7 Tips to Start Grass-Cutter Business

Grass-Cutter Business: Welcome guys, today my topic is:  How To Start Grass-Cutter Business In Nigeria. Lets go!

Now, have you ever considered starting grass-cutter farming in Nigeria?

This article involves everything about how to start grass-cutter cultivating business in Nigeria.

And make great profit from it.

If you don’t know how to start grass-cutter business, you are welcome to learn.

A portion of the general population who are reading this article at this moment.

Will ponder what the hell I am discussing. Grass-cutter!

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A Brief Introduction on Grass-Cutter Farming

Grass-cutters are rodents commonly found in grassland, small or big farmland, clearings, wet or swampy areas in Africa.

They are commonly known as “hedgehogs” in Central Africa. “agouti” in French-speaking West Africa.

And, “cane rats” in English-speaking West Africa.

It is sometimes been referred to as “Bush meat” in Nigeria

Also, the detectable distinction between genuine grass-cutters.

And a rodent is the prickly hide on the back and adjusted nose.

Which can undoubtedly recognize it from other household rats.

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Grass-Cutter Business



As each business has a plan, so should your grass-cutter farming business.

You should make a business plan.

Which will include and document all your numbers of obtained grass-cutter.

Amount to be spent on housing facilities, feeding and other management care.

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Successful grass-cutter rearing depends the location of your grass-cutter business.

This area should be easily accessible, in a flood-free zone.

It should also be noise-free, well aired and ventilated, with feed and a water source, as well as being secure.

The size of the building will determine the number of grass-cutters that will be kept in it.

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Note that grass-cutters do not sleep where they use to feed.

So make provision for that, if possible always clean the pen daily.

Grass-cutters can be flawlessly raised in pens.

You can use same pen for the same purpose like rearing of adults, mating.

And also a pen for giving birth and feeding the young ones.

It is highly recommended to use a diverse pens for different purpose.

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There are two different types of pens, the open pen and closed pen.

The pen or cage can be in the dimension of about 180cm-190cm in length

60cm-70cm in width and 45cm-50cm in height.

If you are really not sure of how to construct the pen or cage.

You can get in touch with a builder who knows exactly how to do it.

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The grass-cutter will be eating and drinking in feeding and drinking trough.

Like I earlier wrote; that grass-cutter do not like to sleep in.

Where they eat and that you should always clean the pen or cage.

You do not have to necessarily clean the whole pen every day when you have a feeding and drinking trough.

However, your grass-cutter will have to enter into the trough to eat and feed, then come out to the pen to sleep.

This is the exact usefulness of the feeding and drinking trough.

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After your pen or cage is ready, the next step to take is to choose the breed for your grass-cutter.

You must not choose the grass-cutters indiscriminately.

If you want to run a successful grass-cutter farming business in Nigeria.

Rather, choose your grass-cutter by weight.

The females should all have around the same size of weight.

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Also, you should avoid weight differences of above 500g.

The male grass-cutter should be 0.5 to 1 kg heavier than the females.

The male can be known by his wrinkled, brown genitals.

While the female can be known by the closeness of the anus to the genital area.

For young grass-cutter, the male can also be identified by the distance between the genitals and the anus.

Which is twice as larger than that of the young female.

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Feed the grass-cutter well if you want a healthy grass-cutter.

This will bring you much profit in your grass-cutter farming business in Nigeria.

Make sure the grass-cutter food supplement should meet all the animal’s daily requirements.

However, their diets usually consists mainly of green forage.

This is supplemented by feed with high energy value, or added protein and minerals.

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Note that, insufficient forage can lead to digestive problems.

Grass-cutters can eat fresh or dried bread and corn or sorghum bran.

They can also eat groundnut, palm kernel cakes, wheat bran.

Brewers dried grain, broken rice at wheat grains Cassava, potato, yam.

Or taro pellets, peels and scraps from cassava or other tubers Corn, sorghum, millet, rice.

Also, they can eat shells like powdered oyster, snail or egg shells, bone meal and cooking salt.

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Grass-cutters can also eat vegetables like ripe or unripe fruit.

Cores from the crowns of palm, coconut or pineapple trees or banana plants.

The bark of certain trees, green papaya.

The trunk of the papaya, bamboo shoots, leaves and tops from pineapples.

There should be a regular provision of water always for the grass-cutter.

Sometimes you might want to give them water before feeding them to normalize their wellbeing.

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A healthy matured grass-cutter which weight about 4-4.5kg for male body weight and a body weight of 3-3.5kg for female can be ready for sale.

Do not sell them off like that without having them reproduce for you.

It will be a wasting of money if you will have to go back and purchase another young ones.

So let them breed for additional offspring.

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For a fruitful breed, you can get 1-2 male grass-cutter for 10-15 female grass-cutters.

And the male’s nearness can trigger the female grass-cutter ovulation.

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Grass-cutter Sexual development:

This is the point at which the grass-cutter is ready for reproduction and rearing.

For the male it can be from 8 months (32 weeks).

At a most reduced body weight of 2.5 kg. For the female: 6.5 months (26 weeks) at a most minimal body weight of 1.8 kg.

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Grass-cutter Gestation Period:

This is the timeframe the animals develop inside the mother’s body till it is conceived.

In the wake of mating, make sure that the female grass-cutter is pregnant.

You can check this by utilizing a little cotton buds or white fabric to clean the female grass-cutter private parts.

If it is rosy dark colored, then it’s pregnant. if it’s not.

Then it’s not pregnant. Regularly, the gestation time frame takes up to 5 month around.

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The conceivable number of litters every year:

Litters are the sets posterity at one birth of an animal. Grass-cutter in a year can bring forth two arrangement of litters and each litters will comprise of 3-4 youthful grass-cutters.

You should know that young grass-cutters, even when very small, already resemble fully grown adult grass-cutter.

They can move around easily within a few hours after delivery.

Make sure you provide their mother with enough supplementary food.

And also enough water that will aid in breast milking

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Grass-cutter Weaning or suckling period:

this is the demonstration of bosom nourishing the youthful grasscutter.

The ordinary time frame for weaning the youthful grasscutter shouldt not be over 40 days after birth.

If developed, the mother grasscutter will start to feel feeble.

Amid or after the weaning, the infant grasscutters ought to then be placed in a different pen.

Or confine as per weights and sex.

Note that grasscutter’s pen should not be stuffed.

A pen of youthful grasscutter ought to contain no less than 10-15 grasscutters; agreed to weights and sex.

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After your grass-cutter has developed to an ordinary weight.

Then you can offer them as indicated by your market cost.

Never forget to keep some to breed which will help in ceaseless reproduction.

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That is by what means will be fruitful in your grass-cutter cultivating business in Nigeria.

Other wellbeing administrations care and issues that could happen in your grasscutter farming business in Nigeria.

We should rapidly take a look at the other conceivable care and a few issues which may happen when raising grasscutter.

If you need a complete business plan, please let us know.

Or, you want us to help you set up this business, kindly contact us. Otherwise, Please check out these other business ideas you can do.

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