5 Ways on How to Ask for Wedding Favour

How to Ask for Wedding Favour: One of the reasons we make friends and acquaintances is so that we’ll have a network of people who can help us when we run into difficulty.

Unfortunately, even if you’ve got plenty of potential helpers at your disposal, asking for a favour can be a difficult thing to do.

For many of us, it’s hard to admit that we need help with something, even if the consequences for proceeding without that help are major.

Don’t sweat it – this short guide will teach you how to ask for favors with tact and grace.

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How to Ask for Wedding Favour: BusinessHAB.com
How to Ask for Wedding Favour

How to Ask for Wedding Favour

1. Approach your helper at an appropriate time.

If you ask someone for a favor at an inconvenient time.

You can embarrass or even anger him or her.

You also might decrease the chances he or she will say yes.

If you’re going to ask your teacher for help with your math homework, don’t ask in the middle of his lecture.

Definitely don’t ask right after he’s learned his house has burned down!

In general, try not to interrupt someone’s work nor their moments of joy or sadness.

  • Depending on the favor, you might also want to move to a private location when you ask your person.
  • If your favor’s embarrassing to you or this other person (for instance, if you need help removing a wedgie), don’t ask him or her in front of other people.

2. Tell them you’re looking for a favour.

The sooner you mention your intentions, the better.

It’s polite to be up-front about you want, but it’s also a smart use of your time.

If you ask for a favor at the end of a long conversation and your helper says s/he can’t help you, you’ve wasted time you could have spent looking for another helper.

It’s simple – all you need to say is something like, “Hey, I was wondering if I could ask you a favor” within your first few sentences. Then, simply launch into your request!

Your potential helper will probably appreciate that you weren’t sneaky about what you wanted!

3. Word your request for a favor carefully.

You want to be polite and gracious while also being crystal clear about what you want.

Explain the facts of the situation. Leave nothing to guessing.

Then, without dallying, explain what you need this person’s help with.

Ask them plainly if they’ll help you in the form of a simply-worded question.

Don’t allow any chance of misunderstanding.

If this issue is important enough to require a favor, you should address it head-on.

Say “Do you think you can help me with my math homework for an hour tomorrow?”, not “Hey, if you want to show me some math stuff, that’s cool!”

  • Specify any relevant deadlines or qualifying information up front.
  • For instance, in our math homework example, if you’ve got a test at the end of the week, be sure to include this information so the person will know s/he will have to free up time before then.
  • Don’t try to coerce or guilt someone into doing you a favor. A favour isn’t a favor unless it’s given genuinely and willingly.

How to Ask for Wedding Favour

4. Get to the point.

Don’t procrastinate – the longer you wait before bringing up your need for a favour.

The bigger chance you have of losing your nerve and leaving the conversation without even having asked.

If you let this happen, you’ll be back to square one! Make your greeting.

Exchange one or two short pleasantries, move to a quiet area if you need to.

Then immediately tell this person that you’re looking for a favor.

Don’t let him or her get away before you gather the courage to ask!

5. Flatter your helper.

Let this person know that they’re the only person who’s good enough for the job – even if they’re not.

Compliment this person’s abilities – in our example, we might say something like, “Could you please help me with my math homework?

You’re crazy good at trigonometry – didn’t you get an A on the last test?”

Your praise can range from subtle to gushing, depending on how desperate you are for help!


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