Household Health Test Business

Household Health Test Business

Household Health Test Business :In today’s global marketplace, product quality and safety are critical to all involved in the health, beauty and household products industries. Whether you are a retailer or a global manufacturer, regulatory compliance and consumer satisfaction are keys to success.

Our services meet your needs by designing quality assurance programs that result in superior products for consumers.

Services such as testing, inspections, and consumer panel evaluations help companies increase sales through improved customer satisfaction, lower costs due to fewer consumer complaints, and competitive implementation of effective private label programs.

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Segments supported include cleaning products, cosmetics, hair products, laundry products, lotions and paper products.

To meet the diverse requirements of this market.

You need an experienced service provider who can identify regulatory requirements and performance criteria.

As the world’s leading concept-to-consumer quality assurance company, we offer all of this plus specialized services such as consultation, testing and training services that can result in improved product quality, better branding, and a reduction in customer complaints, noncompliance, and recalls. Our technical staff includes experienced chemists, microbiologists, engineers and industry professionals knowledgeable in specific areas such as comparative product evaluations, sensory panels, cosmetic regulatory reviews, chemistry and microbiology.

Comprehensive Capabilities and Service

With experience in a wide variety of product categories such as health and beauty care, household chemicals, over-the-counter drugs, vitamins, nutritional supplements, paper and related products, and cosmetics, Bureau Veritas can offer applicable comprehensive test packages to analyze products for:
■ Perceptual qualities
■ Performance characteristics
■ Active ingredient content
■ Comparison to national brands, competitor’s products or vendor specifications
■ Package and labeling requirements
■ Physical and chemical properties
■ Microbiological analysis
■ Ingredient list review
■ Compliance to both domestic and international regulations and standards
■ Sensory evaluations

Comprehensive Services to Meet Your Needs

A comprehensive range of specialized services enables our experienced staff to tailor programs for a variety of client needs. Available services include but are not limited to:
■ Annual testing programs which provide technical reports regarding the quality and consistency of store and brand product lines
■ Product development programs which provide technical reports regarding quality of products during your vendor selection process
■ Sample procurement service to collect products from store shelves for testing
■ Consumer panel evaluations
■ Quarterly and annual executive reports to help you effectively manage quality systems
■ Development of test protocols and methods / specifications
■ Information services to check potential vendors for regulatory actions from U.S. Food and Drug Administration
■ Regulatory consulting

What types of products can you test?

We provide services for an extensive range of HBH products including, but not limited to:
■ Absorbent disposable products
■ Class 1 medical devices
■ Cleaning products
■ Cosmetics
■ Dietary supplements
■ First aid products
■ Hair products
■ Laundry products
■ Lotions
■ Over-the-counter drugs
■ Paper products
■ Personal care products
■ Pet products

  • Health, Beauty & Household
    Testing Services
  • Food Testing Services
  • Latex Testing: Verify Compliance and Substantiate Label Claims
  • Paper Products Testing
  • Chemical Management Services
  • Factory Assessment Solutions
  • Inspection Solutions
  • Social Compliance Solutions
  • Promotional Products Testing Services

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