7 Tips About Same day t-shirt Printing Near Me

Same day t-shirt printing near me: Are you interested in knowing how to Start T Shirt Printing Business

This article is going to guide you on that. Stay focus.
The T shirt printing Business is a very lucrative business in Nigeria now a days.

These are mostly needed in most of the occasions like  seminars, conferences, schools, weddings, and even churches.

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Same day t-shirt printing near me

1. Methods of Printing 

A compelling t-shirt design and a catchy phrase attract customers.

There are many ways to print t-shirts and prospective entrepreneurs must first investigate the market before investing in a print method.

Screen printing method is the first and it required a longer learning process than other methods but is the most cost-effective for large orders.

Heat-transfer and digital ink-jet printing methods, such as direct to garment printing (DTG) are the second require less training but print slower and are best for small quantity orders and single shirt sales.

Same day t-shirt printing near me

2. Location for T-Shirt Printing Business

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T shirt printing operations do not require a lot of space and can be run from home or in a spare room.

Your business success depends on adequate preparation, whether you are running it online, at home or from a commercial location.

3. T-Shirt Printing Business Research 

Make a research about the clothing industry, the dye, and ink and the yarn to be used.

Investigate your market to decide which shirt-printing method is right for you.

Get an understanding of how the business works.

Target a specific section of the market for your T-shirts.

The study established T-shirt companies to learn business methods that could contribute to your success.

Same day t-shirt printing near me

Require Business Plan

Before you get started, have clear ideas of what you are about to do.

Think of what kind of planning to sell.
Who will be your target customers?
Will you like to go for the online market or will you be aiming to sell in stores.
Plan a marketing strategy with the help of the small business advisers.
Identify your brand values, mission, objectives, strategies, goals and long term mission.

4. Funding your T-Shirt Printing Business

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Estimate the cost of start-up capital to start your printing business.

You need to calculate machinery cost, manpower cost, raw material, and promotional cost in majors.

Financing options are money from your savings, funding from family and friends, and a loan from a bank.

Same day t-shirt printing near me

5. Register your T-Shirt Printing  Business

Register your business first. You can set up a Person Company or LLP or Pvt. Ltd. or Ltd. Company.

Obtain a trade license from the local authority.

You can register your business as SSI Unit.

Obtain sale tax registration and go for trademark registration for your brand name.

6. Materials needed  for the Business

 Machinery. According to your plan purchase proper machines for your printing business.

Check the prices from different manufacturers.

Check on-site warranty period and training.

Check the client testimonials before furnishing the final order.

You may use your home computer.

But it will require a professional graphic arts program and printer.

Raw material. While you will be making customized printing client’s specification requirements should be the final words.

In case of making your own brand consider having better quality for printing.

Hire skilled and experienced manpower for your business.

In product business quality assurance leads to generating satisfied customers. It means growing the business.

Same day t-shirt printing near me

7. Promote Your T-Shirt Printing Business

Promote your business offline and online.

You can start selling by establishing business relationships with local retail owners.

Establish your own distribution retail network.

Concentrate on institutional sale with customized T-Shirt printing

Establish your own business website, featuring all the products with price and MOQ.

Go for some press releases to blogs and social networking.

Go for both free and paid

If you need a complete business plan, please let us know.

Or, you want us to help you set up this business, kindly contact us.

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