Best Ways to Handle Online Clearance Sales

Sport coat with jeans: Clothes and shoes, electronics and appliances and cosmetics and perfumes were the items that had more demand.

“Clothing and footwear (49%) came first, electronics and household appliances came second (36%), and cosmetics and perfume (23%) came third.”

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“The average customer is prepared to spend ₦62,250 on Black Friday purchases.

Different online shopping companies have been ringing clearance sales into our ears but are people even concerned about it at all?

The researchers at Picordi decided to analyse this and here is what they discovered;

Yes, people care about Clearance Sales 50% of people interviewed said they will buy things during different Clearance Sales events.

The results of the survey indicate that among people there is a more positive than the negative attitude towards Clearance Sales. More than a half of people agreed that Clearance Sales offers the opportunity to make purchases on very favourable terms”.

Sport coat with jeans

“41% say that Clearance Sales is the best shopping holiday, and 26% say that Clearance Sales is an opportunity to buy expensive things much cheaper.”

There are some sceptics who believe that Clearance Sales do not discount any goods.

23% of respondents see fraudulent manipulation of product prices when the price of an item is raised before the sale and then ‘lowered’.”

“15% believe that products discounted on Clearance Sales are uninteresting or slow-moving, and 20% indicated that the discounts on Clearance Sales do not stand out from other sales.”

On the whole, it would appear that people do engage in these pre-holiday sales to buy clothes, perhaps for the holiday season.

Sport coat with jeans

Pick a day and time that works well.

  • day with no rain!
  • a weekend
  • from morning to afternoon (more time to let people buy your stuff)
  • not too hot, not too cold. (if it’s hot sell drinks also…. more money)
Inspect the items. If they’re in good condition and cost a lot make the price higher. If they’re in bad condition make the price low or free

Make sure no one is stealing anything. It’s against the law, and you lose money.

Sport coat with jeans

Be kind to the people buying things. If they have a question then answer it. If they’re being rude or disruptive then ask them to leave nicely.
Have a calculator with you if you aren’t good with change. You’ll need it if you’re bad at math; some people will get mad if they’re short of change or will try to make you think you didn’t give them the right amount when you did.
If someone looks like they’re having trouble ask them if they need help. Being kind may help you with sales.

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