Top 178 Gas Flare Sites

Gas Flare Sites:It has been  disclosed that it has commenced the verification of gas flare sites across the country.

Stating that already, it has discovered that there are at least 178 sites where gas are flared, as opposed to 140 sites listed in the past.

At the Gas Buyers’ Forum, organized by the Gas Aggregation Company of Nigeria.

Programme Coordinator of the Nigerian Gas Flare Commercialisation Programme in the Ministry of Petroleum Resources.

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Gas Flare Sites

Stated that the verification exercise was conducted in conjunction with the World Bank.

United States Agency for International Development, USAID.

And the Canadian government. The verification is still ongoing, as only 60 per cent of the expected data had been received, while the rest are being awaited.

It was lamented that the country had burnt money that would have been used to generate wealth.

Create employment and also generate electricity for the people.

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Gas Flare Sites

It was explained that the essence of embarking on the verification exercise was to address issues of bankability and the need to attract investors and financiers to the gas flare commercialisation initiative.

Accordingly , the overall idea is that the country must have a credible, measurable, attainable data that is bankable.

So that it would be an investment-grade data for investors and lenders to put their money.

It was  noted that by the time investors see that the World Bank had done a lot of studies with the Federal Government.

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Gas Flare Sites

And the remaining sites are verified, they would come in and make investment.

It was stated that We have bankability issues.

Because data is very key to us. Without accurate data, gas flare data, then this programme is dead on arrival.

What we are doing beyond the data that we have at the National Depository in DPR, is that we are going beyond what they have.

 Gas Flare Sites  Gas Flare Sites  Gas Flare Sites

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And we have sent a special template we designed with the World Bank and the USAID.

Asking for unique data sets from the producers, and it would amaze you what we found out.

“What we know in this country is that we have 139, 140 gas flare sites.

But by our verification with our partners.

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Gas Flare Sites

We found out that we have 178.

That in itself is not complete, because we are around 60 per cent, 40 per cent data is missing.

Some of the information is inaccurate.

So we are doing a detailed information request in the DPR office.

So that we send this information and get these things back, then these things might increase.

“In this country, right now, we have 178 gas flare sites, of the 16,000 that we have globally in 19 countries.

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Gas Flare Sites

Daily, we flare around 755 million SCF per day.

You can imagine how much we lose as a country.

The carbon credit we would have gotten from this, the electricity we would have generated.

The LPGs and the likes of those, even if they had have to go to any of the LNG trains.”

Furthermore, the Federal Government would soon carry out a market study.

Gas Flare Sites

This is to determine what the buyers need, their appetite; the volume of gas they need.

So that it can help the investors understand the needs and demands in the market.

Powergas Nigeria, an indigenous Compressed Natural Gas distribution company, and European Technologies for Africa, an Austrian green tech company, have expressed their readiness to build compressed natural gas filling stations in strategic places across Nigeria.

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Gas Flare Sites

The companies said in a statement that they would expand the use of the CNG in the country by investing in its development as an alternate fuel for mass-transit (buses) and haulage sector (trucks) in the country.

According to the statement, to commence the pilot project of employing one city bus and one truck.

The partners met with key stakeholders to introduce what they called the Clean and Environmentally Sustainable Transportation programme.

Gas Flare Sites


It said the companies would provide gas engines for vehicles with the CNG solutions.

In order to significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the country as well as save millions of naira for the end-users.

Speaking at the reception of the CEST Programme hosted at the Austrian Commercial Counsel’s residence, the Chairman, Powergas Africa,  said,

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Gas Flare Sites

“The CEST project is a highly innovative project that will change the face of transportation in Nigeria.

The gas is from a local source, much cleaner and much safer when compared to diesel or petrol.

“We are also calling on all stakeholders to join us as we make this technology transfer in utilisation of Nigerian natural gas for transportation to happen in the next one year.”

It was  suggested that there are 178 gas flare sites in Nigeria.

Gas Flare Sites:

And the quantity of the gas flared is enough to meet Nigeria’s energy demands and leave a healthy balance for export, especially for many neighbouring African countries.

“Powergas believes in natural gas as a fuel that can be used to power a whole lot more at a much lower cost.

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Gas Flare Sites:

Natural gas is a viable cleaner alternative fuel to petrol and diesel as it produces fewer emissions and the running cost of vehicles is around 30-40 per cent less,” Khilnani added.

The Chief Executive Officer, ETEFA,  said, “Although we have a long way to go.

Because this is new, we are ready to go all the way in proffering frugal energy and transport solutions for Nigeria.

Flared gas is a resource that is being wasted today.

Tomorrow, this could be a huge potential which can be channelled into fuelling different types of vehicles like cars and public transport.”

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