that discuss the healing brush at an advanced level. If you’re a beginner photo editor, then it may be helpful to begin with tutorials that teach you the basics before progressing to specialized tutorials as you become stronger at your craft.

21. Subscribe to blogs

Blog posts can be beneficial subscriptions if you prefer to read instructions, and they can offer updates on the software and how the creative industry uses it. For instance, if you’re a graphic designer or social media specialist, you may subscribe to a blog that states how consumers respond to certain images on online platforms and how to master the program to follow artistic trends.

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Fiverr for beginners

22. Join online groups

By joining online groups, you can build relationships with professionals and learn tips on using the photo editing software. Consider finding a group that holds the same profession as you, which can help you learn how to optimize the application for your professional gain. For example, if you’re a web developer, join a group of other photo editing web developers. The group may also welcome members to submit their work and receive constructive criticism.

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23. Who uses Photoshop skills?

As a tool from Adobe Creative Cloud, Photoshop is an application that enables professionals to edit images. Employers may require job candidates to be proficient in photo editing to complete their occupational duties. Examples of jobs that use the program include:

Photographer: After they capture pictures for their photoshoots, photographers may use Photoshop to enhance the color on the images or apply filters. Clients may request photographers to make specific edits to their photos as well.

Social media manager: Social media managers oversee the publication of images on online platforms, and they may use photo editing tools to ensure the images match the client’s professional brand.

Graphic designer: Graphic designers may add text and clip art to images, and they use the software to save and distribute their work for social media, websites and videos.

Web developer: Web developers may use the imaging application to develop graphics for websites, which can complement the interface and appeal to users.

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