How to Start Abattoir Business

How to Start Abattoir Business: It is one of the lucrative businesses in this part of the world.

Therefore starting Abattoir business in Nigeria requires several things to be put in place.

You will consider the outlines and requirements of your Abattoir business. Coupled with to-do list and quality of Abattoir you are intended to set up.

You should very importantly take into consideration of the meat market within the area you want to start your abattoir business. Whether your abattoir business will break-even, and you will also ask yourself questions Like;

What scale and capacity do I want my abattoir business to be? Because if you are starting an abattoir business in Nigeria. This simply means that, Animals ranging from cow, goat, sheep, pig and several other species of animals would be killed and butchered at your slaughterhouse.

So your slaughterhouse should be spacious to accommodate all the activities in your abattoir business.

And also note that, the abattoir business facilities should be directly reliant to the mix of livestock to be killed and butchered in your slaughterhouse.

However, before we continue, let us take a break and look at what Abattoir business is all about.

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What is Abattoir?

Abattoir is a slaughterhouse; animals are killed and butchered at the slaughterhouse for the purpose of preparing them as food item, example meat.

Meaning of Abattoir business:

In a sentence, abattoir business is the business of slaughtering of animals and processing of these animals to be sold as meat.

Facilities involved in starting Abattoir business

Facilities involved in starting Abattoir business in Nigeria is segmented into series of components.

Which if put together properly will ensure success in Abattoir business in this part of the world.

The components required in setting up abattoir business in Nigeria include the following;

Production department:

In this department, components require include; well build slaughter floor.

Tripe room for waste produce.

And a set of chiller among other equipments.

Processing service and meat cutting unit:

Under the processing department, there are some facilities that should be in place.

Such as water supply system.

Waste disposal system, like sewage disposal, blood disposal.

And solid waste disposal system plus skin processing facility.

Power supply:

You need constant power supply to keep your abattoir lighting.

In order to ensure that your meat is processed in a hygienic way.

Determine your meat market:

You should be able to determine your meat market in view of the fact that.

There are several other abattoirs within your locality.

You should ensure that you have a share of the meat market at the zone you are operating.

Other essential amenities:

Having considered the above facilities in starting your abattoir business in Nigeria.

The other amenities that followed include;

Placing on the ground sewage drainage

Abattoir Business in Nigeria

Storm water trenches,

Good paved roads,

Perimeter fencing and other office equipment.

You should ensure that these facilities are made available in agreement with the best practice.

And with recommended materials.

Once these facilities for starting up abattoir business are in place.

The next thing to consider will be the location to site your abattoir business.

Abattoir Business in Nigeria


You should look for a commensurate area of land that will accommodate all these facilities.

In looking for the location for your abattoir business.

It is important that, you also consider an appropriate location that will ensure that your abattoir business thrives.

Abattoir Business in Nigeria

And in choosing your location, the following should be taken into consideration;

Where to get your animals supply from;

Where you buy your animals from should not affect your abattoir business negatively.

You location, as stated earlier should be such that will enhance productivity.

Another most important aspect to be taken into consideration should be the area of transport availability and infrastructure facilities.

Abattoir Business in Nigeria

There should be accessibility from the urban centers to your abattoir to permit transportation of animals and meat to and from of your abattoir, the connection between commercial cities and your abattoir is of utmost important.

You should also ensure that, where you sited your abattoir business should be distanced away from residential areas. Commercial areas where people are doing different kinds of business.

Abattoir Business in Nigeria

Including where churches and schools are sited owing to the probable irritant smell congestion and noise pollution from the abattoir.

Moreso, the future possibility of a particular area turning into commercial or residential area should be taken into consideration before setting up your abattoir business.

Abattoir Business in Nigeria

Again, like I mentioned earlier, there should be adequate water supply in you abattoir.

You should en-devour to sink at least a borehole to cater for the needs of your abattoir business and the borehole facility must meet the standard of drinking water.

In this article, I have mentioned about sewage disposal systems and these disposal systems are supported by subsurface irrigation and the cost of planting these disposal systems is not high. Besides, it could easily be operated, unlike other alternatives.

Abattoir Business in Nigeria

The systems will help drained your abattoir business site, undo any possibility of water logging as well as, de-flood the abattoir business environment and you should also note that building of subsurface irrigation is however, not limited to the boundary of your abattoir business environment.

Abattoir Business in Nigeria

All what you need do is to control the cropping activities at those areas you are building subsurface irrigation drainage.

Let me immediately mention here that, in your abattoir business location

Provision should also be made so as to bury every condemned animal and other produce that are not edible.

Very important is this one too, you can expand the horizon of your Abattoir business by diverting your area of interest owing to the available circumstances.

Abattoir Business in Nigeria

In this case, what you do is to ensure that along the subsurface irrigation you can plant some crops like, say paw paw, banana and other crops along the drainage to make use of the manure and moisture that come along with sewage.

Please note that, root crops, like cassava should not be grown along the drainage.

I hope with the above step by step information,you can avail yourself of the opportunity of starting you abattoir business in Nigeria.

Please also note that the prime objective of abattoir is to ensure that hygienic condition is maintained.

Facilities for animal slaughtering and processing must be clean always… Learn More, Click here.

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